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IH Digital: Digital Marketing Agency with Pharmaceutical and Medical Marketing Experience

pharmaceutical marketing

Pharmaceutical and medical brands are leveraging more than ever on digital platforms and building their online presence through an array of digital marketing efforts. 

IH Digital is experienced in marketing for pharmaceutical and medical brands, providing digital solutions for clients across Southeast Asia, such as Bayer Crop Science, Thomson Medical, ConvaTec, and others.

Digital services we provide include social media marketingcontent marketingsearch marketing and media planning and buying.

What can we do for pharma and medical companies?

1. Increase brand presence and awareness online

We help you to build a significant presence online, whether on social media networks or on websites, and broaden your reach to potential customers by crafting and implementing effective social media and content marketing strategies. 

Creating content that your audience finds appealing and valuable can be challenging for clients without extensive in-house expertise. We can help you create content in different forms – still images, videos, GIFs, and website articles that enable you to drive profitable customer action.

Even the best content will count for little if it does not reach the intended target audience. On social media platforms, reaching out organically to larger segments of the target audience is challenging, and it is impractical to expect content to become viral on a regular basis. Hence, to beat the social media platforms’ algorithms, IH’s media buying services becomes a vital component for ensuring that your valuable content reaches the audience to a sufficient degree.

2. Drive website traffic 

A key strategy to increasing website traffic is to ensure that audiences can find you when they search for you or your products. In the regard, you have to outperform your competitors in website optimization and rank well on search engine results pages (SERP). Appearing higher on the Google SERP can give you a greater number of clicks through to your website.

In addition to optimising your website for better organic search results over the longer term, it is equally critical to leverage on paid search marketing as an additional strategy for ensuring that your potential customers can easily find you, and that competitors’ paid search results do not drown out your organic results. IH Digital is a Google Partner which can support you in running effective search campaigns and maximizing quality traffic to your website.

3.Generate leads

Beyond simply ensuring your content reaches your target audience and that audiences can easily find you on search engines, media-buy strategies specifically aimed to lead generation are also needed to ensure a good ROI to your ad spend.  With our experience in pharma and medical marketing, we bring useful insights and marketing techniques that can improve the performance of your lead-generation campaigns.

Why IH Digital is your best partner?

IH Digital has 14 years of digital marketing experiences in planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.​

We provide 360° digital marketing services, including content marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, SEO, SEM and more to meet your digital marketing needs.

Services are supported by our specialized in-house teams – Content and Social Team, Media and Analytics Team, Web Development and Search Team who are highly experienced in planning and implementing winning business strategies.

Whether you are planning to drive brand awareness or generate leads, IH Digital can help you to create a digital marketing strategy to achieve your ultimate marketing goals.

Interested to work with us and create a winning pharmaceutical or medical marketing plan? Contact us today to learn how we can help you.