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Naver Blog: The Gateway to Korea Market 

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Naver Blog is a popular blogging platform in Korea. It is one of the search  services provided by Korea’s number one search engine - Naver that accounts for over 70% of the search market there.

Koreans spend more than 50% of their time on the Internet reading blogs  daily and gathering valuable information - online travel research, product reviews, daily lunch menu, and so much more. 

Naver Blog - a powerful tool to boost a presence in Korea market

It is reported that Naver is having approximately 16 million visits per day. That is why, for a business looking to penetrate Korean market, it is highly recommended for you to make an appearance on Naver to reach a wide audience while leveraging Naver Blog to help you rank well in search engine. 

Having a blog is critical to improve your search ranking because Naver prioritizes user-generated content. Naver Blog provides a content generation platform that allows your page to pop up in the search engine to address the users’ interest. 

When users search a keyword on Naver, the blog segment often appears on the first result page underneath the paid ad. Naver Blog gives what the users want to read, at the same time increase the visibility of your brand.This, as you might expect, drives higher click-through rates for the blog. 

3 Features ofNaver Blog 

1. Blog profile page for increasing brand perception 

In Naver Blog public page, companies can create a comprehensive profile that includes company introduction, history, product or service information and more.  

While it is a common platform for users to read the reviews, it could also be your place to provide a professional suggestion or information of your product to increase public perception of your brand. 

Additionally, the brand experience can be created through the customization of the blog’s background and layout to befit the brand image. This is how a brand could develop a brand image on Korean when they are navigating on your blog.

ATC’s Naver Blog Profile Page
Asia Travel Club's Naver Blog profile page

2. Blog page builder  for approaching potential consumers 

Naver Blog is the where-to-be when talking about content writing. It allows you to generate different types of content to maximize your chances of  appearing on the search results. Every user can access your blog postings that match their search keywords.  

Other than that, you can always update and remind them of the latest promotion or events through your blog.To warm the relationship, you can engage with the Korean users by replying their comments or notes on your blog page. 

If you create great content, the traffic and popularity of your article will increase, which can result in higher rankings on the Naver. This can greatly increase your brand visibility. 

ATC Naver Blog page
Asia Travel Club's Naver Blog page

3. Bloggers collaboration opportunity for brand promotion 

A great way to reach a wider audience and to increase trust in your brand is by collaborating with bloggersMuch Korean company are already doing this by giving away free product, voucher or allowance for bloggers to feature their product or service. 

There are plenty of Naver bloggers who produce share-worthy content and already having large followers who trust their opinions. In that sense, your product or service can go viral under their hands.  

Partnering with bloggers in your niche acts as a great advert for your brand and making yourself approachable . With their intimate connection with the followers, they can give them the confidence to connect with you. 

So, ready to nail Naver Blog? 

Engaging with Korean users is a massive opportunity and being on Naver Blog, you are on the right track. To successfully penetrating the Korean market, you have to update the blog regularly and prioritizing quality over quantity when posting blog posts.  

If writing blogs is time-consuming for you, we can help to maintain your  Naver Blog profile professionally.

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