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Media Buying: Key to Raising Awareness during the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic facilitated the rapid shift to adapt to a digital way of life as everyone around the world spends most of the time inside their homes.  

However, this did not stop people to find ways to stay connected every day. As people scrambled to get in touch with their loved ones and friends, the internet became the most viable solution.  

Eventually, the ongoing global health crisis led brands, and even public agencies to shift their focus to digital marketing, particularly media buying, to reach out to their audiences and increase exposure.   

In this case study, we will highlight how IH Digital supported government organisations in Singapore in launching media campaigns to continue their efforts on raising awareness, and stay connected with the public amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Digital Advertising Has Never Been More Relevant and Effective

DSTA-BrainHack2021 Digital Media CampaignDefence Science and Technology Agency’s BrainHack2021 ad on LinkedIn 

Google’s e-Conomy 2020 Report studying Southeast Asia’s digital landscape found out that 70% of the region’s population of over 500 million are now online. This basically means that around 400 million people already have access to the internet. 

Furthermore, it noted a significant rise in digital engagement across all nations in the region, with 8 out of 10 Southeast Asians saying that technology, including digital media, helped them in dealing with the pandemic.  

For brands and public institutions, these signal an opportunity for them to boost their relevance, and strengthen connection with their audiences through digital advertising strategies such as media buying.  

How IH Digital Can Help Brands Take Advantage of Digital Advertising’s Rapid Rise

Owing to its experience in launching digital advertising campaigns, IH Digital is appointed as one of the media agencies for Singapore WOG. Our team of dedicated media-buying experts can help you identify the right channel to place your digital ads.  

Below are some of our strategies we employ to help government agencies in the city-state disseminate important information to the general public.  

1. Advertising Support in Various Platforms

CAAS Carousel AdsCAAS Ads for Unmanned Aircraft Registration on Carousell

Our account managers are equipped with a solid understanding of effective advertising platforms to post your digital ads.  

CAAS OOH advertising

CAAS Ads for Unmanned Aircraft Registration on bus stop shelters

For example, when the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) launched its campaign to inform owners of Unmanned Aircrafts to have their gadgets registered, ads were published not only on out-of-home (OOH) advertising platforms but also on those on the internet like e-commerce site Carousell.   

2. Leveraging Social Media’s Unwavering Popularity

DSTA’s BrainHack 2021 ads on Instagram

Social media continues to be a popular avenue for governmental organisations such as the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) to reach out to young adults. We helped DSTA post their ads for BrainHack2021 on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to target young tech-enthusiasts who are interested to join the events.

3. Reaching Wider and New Audience through Google Display Network 

Google Display ads

Google Display Ads on website and mobile app

Informing the general public can be a difficult task for authorities as reaching out to a wide, range of audience could be a complicated and tedious process.

With IH Digital’s support, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) was able to spread the word about its Anti-Scam Awareness campaign through its large Google Display network, effectively tapping millions of users on the internet.  

Team Up with IH Digital for Your Digital Advertising Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic may soon be a thing of the past but digital advertising will certainly remain as one of the most cost-efficient and effective channels for brands and government agencies to spread information to a large scale of audience.  

As an experienced media buying agency for public organisations, IH Digital launches digital advertising campaigns using performance media like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and more.

Contact us now, and learn more about what we can do to help you reach the public. 

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