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MOE Appointed IH Digital as Social Media Marketing Agency To Promote Soaper 5 Campaign

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In the lead up to Total Defence Day, Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore launched social media adverts across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote their Soaper 5 Campaign.

The campaign was aimed at educating students, teachers and parents on good hygiene habits to keep themselves safe during the pandemic. 

robust social media advertising strategy enabled the campaign to achieve over 175K post engagements and over 15k Thruplays. 

Soaper 5 IG social media adverts

MOE’s Soaper 5 IG Stories Ads 

Soaper 5 FB social media adverts

MOE’Soaper 5 Facebook Photo Ads 

Soaper 5 FB video ads Soaper 5 FB video ads

MOE’Soaper 5 Facebook Video Ads 

Soaper 5 Twitter social media adverts

MOE’s Soaper 5 Twitter Photo and Video Ads 

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