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Social Media Influencers to Promote Disney Princess Collection


Influencer marketing is an important aspect of a digital marketing strategy. But what is an influencer? An influencer is someone who has the ability to influence potential buyers by championing a product or service on social media.

With the right influencer, brands can enjoy a wide array of benefits. One big advantage of employing influencers in your social media marketing strategy is that they typically have their own niches. From fashion to cooking, brands can identify and choose the most ideal influencer in the niche you are targeting.

Moreover, influencer marketing is soft sell in nature. Since social influencers create their content, they have the ability to tailor a product or service in a way that fits their aesthetic. This way, content is naturally weaved into their updates instead of being a spammy or pushy ad.


Maxi-Cash Singapore tapped digital marketing agency IH Digital to engage social media influencers Chloe Teo and Faustina Pang for their Disney Princess Collection campaign.


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A prelude to the 18K Disney Princess collection, the campaign highlighted their existing 916 Gold Disney Princess pieces. The influencer campaign was also deployed during the Christmas, positioning the pieces as timely Christmas gifts. To create campaign awareness, the influencers took to their Instagram to produce content that evoked the collection’s theme and message. The influencers crafted unique looks that paid homage to Disney princesses.


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Chloe Teo also launched a giveaway, giving one of her lucky followers the opportunity to win an Enchanting Belle 916 Gold Pendant worth $488.

Through the Instagram posts created by the two KOLs, the brand was also able to drive traffic to the Maxi-Cash Christmas Pop-up at Orchard Central. At the pop-up, customers could avail 30% off Disney Princess range and an additional 7% cashback.


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