Lazada Campaign: How to Prepare for the Lazada Super Brand Day 2020 [11 Best Practices]

Lazada Campaign - Super Brand Day Best Practices 2020

The Lazada campaign called Super Brand Day has been a smashing success for big brands like MAC, Pampers, Xiaomi, Samsung, Philips and Realme. Since its first launch in 2018, it continues to provide incredible results to LazMall sellers like increased sales, followers, and awareness.

Whether you’ve already done this before or this is your first time, it’s equally important that you have a checklist when running big events like this. Super Brand Day is not far from your brick-and-mortar sales promotions as it still requires thorough planning and strategy.

LOreal Paris x Lazada Super Brand Day - Lazada Marketing Agency
Screengrab of the LOreal Paris x Lazada Super Brand Day

Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of best practices for running a Super Brand Day event from start to finish. In this guide, you’ll be learning about the best practices from campaign planning to tracking your event results.

Having these best practices in mind will help you become more prepared and confident to meet or even exceed your sales and marketing goals.

Xiaomi x Lazada Super Brand Day Event 2020
Screenshot of a Lazada Facebook post on the 2020 Xiaomi Super Brand Day

1. Define your main campaign selling point

One of your main Super Brand Day goals is to grow brand awareness and inflate your follower count on Lazada. To do this, you must have a unique gimmick that will entice people – new and existing customers – to visit and check out your store.

There are plenty of ideas to choose from for your main campaign selling point. If it’s National Lipstick Day, why not highlight the occasion and give a 30% discount on all your lipstick products?

In the case of an ignored product line, bundle it with your bestseller for a good price. Or if you want to encourage purchasing of more than one, give a discount on the second item.

MAC x Lazada Super Brand Day Page
Screengrab of the MAC x Lazada Super Brand Day Page

Here are a few real examples by MAC Cosmetics on their first Super Brand Day event:

  • Follow and win contest – MAC invited shoppers to follow their LazMall store and stand a chance to win a free cosmetic pouch.
  • ‘Lazada Exclusive’ items – The cosmetic brand offered a ‘Lazada Exclusive’ little MAC lipstick duo, driving more consumers to purchase online. Until now, MAC continues to promote ‘Lazada exclusive’ items on its LazMall store.
  • Freebies on minimum purchase – MAC also gave away free lipsticks and accessories on every order worth S$33 or above S$60 respectively.

Once you’ve decided on your main campaign selling point, it’s important that you highlight this in all your Lazada campaign creatives. Include a snippet of your campaign feature and always be consistent with your branding.

Samsung Singapore LazMall Homepage
Screengrab of the Samsung Singapore LazMall Homepage

2. Develop a campaign strategy ahead of time

With a well-planned strategy, you have a high chance of meeting or even surpassing your goals. Thus, it’s vital that everything is comprehensively thought out. This includes mapping out your Super Brand Day mechanics from listing down your participating SKUs to packaging and fulfilment.

You and your team must always be on the same page when planning a Lazada campaign. Hence, make sure you have a clearly defined goal and audience for your sales promotion. Likewise, you should also set a budget for the whole campaign, ensuring revenue growth and profitability if the goal is to increase online sales.

Finally, decide on the most suitable platforms you want to promote your event on. Match the copies and creatives with the selected channels and audience to guarantee its effectiveness.

More so, no event is perfect. There will always be an issue or two, no matter how small. So, to prepare in advance, anticipate all that may happen, whether good and bad, and come up with a resolution for it. In this manner, you and your team are well-prepared come what may.

Merries Malaysia LazMall Store Homepage
Screengrab of the Merries Malaysia LazMall Store Homepage

3. Gear up your storefront layout

Like what brick-and-mortar store owners would do, you must also gear up your online storefront. Apparently, you have to keep the hype alive from when your consumer clicks your ad on Facebook to eventually landing on your LazMall store. Having visual continuity makes your customers stay longer on your page, upping the chances of a successful purchase.

In Lazada, it’s recommended that you update your creatives three times throughout the campaign: pre-teasing, teaser, and D-day. This includes your homepage layout, store header banner, and homepage banners.

However, make sure to follow the campaign theme so as to be aligned with Lazada’s guidelines. Hence, below is a photo of Lazada’s recommended main page and subpage layout both for teasing and D-day.

Additionally, use the same creatives to update your brand social media profiles, too.

Laneige Singapore LazMall Homepage
Screengrab of the Laneige Singapore LazMall Homepage

4. Design engaging campaign creatives

Before designing any creatives, you must first know the pre-set campaign theme. In order to be consistent, Lazada provides creative guidelines for participating brands ahead of time.

