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Digital Marketing in Korea

When it comes to digital marketing, South Korea is one of the most coveted markets in the world. This is due to three main reasons: a) massive active Internet user count, b) profound digital penetration, and c) high social media engagement.

Out of the country’s 51.25 million population, 95% or 48.74 million are active online in 2019. On social media use, Koreans also boasts of a whopping 85% social media penetration in the same year.

From 2018, South Korea saw a digital growth of around 1.4% to 2.9% on Internet users and penetration. While this is good news to business owners like you, this also means the Korean market is an advertising battlefield.

In order to penetrate the competitive market, you must first carefully forge your greatest battle weapon – a digital marketing strategy. However, if you have no idea about the biggest online trends in Korea, then you might consider hiring an expert to map this out for you.

As a Korean digital marketing agency, we recommend two channels to ace the competition – Naver and Kakao. Whether you’re looking to win search or social in Korea, these two platforms will absolutely make the most of your campaign.

Naver: South Korea’s Homegrown Search Engine

Launched in 1999, Naver is South Korea’s localised search engine and blogging site operated by the Naver Corporation. It was also the country’s early pioneer in user-generated content.

Today, it is the most visited website in South Korea with 27.14 million unique visitors in 2019.

Due to its localised features and services, Naver is preferred by Koreans as their search portal over Google. Likewise, the website’s home advantage relies on having “deep roots in the South Korean online culture,” based on the Statista report.

Kakao: South Korea’s Most Popular Messaging Platform

Kakao, or KakaoTalk, first started in 2010 as a sole instant messaging app for smartphones. Afterwards, it branched out of the messaging feature and added more value to the app.

Today, it has plenty of added features, including social networking and a digital wallet called Kakao Pay.

The Korean chat app became more profitable in 2014 when Kakao Corporation merged with Daum – South Korea’s second-largest Intenet portal. The company’s revenue nearly tripled, surpassing 2.4 trillion South Korean won in 2018.

Throughout the years, Kakao Corporation rolled out more components like Plus Friend, KakaoStory, KakaoStyle, KakaoTalk Shopping, and more.

Apart from the valuable features, the app’s popularity in Asia also speaks for itself. With more than 50 million active users in Q2 2019, Kakao has truly become a powerful and indispensable advertising platform in Korea.

Achieve Market Penetration Success with Naver Ads & Kakao Marketing

Your best way to enter the Korean market is either by Naver advertising or Kakao marketing. Let our agency help you get started with a Korean digital marketing strategy first. Through either paid search or social media advertising, we will get you where you want to be hassle-free.

We can help you successfully tap into the Korean market with the right 360° digital marketing strategy. We offer a full-spectrum marketing service from planning to buying and running ads on Naver and Kakao. Our service includes:

  • Naver Search Ads or PPC
  • Naver Blog Account Setup & Content Creation
  • Kakao Business Channel Setup & Verification
  • Kakao Channel Management & Content Creation

We also offer other marketing and advertising services that target Korean consumers. If you also have Instagram in mind, we can help you leverage its potential in the market.

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