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How to Leverage Social Media in Medical Marketing?


With more people turning to social networking sites for the latest information on public health such as the COVID-19, social media continues to be one of the most effective platforms for healthcare service providers to communicate, engage and market their products or services. 

And this is why hospitals, clinics, and even the government’s health organisations have to gain an active presence on social media.

With the right strategy, social media can be transformed as a powerful tool to build trust, reach more patients, and spread valuable medical information.

In this article, we will share how you can leverage social media to make the biggest impact on both your patients and your organisation. 

How IH Digital Helps Improve Your Medical Marketing via Social Media

1. Reach Your Audience across Multiple Social Media Platforms 

Aside from company websites, people also use social media to seek healthcare products and information. Therefore, you must not leave potential customers hanging when they are searching for you on social media platforms. 

To stay relevant and reach these audiences, medical companies need to meet customers where they are.

Different social platforms can help you in broadening your reach to different audience segments. If you are not sure which social media channels to tap into, you can seek advice from social media marketing agencies like IH Digital.

Bangkok Chiangmai Hospital uses Weibo & WeChat to reach out to Chinese markets

No matter which platforms your audiences are on, we can help you reach out to them. Our social media marketing services include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Weibo, LINE and more. 

2. Build authority by Sharing Valuable Content  

Around 90% of adults use their social media applications every minute to get the latest information about their health and the overall public health situation in their area, according to Hootsuite.

Screenshots of IHH Healthcare’s social media content on Facebook

In addition, majority of people might not get their information on medical websites, so it’s important for healthcare professionals to join the conversations wherever they are happening. This often means posting relevant, accurate, and reliable content directly on the channels where customers stay.

If you aren’t already using content marketing to educate and provide value to your customers, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to engage with patients and develop credibility.

One of the effective ways to engage your community is video, a perfect way to make the content easy to digest and share.

In IH Digital, we can support you in creating various types of content, such as static images, GIFs, animations, illustrations, videos and more. 

3. Raise Brand Awareness via Social Media Ads 

Regularly posting on social media every week is a great way to build your brand. But relying solely on this tactic could make it difficult for you to reach people on a wide scale.

Screenshot of a Facebook Ad from Gleneagles Hospital

With paid social media posts, they allow you to target the right audience and reach even beyond your current following. You can advertise to thousands and thousands of people at the same time getting in front of your ideal customers.

However, building ads can be a difficult job for someone on your team who is accustomed to organic posting. This is important why you need to hire a reputable agency with social media advertising experience. 

If you’re interested in launching social media ads, give us a call. 

Team Up With IH Digital for Your Medical Marketing Needs 

If you need help building and managing healthcare social media marketing strategies, we can help you. Our team has supported healthcare companies build better social media accounts, update them regularly, to name some.

If you want to see how well social media can work for your hospital, schedule an appointment with us.

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