In the guidelines, you will find specific instructions on certain banners, modules and onsite elements. It includes the exact image dimensions and layouts, as well as the co-branding logo and theme colour.

While we’re cooking up a creative checklist for you, here’s a quick look on the required creatives for Super Brand Day:

  • Modules – Header, banners, product & engagement/mechanics
  • Onsite elements – Co-branding logo, Lazada homepage, LazMall channel, search, feed

Lastly, remember to optimise all your images for mobile app and desktop views. The optimised dimensions are provided in the guidelines as well.

5. Actively publish feed posts on Lazada

To further build on-site visibility, consider actively publishing feed posts on Lazada. As recommended, post at least once a day to show activity.

Your feed post copy doesn’t have to be lengthy. As long as the creatives are enticing, this will do for each day up to D-day. In fact, some brands mirror their social media posts to Lazada to minimise work.

In a separate guide, we’ll talk about how you can maximise the advantages of feed posting. For now, here are some actual examples from LazMall brands Philips and Laneige Singapore.

Examples of Lazada Feed Posts by LazMall Brands Laneige and Philips
Examples of Lazada Feed Posts by LazMall Brands Laneige and Philips

6. Use video marketing to promote your campaign

Based on the 2020 digital marketing trends, video marketing will continue to be an essential strategy to ace online competition. In fact, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

And for your e-commerce efforts, keep in mind that 72% of customers favour learning about a product or service by watching a video compared to other means.

With this in mind, it would be valuable to produce at least 1-2 videos to promote your Lazada campaign. By all means, you can use these assets across multiple channels throughout the campaign period.

You can choose from the many video types available: brand, explainer, event, product demo, customer testimonial, animated, 360°, tutorial, or interview. Make sure to identify your target audience, goal and budget first before creating a video. Likewise, take into account the platforms where you’ll publish the videos. So early on, you’re able to optimise the video for each platform.

As a final point, make sure to highlight your main campaign selling point in the video. Tell your target audience what’s in it for them if they participate in your event. And be creative! This will help you stand out from the crowd and create a lasting hype for your event.

Laneige Google Shopping and Search Ads - Lazada Marketing Agency
Screengrab of Laneige Google Shopping and Search Ads

7. Get potential customers with paid search ads

Up your chances of earning new customers with paid search ads. Reach out to your target customers on search engines, particularly those in the middle or bottom-funnel doing branded searches. This way, your brand is visible everywhere they go, and that you’ve got an offer they can’t afford to miss.

Depending on your marketing goal, pick from these Google ad formats: search, shopping, display, responsive, and video. Each ad format corresponds to a certain marketing goal and target audience. So, in order to maximise the efficiency, be clear with your goals and choose the most relevant ad type for your campaign.

For instance, if your primary goal is to drive traffic to a specific product listing on LazMall, use Google Shopping ads. On the other hand, if you want to encourage LazMall store visits, use Google Search or Responsive Ads.

Finally, integrate all your Google ads to your Marketing Solutions Portal (MSP). This way, you’ll be able to track where your customers come from.

Plus, here’s a quick tip for you: Make use of ad extensions when setting up a Google Search, Shopping or Responsive ad. In the ad extensions, highlight your main campaign selling point (e.g. ‘30% off on all skincare items’, ‘Free compact mirror for orders above $50’). Most importantly, link the listing to your LazMall product details page (PDP) or store homepage.

Realme x Lazada Super Brand Day 2019
Screengrab of Realme’s Facebook post on its Super Brand Day 2019

8. Announce it on social media for a wider reach

When it comes to e-commerce, one of the best channels to notify your fans is social media – especially if you have plans of running a contest. Now, if you already have a fairly huge fan base, you’re probably ahead of your competitors.

However, with or without a massive follower count, it’s equally basic for big brands to advertise on social media for a broader reach. Why? This keeps your brand on view whether your target consumers follow you or not.

And if your brand is right in front of your consumers with an attractive offer, you’re always one step closer to another successful purchase.

As always recommended, you must first pin down your target audience, goal, ad budget, and relevant channels. With this cleared out, you’ll definitely hit your Lazada campaign objectives fuss-free.

Among others, here are the available social media platforms for your Super Brand Day campaign: Facebook, Instagram, LINE, and Twitter. Do note that if you want this external traffic to be tracked in Lazada, make sure to link it to your MSP before running your ads.

