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SEO: Ultimate Key to Effective Digital Marketing

Know how you can effectively use SEO in your business’ online efforts. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be overwhelming because of the complexity that comes with it. To treat this digital marketing dilemma, we have to be knowledgeable and find important information about SEO so we can earn its great benefits.

SEO, in simple words, means enhancing your website’s searchability in various search engines such as Google. With the right SEO tools, your website can rank higher on search engines. The higher the ranking, the more people you attract to your website. In the long run, SEO will drive traffic and grow your brand’s visibility online. It is a strategy vastly used by most businesses for its long-term effects at lower costs.

Know how you can effectively use SEO in your business’ online efforts. | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

To start, we want to provide you with these frequently used SEO words so the next time you come across them, you already know their definitions.

Common SEO Terms:

  • Alt Tags – text description of an image
  • Blog – a page on your website where you can regularly publish content
  • Bounce Rate – website visitors who immediately leave after only viewing one page
  • Click Through Rate – the ratio of how many users click an ad or shared post
  • Keywords – words used in searching on search engines
  • Meta Description – a brief description under each page’s title in search engines
  • Page Rank or SEO Ranking – indicates how good your overall SEO through number 0-10 as assigned by Google
  • Search Engine – a system that files individual pages in websites (e.g. Google, Bing)
  • Website Traffic – activities done by users on your website (e.g. page views, page clicks, amount of time spent)
  • Uniform Resource Locator or URL – the address of a web page (e.g.


The Basics

There are various ways on how you can improve your digital marketing through SEO. Here are some simple methods that can help you jumpstart your way to improve your website’s SEO ranking:

  • Keyword Marketing

When you do a Google search, you use keywords to find the information you are looking for. These keywords are a factor in driving website traffic; they are the foundation of all SEO efforts. For you to know the right keywords to use, you have to search for relevant and trending keywords with high traffic using SEO tools such as Moz and Google Ads. However, these tools are only there to assist you in going through numerous keywords.

To know the keywords suitable for your business, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your customers – What do they need? What words will they use in searching for these needs? Will they find what they need on your website?

In choosing the right keywords, beware of keyword stuffing – an old SEO practice that uses a lot of keywords to manipulate search engine results. Since search engines have already evolved, it can detect an abnormal distribution of keywords on a page which leads your website to rank lower.

  • Blog Content Marketing

Once you get the right keywords that your customers use when searching for the services or products your offer, start producing useful and shareable content. People use search engines to find information that they need. It is highly important that what you put on your website is something that people search for.

Creating blog posts is an effective content marketing strategy. This way, you showcase your brand using the high-performing keywords that you have gathered. By incorporating keywords in your blog articles, you will increase your visibility in search engines. You attract and connect with a large number of customers which in return will increase website traffic.

  • Website Optimization

SEO is more than just content and keyword planning, there are other factors to consider when improving an SEO website to generate leads.

To keep your current website up-to-date, you have to know what needs to be improved through an SEO audit. This process provides recommendations for a website to attain optimal SEO performance by checking titles, content, meta descriptions, alt texts, images, links and more.

Additionally, using Google Analytics is an effective way to track how many visits your website gets, its sources, and your content’s performance and rankings. By using this SEO tool, you get a monthly report with accurate statistics about your website’s overall performance. Through this report, you can gauge what you need to retain or fix on your website.

Social Media Linking is also an effective web optimizer. By sharing your website’s content on your Facebook or Instagram profile, click through rates increase. This technique is effective since social media creates visible branding and engagement among your followers.

In a Nutshell

SEO helps your business by:

  • Improving your website’s SEO ranking in search engines
  • Growing your online visibility
  • Increasing potential customer source
  • Establishing your brand value and credibility
  • Converting website traffic to actual sales

At IH Digital, we can help improve your website’s SEO marketing by using the right SEO tools. We have a team of SEO consultants that can help you with keyword planning, SEO articles and website optimization. Reach us for effective digital marketing strategies.