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Ride Upon the Rapid Surges of Mobile Marketing


Taking the biggest jump into the mobile drift is going to be what every business will do for the sake of staying alive. This conveys a significant shift in mobile marketing and the arrival of innovative mobile technologies. Keeping up with the tide in digital marketing is not enough if you do not recognise the change, prepare a proper strategy. But if you are serious about your business, do this and you’re off to success. Now, let us check through our list to arm your business with a better point of view of the year’s ongoing mobile trends.

Amplify the Mobile Experience

Marketers have to remember that the mobile shift is largely supported by mobile usage’s huge leap against PC and laptop. Mobile is the future and it is now. Large companies and even a great number of SMEs are developing their own mobile apps or adapting measures provided by apps specifically built to manage their operations. Marketers must get to where the customers are, so investing in mobile delivers a better ground against competitors. Ensure that your audience is getting the right mobile experience. Invest on a mobile app or site that can be easily accessed and navigated through different mobile devices.

Content is King

Marketers know that content is “King” across different marketing practices and this is also true to mobile marketing. Mobile content marketing opens new and better opportunities to engage customers. Mobile is a pervasive, personal platform – wherever the audience is, it’s guaranteed that they are always glued to their mobile devices. Deliver new, engaging, and personalised content to your audience that never stops consuming media. Make use of mobile’s unique features and turn campaigns into interactive mobile marketing to immerse consumers. Video content is big this year, dominating social landscape with Viber and YouTube. Geolocation is helpful for advertisers who want to bring in returns in a local-specific area. It can also be used with unique targeting like how brands on WeChat direct consumers to the nearest shops with location based services. SEO, on the other hand, lets you be on top of search engine results whenever consumers are in dire need of your services.

Recognise the mobile marketing statistics and trends for 2015

Lead with Apps and Social Media

Nothing is as effective as and more powerful than social media and video marketing. It has massive audience reach that means steady traffic on your pages, with high user engagement and brand building. People cater to apps in activities such as keeping track of your fitness improvement, monitoring your expenses, or listening to music. You can use this information to target your promotion with in-app advertisements. Conversion rates have always been higher through investing on ads on different social media platforms because they are always logged in to their accounts.

Rise of Mobile Payments

Your consumers are likely to pay through mobile and video marketing. Many businesses have brought in prominent payment firms to entice consumers to buy with their credit cards online. Better payment methods have yet to be made by most business so make the purchasing experience of consumers easier with simple checkout procedures. Bring your brand to new heights with innovative mobile marketing payment methods that combine online and offline landscape into one – a place where customers can fully experience your brand’s in store while doing payments online.

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