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Marina One Celebrates Chinese New Year with Facebook Gamification and Lion Dance Coverage

marina one social media contest

Chinese New Year is one of the world’s most prominent and celebrated festivals and brands can inject the CNY festival spirit into their digital marketing campaign. Read below and get inspired by the digital marketing strategy used by Marina One to engage their community while promoting their brand during this festivity.

Social Media Contest: Marina One’s Reunion Gamification on Facebook

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Marina One ran a Facebook contest to give away M+S vouchers to top scorers. With support from a digital marketing agency in Singapore, IH Digital, a Reunion Gamification was developed to launch on their Facebook page to boost engagement and build excitement for the contest. Participants of the contest are required to collect the correct Yusheng ingredients by moving the Yusheng plate left-right within the gamification app and get their best score for a chance to win M+S vouchers.

Lion Dance Coverage on Marina One’s MOments Microsite

On top of that, IH Digital also did a Lion Dance coverage for the brand as part of the CNY marketing strategy. The article was published on Marina One’s MOments E-Lifestyle magazine to give the readers a peek into what’s like to be part of the dragon and lion dance troupe.

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