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How to Sell on Google Shopping with Shopify?

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As consumers increasingly turn to online website to shop, it’s more important than ever for Shopify sellers to reach the interested shoppers on Google, where searches begin. With hundreds of millions of shopping searches each dayGoogle Shopping has become an attractive platform for businesses to promote their products.  

Shopify has partnered with Google to enable sellers to sync and optimise their products for paid ads and free listings on Google Shopping. Find out how to leverage Google channel with Shopify 

Run Smart Shopping Campaign to Promote Products across Google 

Smart Shopping campaigns are paid ads that help you reach targeted shoppers across Google’s Search Networks and Display Networks including YouTube and Gmail. After syncing your product feeds with your Google Merchant Center, you can start launching ads.  

It might sound easy, but theres a lot of work involved to launch a Shopping Campaign on Google. It’s true that launching ads means reaching a wider audience, but it won’t be effective in driving traffic if you set the wrong bidding strategy, audience targeting and more. 

Our media buying team is experienced in launching Google Ads. We can recommend and plan the advertising strategy for your campaign and maximise high quality traffic to your website. When your ad campaign ends, we’ll provide a Campaign Report Analysis to help you understand the overall ad performance, besides suggesting strategies to improve your future campaigns. 

Optimise your ad spend on Google by choosing an experienced and trustworthy media buying agency. 

Shopify Google Channel

Google Search & Display Network. Image source: Google 

Get Free Listings on Shopping Tab to Expose Your Product 

With the introduction of free listings, Shopify merchants can submit their products to be listed in Google’s Shopping tab. If you already synced your product feeds through the channel, your approved products will start showing up in relevant search results. That means your products have the chance to be discovered by millions of shoppers without having to pay for clicks.  

There are also several steps you can take to improve visibility of your listings in the Shopping tab: 

a) Submit product photos that follow image guidelines 

Effective creatives are one of the critical success factors for driving traffic. Google has its requirements when it comes to product images. Make sure you follow the image guidelines while preparing the product photos, otherwise your product will be disapproved to be listed in Shopping tab. 

If you need our help in creating product images that meet Google Merchant Center’s specifications, schedule a consultation with us. 

b) Create unique product title that encourage clicks

The title is the key element for your paid ads or free listingsSearchers will easily ignore general titlesso your product titles must be descriptive. A specific and accurate title can help Google to identify the product you’re selling, and show your product to the right users.  

If you’re not familiar with writing unique product titles to optimize search, let us helpWwill conduct keyword researchto determine the specific words used to find your product, and incorporate them naturally into the title.  

Get Your Products Discovered with Shopify’s Google Channel 

Once you have synced your products through Google Channel and your products are approved, they can appear in Shopping tab and you can start launching ads.  

Interested to promote your products on Google ShoppingContact us to schedule a consultation. 

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