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Property Digital Marketing: How Amber45 and The Tre Ver Get Seen Online


Years ago, property developers focused much of their marketing efforts using traditional tactics such as TV, radio and billboards. But as the world became increasingly digital, so did their marketing efforts. Take Amber45 by UOL Group and The Tre Ver, two properties that embraced the power of property digital marketing to reach potential buyers.

Amber45 by UOL Group harnesses the power of Facebook

IH-Digital Property Digital Marketing Amber45Amber45, an exclusive freehold property by UOL Group, tapped digital marketing agency IH Digital to create a Facebook page for promoting the new technology-focused condominium. On the Facebook page, Amber45 generated interest for the property by showcasing the latest developments in Amber45. Moreover, the Facebook page was also a fitting avenue to highlight the condominium’s key advantages and convenience. From nearby retail stores to accessible activities, the content deployed surely bannered it’s prime Katong location.

To garner interest and generate leads, Amber45 also utilised Facebook leads ads in static and animated formats. Forms accompanied the ads in order to collate leads. Besides Facebook, Amber45’s property digital marketing strategy also included Google Display Ads, Google Search Ads and YouTube In-Stream and Bumper Ads.

The Tre Ver’s digital marketing efforts

IH-Digital_Property_Digital_Marketing_TheTreVerjpgThe Tre Ver, a condominium in Potong Pasir, also looked into digital marketing to reach their target market through their own Facebook page. Additionally, we helped them deploy Facebook Link Ads, Google Display Ads and Google Search Ads similar to Amber45. With The Tre Ver targeting younger families, IH Digital also incorporated other digital avenues. These included audio ads on Spotify, banner ads on Golden Village’s website, banner ads on the Grab app and sponsored ads on Money Smart.


As more home buyers use the internet, developers also need to realise the importance of real estate digital marketing. Let IH Digital help you promote your property to your coveted market through the right digital channels! Want to learn more about IH Digital, a Singapore digital marketing agency providing social media marketing, search marketing, China digital marketing and more?  Get in touch with us today!