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Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy With Facebook Chatbots


Social media isn’t just an avenue for brands to provide their customers with news, updates, and entertainment, but a channel for brands to perform customer service as well. As such, it’s important for brands to set up strategies that seamlessly integrate customer service into their social media marketing efforts.

With the ‘always-on’ nature of social media, customers will turn to your brand at any time of the day and expect a prompt reply. When that happens, you need to be a helpful resource and not leave questions unanswered for hours. How do you provide answers as soon as possible? By leveraging messenger bots or chatbots.


Chatbots are autonomous digital messages that can provide automated responses without human intervention. Targeted at improving real-time engagement, chatbots are able to have simultaneous conversations, vastly improving response time.

Although many brands might have a dedicated staff in charge of addressing queries on social media, sometimes these aren’t enough. For brands that receive a higher volume of questions, comments and complaints, chatbots can be the first line of customer service. In particular, this will prove valuable in freeing up time for brands’ customer service team. This way, your dedicated team can prioritize more pressing and complex customer concerns over simple product inquiries.

The fact that chatbots can be personalized according to your business’ needs is what makes it particularly valuable. This social media tool can be customized to drive traffic to your website, receive and process orders, or simply send out entertaining news and info to your customers.


Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Facebook Chatbots | Digital Marketing | IH Digital Malaysia

Photo Courtesy: Jin Air Taiwan Facebook Page

Korean low-cost airline Jin Air, a long-time partner of IH Digital, realized the potential of chatbots. Through IH Digital, they launched a Facebook chatbot to address common customer inquiries. These include concerns about system ticket purchase failure, errors in online bookings and clarifications on the baggage limit.


Undeniably, including chatbots in your social media strategy will help your brand build a stronger relationship with customers. But while it’s convenient for customers, it’s beneficial to businesses as well. As a one-time investment, businesses can save on overhead cost on a social media customer service staff.

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