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4 Instagram Marketing Techniques to Build Your Brand Presence


Executing your campaign on social networking sites such as Instagram may sound simple. But marketers agree that maximising Instagram techniques is key in getting results.  

The 2021 report from recorded around 116 million Instagram users in Southeast Asia and projected to increase up to 163 million this 2025, signifying that Instagram marketing continues to be an essential aspect in digital marketing, and important for your brand. 

Instagram Marketing Techniques

When it comes to Instagram promotion, you have plenty of strategies to employ. Let us walk you through some of these tested-and-proven Instagram marketing techniques.  

1. Post Your Content Regularly

In order to stay connected with your audience on Instagram, you need to post frequently. And to effectively reach your target audience and generate interactions, curation and timing must be seriously considered. Proper content planning is the essential step in creating high-quality content on Instagram.  

Since Instagram is a visual medium, your posts have to be eye-catching enough to grab people’s attention quickly. Your content needs to be sharp, well-lit and well-composed. 

As an experienced agency in social media marketing, we can help you create static image, GIF, product photography, video and more. If you need help in content planning and creation, let us know. 

2. Create Instagram Stories

Instagram Marketing Techniques
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Creating feed posts is simply not enough. If you want a significant boost in your day-to-day engagements, you can promote your brand through Instagram Stories. A maximum of six slides or stories, each not more than 10 seconds long, are recommended long enough to keep your audience’s attention and interest.  

As the content of Stories tends to be more real and raw than your curated Instagram feed, it provides a very good opportunity to connect with your followers and build relationships. You can collaborate with other Instagram accounts and taking over their Stories to reach an even wider audience.  

3. Launch Instagram Live

Instagram's Live Stories is now rolled out to users world wide. This digital marketing news creates new ways to experience the photo-sharing platform.

What better option to interact directly with followers and customers – at the same time gain more engagements – than with Instagram Live. It not only has the potential to draw in untapped markets but also reinforces customer loyalty.  

4. Run Instagram Ad Campaign

Defense Science and Technology Agency ads on Instagram for #BrainHack2021

Another thing that you can’t ignore is the potential of Instagram Ads. You can use Instagram’s ad options to reach and win over new customers. Ads can be placed in Instagram feed, Stories, or Explore and targeted based on the user’s location, demographics, interests and more.  

Get in touch with our media experts if you need help in ad planning, setup, and launching. We can help you select the right targeting for better ad performance. 

Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Here in IH Digital, we are a team of digital marketing professionals who can help you utilise these Instagram techniques, and plan Instagram marketing strategies to build a strong brand presence on the platform. 
From content creation to digital advertising, we got you covered. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our social media marketing experts now.   

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