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Marketing Communications: IH Digital is Now on WeChat


We’re on WeChat!

Starting as a basic mobile chat application, WeChat has now evolved into a powerful marketing communications platform. Today, it is a medium for marketers to effectively interact with their audience, which is becoming increasingly essential for brands’ content marketing efforts these days.

Now, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, has finally joined in the bandwagon. Simply search for IH Digital or quickly scan the QR code below, you’re in to a chat session with us.

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WeChat as a Marketing Communications Platform

Establishing IH Digital’s presence on WeChat makes us closer to our audience through a more personal interaction in the digital marketing world. And there are amazingly numerous reasons why your brand should join in too.

Through WeChat, your brand can efficiently offer users exclusive content and access to special offers – a content marketing action that keeps the bond between the brand and its audience. One great feature of this mobile app is the efficient one-to-one interaction with audience that can aid your brand in reaching and communicating better with the users. Although WeChat limits the number of messages that brands can send to their followers, ensuring quality content in one message is more than enough to effectively build brand awareness in your brand’s market.

Moreover, if you want your brand to penetrate Asia’s largest market, WeChat is one of the best mediums to be in. In China, WeChat one of the most used multi-platform mobile application. Aside from sending texts and videos, WeChat users are also able to make mobile payments, browse for online stores, play interactive games, and even book a cab. And believe it or not, it also offers investment funds!

In September 2012, WeChat became open to online marketing. Consenting to the registration of brand accounts was introduced in this mobile app for the purpose of establishing better marketing communications among brands and audience.

For more information about WeChat and its online advertising features, feel free to Contact Us.