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Mobile Marketing Success on WeChat

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In a short span of 3 years, WeChat has become one of the leading messaging apps by monthly active users, where a large percentage of them are concentrated in China. It’s a free messaging and calling app developed by Chinese company, Tencent. WeChat allows users to easily connect with family and friends across countries through text, video and voice messaging features. As of 2015, Tencent reported that WeChat already has 500 million monthly users, where 60% of users are consisted of businessmen and around 75% of users use WeChat just to follow their favoured brands. It brought changes on the mobile marketing scene, how businesses promote their brands and most importantly the way Chinese customers buy their products and services. But what really makes WeChat a haven for companies looking for better engaging experience for their Chinese customers?

WeChat Community Landscape

WeChat’s largest demographic are young Chinese users who live in urban locations. Internet savvy youth, mostly consisted of millennials, are the biggest driving force of most social media platforms in any country, which makes the perfect opportunity for companies to promote and increase sales in distinct methods. Like most integrated mobile apps, it lets you broadcast messages and share photos to their timelines, but its noteworthy difference lies on how WeChat creates exclusive contact networks for users within its bustling community.

Using WeChat for Business

How does WeChat for business work? While these formed closed groups are fairly limited within its members, with initiation of connections are based on approvals, it can be a ground to have a more straightforward impact to consumers than most platforms. These resulted many prospects to advertise one’s business and engage consumers.

Discover how WeChat changed the mobile marketing landscape in China through engaging, streamlined services.

WeChat has free software development kits and application programming interfaces (APIs) for verified brand accounts, giving the capability to create mini-apps. A more centred and substantial management over their brands are made possible by this feature which makes it really a powerful tool in digital marketing. As a form of mobile marketing, take in mind that the interfaces of the mini apps should be mobile friendly. Service accounts set up their mini apps to further engage their customers. From simple product shout-outs, highly engaging promotion to customer support, you can create different ways you desire for a complete brand experience. Now, it’s been embraced by massive product manufacturers like Nike, luxury fashion houses such as Burberry and even Time magazine!

Taking Advantage of WeChat Features

One of the most effective tools marketers used in WeChat is QR codes. Sharing QR codes to the group of users to direct customers to the nearby outlet centred on the user’s current location. Businesses armed with competent content marketing teams can share quality content to specific group of users while providing them easier access to their stores. To add in some fun in getting the users’ attention through their timelines, most retailers use QR codes to drive their customers to their nearest outlet by posting online promotions like discounts, limited special offers, free trials and giveaways.

Some incorporate membership features that can be based on point system and virtual VIP cards which they use to emphasize sales tactics to notable groups of consumers, a powerful tool for mobile marketing. Campaigns can be run with a unique approach by setting up reward or coupon system. It’s a way to improve how people perceive and interact towards your brand while also increasing the number of users who follow your account.

Sending of messages are sometimes limited for accounts on WeChat and we do know complaints and inquiries for your brand is always inevitable, so a way to reach out with your customers is a vital point. A quick answer to this is through identifying the geolocation of you customers to share them the nearest store they can contact with their concerns.

Another amazing feature brand owners can exploit in WeChat is its feature that allows customers to link their credit cards and bank accounts to their WeChat accounts. Buying from their favorite brands is now a click away for the customers. How you attract them to buy your brand’s products and services lies on how well you planned and managed your brand account and mini-app within WeChat.

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