Job Scammers Promise 15%-25% Commission For Completing E-Commerce Order

Job Scammers Promising 15%-25% Commission for Completing E-commerce Order

We have recently become aware that a group of scammers are offering fake part-time jobs for an e-commerce platform, aiming at those who want to earn easy money. Our company name, IH Digital has been illegally used by scammers. 

And that easy money, introduced to potential victims via Facebook Ad, was the bait that landed people in a job scam. The ad directs people to the WhatsApp number of the scammers, who posed as the sales agents of IH Digital.

▶ Please be aware of these scammers, which are not the staff of IH Digital.  

Fake job recruitment message

Screenshots of a fake job recruitment message on WhatsApp from the scammers 

Such scams offer a part-time job as an affiliate marketing associate to help e-commerce platform merchants improve their sales. All it takes is just purchasing items in the online stores. Victims would be assured that they would get their money refunded eventually, plus a 15% to 25% commission. 

In IH Digital, we do not provide any commission-based jobs. All job hiring processes will only be done via our official website.  

▶ If you have encountered such scams, you should report the scam to that particular platform on which you were scammed. 

There’s no agency that will be providing a job offer that gives lucrative returns for minimal effort. In this tough period, you may become impulsive and wanted to earn quick and easy money. But ultimately there is no easy way out.  

Please be wary and do not fall victim to any of such scams. Stay safe online!