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LINE Marketing: How to Set Up A LINE Official Account in Thailand?

How to Set Up A LINE Official Account in Thailand?

LINE is the most popular social messaging app in Thailand, with 84% of internet users in Thailand  reporting that they’re actively using this platform as in January 2020. That’s right much more popular than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. More than 60% of mobile internet users are spending up to 1 hour on the platform per day. If you‘re looking to expand your business into Thailandyou must have your LINE Official Account set up and verified. 

Thailand most-used active social platforms

Source: Data Reportal, 2020 

What You Can Do with LINE Official Account? 

LINE Official Account allows you to create a LINE account for your business and connect with your customers. Here’s the low down on the features and benefits of using LINE for business: 

  1. Diverse content formats – you can use text, images, videosvoice messages or stickers to communicate with followers 
  2. Broadcast message followers will receive your messages via push notifications, which is highly visible 
  3. Coupon and reward card  you can use coupons to turn your followers into regular customers and set the redemption limit  
  4. Survey  you can create a questionnaire to collect followers’ information 
  5. Insight Analytics – gain valuable insight to analyse your page performance 

To use these functions, you need to set up a LINE Official Account. Below are the steps to create an account. 

How to Create a LINE Official Account?

Using LINE for business requires a LINE Official Account (OA). To help you get started with LINE marketing, we’ve created an ultimate guide to walk you through the Line Official Account application process.  


Create a LINE Official Account 

To create a LINE OA, you are required to sign up with a Thai mobile phone number. After getting your Thai mobile number, you can start creating an OA by submitting the business information. If you’re having a hard time creating an OA in Thailet us help. 

Verify LINE Official Account  

There are several types of LINE business accounts: Unverified Account, Verified Account and Premium Account. The new account you created is normally unverified and need to pass a review to become verified. 

A Verified Account appears easily in the LINE in-app search results and able to run LINE Gain Friends Ad. Other than that, payment and other selected features are also expanded. If your company has a Thailand entitywe can help you verify your OA.  

LINE Official Account Types

Upgrade to Premium ID 

When you sign up for a LINE Official Account, you will get an account ID automatically. Standard and Verified account comes with Basic ID which is randomly mixed among alphabets and numbers.  

This is less than ideal when using LINE for business, so we recommend that you upgrade to a Premium Account. With a Premium Accountyou can create a customised ID for your brand. This will allow your brand to be more searchable and gain more friends. 

Upgrade Monthly Broadcast Message Plan  

After creating an OA, you will be able to send Broadcast Message and push out promotional content. Whenever you send a Broadcast Message, your Friends will receive a push notification, making it highly visible. 

The number of messages that can be broadcasted with default Free plan is very limited. You will need to upgrade your plan to reach more users. LINE provides two additional paid plans, Light and Standard. Each has a limitation in the number of messages and a rate for an additional message. 

LINE Official Account messaging plan

LINE Official Account Subscription Plan. Source: LINE 

If you need help in writing and setting up the broadcast message, greeting message, auto-response message and quick reply in Thailet us know. 

Case Studies: Brands That Enter Thailand Through LINE Marketing

1. Bayer Rice (@bayerthairice) – German agriculture brand 

Bayer Rice LINE Official Account

2. Sanitarium (@sanitariumthailand) – Australia dairy brand 

Sanitarium LINE Official Account

 3. Swarovski (@swarovskithailand) – Austria jewellery brand 

Swarovski LINE Official Account

 4. The History of Whoo (@thehistoryofwhooth) – Korea beauty brand 

The History of Whoo LINE

 5. Charles and Keith (@charleskeith_th) – Singapore fashion brand 

Charles and Keith LINE Official Account

 6. Secret Recipe (@secret_recipe) – Malaysia food brand 

Secret Recipe LINE Official Account

Start Your Business in Thailand with LINE Marketing

There are several hurdles in setting up a LINE Official Account, and it is essential to be competent in the Thai language to complete the setup. Seeking help from a LINE marketing agency may help speed up and ease the application process for you.  

If you’re ready to take on the Thailand digital marketing venture,  talk to our LINE marketing experts to get started. 

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