Kanebo Allie Microsite Showcases Its Bestselling Sunscreens


Kanebo Allie recently launched a microsite to showcase its sunscreen products in Singapore. Apart from the microsite, the beauty brand also ran social media ad campaigns to increase brand awareness.

kanebo allie sunscreen website singapore
Photo source; Kanebo Allie Singapore

The microsite serves as the brand’s product information source for its social media fans who want to know more about Allie. It displays clear details about Allie sunscreens, including product features and uses. Moreover, the website exhibits product shots, including textures.

And to guide the customers to Allie’s online flagship stores, a link to its Lazada and Shopee Mall stores were also placed on the website.

kanebo allie lazada and shopee mall stores
Photo source: Kanebo Allie Singapore

Kanebo Allie – a Japan sunscreen brand

Allie is an established popular sunscreen brand under Kanebo – a leading Japanese producer of high-quality skincare, makeup, and hair care cosmetics.

Its sunscreen products are available in 3 different variants, such as Tone Up Gel, Smooth Milk & Make-Up Base Gel, which are made up of skin-loving ingredients – hyaluronic acid and collagen.

These high-performance sunscreens come with Allie’s UV-barrier technology – ADVAN – to protect the deeper layer of skin from damage. Allie’s UV products can also hold onto the skin without sliding off due to its super sweat-proof, super water-proof, and friction-proof function.

What is a microsite and why do you need it for your brand?

A microsite is an individual sub-site pivoted on a single campaign. It is often built for a limited time, either as a stand-alone web page or a small group of web pages to suit your needs in accomplishing a specific campaign. They can be used to target specific audiences, build awareness efforts, and drive conversion with a specific call to action.

Here are the 3 key benefits you can get from a microsite:

1. Microsite helps to reach a specific audience

While most websites cater to a specific niche, as your business grows, you may decide that you want to explore your connections with other customers and potential clients. While changing your language or tone suddenly on your main website might confuse your audience, creating a separate, yet connected microsite campaign can help you to look for new opportunities in a safe environment.

With microsite marketing, you can see whether your brand or product appeals to a different vertical, without diluting the existing trust and authority you’ve built for your parent brand. If everything goes well, you may gradually introduce the new aspect of your brand to your parent site.

2. Microsite helps to introduce new products

It’s common for a brand to establish a new product or smaller brand underneath its umbrella. With microsite platforms, companies can build a new campaign for a unique product, targeting a specific market.

If the product campaign is a success, then it’s easy to direct people back to the main website with call-to-action links. Otherwise, if you find that your new product idea is way down, you can remove your entire microsite without making much of an impact on the home site. Brand microsites are an excellent way to experiment with new ideas.

3. Microsite provides a focused experience 

A new launch typically means a new, or a specific, market that needs to be targeted. With a microsite, you can focus all copy and design on one topic, provides them with the content they’re looking for without a lot of unrelated pages that they won’t enjoy. A clear, targeted presentation of a product or service is actually incredibly more valuable to customers who have specific interests.

By providing them only the information they need to move forward to a specific action, a microsite can help boost conversion rates without much distractions like website navigation.

Develop a microsite for your beauty brand for better user experience

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