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IH Singapore Supports Government Agencies In Media Buying

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IH Singapore Pte Ltd is one of the MCI’s (Ministry of Communications and Information) appointed agencies to cater to the media buying needs of the Singapore government since 2016.

Over the years, we have helped government clients to execute advertising campaigns across a variety of digital, print, and OOH platforms. Other than media buying, our agency also provides digital production and content services to support clients’ campaigns.

Importance of paid media for the public health sector

Raising public awareness and shape public behaviors regarding health-related matters

Social networks have become an important health resource for internet users and are linked to the adoption of healthier lifestyles. A study of University of Birmingham, ‘The Impact of Social Media On Young People’s Health And Wellbeing: Evidence, Guidelines And Actions‘ (Goodyear, V.A., Armour, K.M., & Wood, H., 2018) showed that nearly half of young people in the sample (46%) reported changing their health-related behaviors as a direct result of consuming related content on social media.

Raising public health awareness is as simple as communicating to social media followers about common health practices or addressing day-to-day health concerns. Other than that, the public health sector could also point the public to reliable sources of information, either to your official website or social media accounts. Moreover, during a crisis, reliable sources make it easier for the public to respond correctly and protect their health.

However, not every Internet user will be able to see your post. Regularly posting on your social media page and relying on organic reach is not enough. To adequately reach out to the public, you have to launch advertisements to catch their eyes. Advertisements work from online to offline to spread information quickly diverse groups of people and quickly push key updates and guidelines to the public.

Examples of successful government advertising campaigns

Digital Ad Campaigns

Leveraging Social Media: EDB’s campaign to promote engineering career

In July 2020, Economic Development Board (EDB) ran Brand Takeover video ads on TikTok to encourage local students to take up local engineering jobs. With its younger user base, TikTok is an ideal platform for reaching out to younger audiences.

EDB’s TikTok Brand takeover ad

Video Ads: Supporting SMEs

With good video content, a brand can connect with the viewers on a more personal level, earning the trust of more users.

In 2018, MCI ran a video campaign on Facebook and YouTube to inform SMEs about available subsidies as well as featuring testimonials from local entrepreneurs.

MCI’s Gov.SG social media buying on Facebook and Youtube

Video Ads: Project Red campaign to encourage local-foreigner integration

MCI launched a series of short films under Project RED and ran video campaign on various social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube to encourage local-foreigner integration.

Media buying for Project Red short films on social media

Google Ad: Promoting LTA’s Knackstop website

Ads need not be limited to social media. In addition to Facebook Ads, LTA also ran Google Search Ads to promote their Knackstop website.

Knackstop’s digital media buying on Google

Google Ad: Increase awareness of Unmanned Aircraft (UA) Legislation

From end of 2019 to 2020, CAAS ran a series of awareness ad campaigns using different Google platforms to drive registrations for UA. This includes Google Search Ads and Google Display Network.

CAAS’s digital ad on Google Display Network

Out-of-Home (OOH) Campaigns

OOH advertising can be integrated with online marketing by targeting on-the-go audiences in the offline world to create a seamless brand recall experience.

One of the successful campaigns ran by the government agency is MCI’s ad placement at SMRT platform doors.

MCI’s OOH media buying on SMRT platform doors

Visual content for supporting a campaign

Effective creatives is one of the critical success factors for a marketing campaign. Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) used vibrant visuals on Facebook and Instagram to grab users’ attention and encourage them to sign up for NYP’s courses.

NYP’s visual content production for social media

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