LazMall Homepage Banner Ads
Screengrab of LazMall Homepage Banner Ads

9. Make use of Lazada ads

One of the benefits of being a LazMall brand is you’re entitled to many seller privileges. This comprises of the following:

  • Inclusion in the brand-dedicated (LazMall) channel
  • LazMall SKUs automatically rank first in Lazada search results
  • Greater homepage visibility and search ranking
  • Exclusive campaigns for LazMall brands (e.g. Super Brand Day, Super Grand Opening)
  • Advertising opportunities

As a LazMall brand, it’s good to make good use of these benefits. And if you’re after sales or follower growth, you should grab Lazada’s advertising opportunities and make the most of it.

In line with Lazada’s guidelines, here are the available ad types you can use for your Super Brand Day campaign:

  • Homepage Banners
  • LazMall Top Banner
  • New on LazMall Banner
  • Brand Mega Offer (where applicable)
  • Category Banner
  • Search Trend
  • EDM Highlight Banner
  • Push Notification and Inbox Message

To know more about how these ads work, stay tuned for our upcoming LazMall playbook or contact your digital marketing agency for a quick chat.

Tracking E-Commerce Results

10. Track your campaign results

The most significant thing to do in every campaign is to track your results. By measuring how your campaign performed, you’ll know if it went well or if it requires improvement.

However, you don’t need to go overboard when analysing your Lazada campaign performance. Avoid overwhelming yourself with too many unnecessary numbers. To make this a simple yet valuable process for you, try to focus on these five key metrics:

  1. Revenue and profitability
  2. Email list growth
  3. Online traffic sources
  4. Conversion rates
  5. Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Integrating these five key metrics into your post mortem campaign report would be sufficient to know if you hit your aim.

Tracking E-Commerce Ad Performance

Nevertheless, if you wish to know more about how your external ads performed, you may separately generate a report on this. This report may include engagement, follower count, impressions, views, clickthrough rates (CTRs), and more.

For instance, if your secondary aim is to grow your social media fan base, then be sure to monitor your social media pages too.

Be reminded though that when it comes to online ads, ensure that you have connected all your external ads to the MSP. This way, you’ll have a better look at how the campaign actually performed. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to extract a precise report.

MAC x Lazada Super Brand Day Event 2018 - Lazada Marketing Agency
Screengrab of the MAC x Lazada Super Brand Day thank you page

11. Thank your customers!

Your Lazada campaign won’t be a success without your customers. Hence, you have to show your appreciation!

Let your customers know that they’ve played a huge role in your event success. Thank your customers with these ideas from past Super Brand Day campaigns:

  • Create a thank-you subpage on Lazada and add the link to your social media or feed posts
  • Share your campaign results with an infographic (e.g. total number of items sold, total number of vouchers claimed, announcement of contest winners)
  • Produce a 4 to 5-minute post-event video on your concluded sales event and pocket event (if any)
  • Give away limited discount vouchers for those who missed D-day
  • Send an engaging thank-you email to your purchasing customers
  • Customise your packaging or include a thank-you note when shipping out items bought during D-day

In e-commerce, it’s important to maintain your relationship with your customer. Thanking them is one way to do it effectively. Not only it demonstrates gratitude, but it also builds brand loyalty.

With solid customer loyalty, they are urged to purchase from your store again, resulting in increased repeat purchase rate.

E-Commerce for Businesses


Being a LazMall seller is vastly beneficial for your brand when done right. Apart from getting an edge in Lazada’s search ranking and homepage visibility, it also gives you access to advertising opportunities and exclusive LazMall campaigns like the Super Brand Day.

However, earning that spotlight will take more effort to achieve success. With the above best practices, you’ll be more prepared to take on the challenge.

To recap, here’s a brief list of the Super Brand Day best practices for your reference:

  1. Define your main campaign selling point
  2. Develop a campaign strategy ahead of time
  3. Gear up your storefront layout
  4. Design engaging campaign creatives
  5. Actively publish feed posts on Lazada
  6. Use video marketing to promote your campaign
  7. Get potential customers with paid search ads
  8. Announce it on social media for a wider reach
  9. Make use of Lazada ads
  10. Track your campaign results
  11. Thank your customers

Keep this list in mind should you need a checklist for your next Lazada campaign. While we’ve included real examples from past Super Brand Day campaigns, your strategy will still depend on your brand positioning and campaign goals.

Remember that e-commerce is a promising revenue source for your business. Incorporating Lazada and its LazMall offers into your overall strategy will help you reach and go beyond your goals.

With partnership opportunities like this, you’ll be more confident to rise above the online retail competition. Eventually, you’ll be rewarded with more followers, increased awareness, solid brand loyalty, and skyrocketing revenue.

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