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How Can Collaborative Ads Increase Sales For Your Online Store?

sanitarium collaborative ads

Collaborative Ad is a game-changer for e-commerce businesses, it is designed in a way that helps with saving time when advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

It helps drive sales to e-commerce websites by advertising on Facebook and Instagram. A brand can skip creating ad creatives for their media campaign as it allows them to show the product directly from their product catalogue on Lazada, Shopee and other e-commerce platforms.

Subsequently, reducing the data entry mistakes while uploading multiple products manually. When a user clicks on the Collaborative Ads on Facebook or Instagram, they will be directed to the e-commerce website or app to complete the purchase. This makes the advertising campaign more cost-effective, simple and safe.

How IH Digital Helps You Launch Collaborative Ads From Start to End?

E-commerce is dynamic, labour-intensive as it requires constant optimisation. Even the best ad creatives would need to be refreshed due to ad fatigue. At IH Digital, we have an A-Z team to assist you in making your advertising campaign a success.

1. Build an Online Store to Create Product Catalogue

Before you can launch a Collaborative Ad, what you need is an e-commerce store, so that you can create your product catalogue and feature groups of items to consumers on Facebook or Instagram. 

If you don’t have an e-commerce store yet, you can either choose to list your products on marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee or build a Shopify website. Each platform has different requirements for setting up a business, so it’s always a good idea to speak to an e-commerce agency like Digital 38 to get professional advice on online store setup. 

2. Enhance Product Images On Your Online Store For Advertising

Once your online store is ready, we’ll help you enhance your product listing by uploading attractive imagery or product photography. High quality visual creatives can grab consumer’s attention and drive quality traffic to your product pages when running your collaborative ad.

At IH Digital, our content team is capable of delivering different types of content. From product photography to video production and copywriting, we can handle everything.

3. Collaborative Ad Campaign Planning & Setup

After your e-commerce store is all set up and optimised, it’s time to promote your products through the powerful Facebook Collaborative Ad. To convert potential consumers for your online store, your ad should be managed strategically. And here lies the importance of hiring an experienced digital advertising partner.

IH Digital has the highest access level to Facebook Developers’ Marketing API, we can help you manage your ad campaign efficiently. We are also experienced in launching Collaborative Ads for brands in different industries. This includes fast-moving consumer goods, engineering and more.

If you’re not sure how to do it right to meaningfully increase conversion, our media team is here to support you. We can help you get in front of those who are interested in your products with the right media strategy. This involves determining the right media channels, ad placement, audience targeting and bidding strategy.

4. Leverage on our 360° Digital Marketing Services to Maximize Ad Effectiveness

To go one step further, we can help you promote your products through regular postings or social media marketing campaign. In line with your collaborative ad campaign, we can also help you conduct an e-commerce live streaming on Facebook to direct them to your product page.

If you want to tap into social media marketing, we help you plan and develop a tailored marketing strategy that boosts your e-commerce sales.

Case Study: Sanitarium SG

With Collaborative Ads, the brand promoted their products on Facebook using retailer’s catalogue. The ad comes with a call-to-action link, directing high-intent shoppers to their retailer’s store on Lazada to complete purchase.

Sanitarium Collaborative ad

Boost E-Commerce Sales Fast & Cost-Effectively Through Collaborative Ads

No matter what you’re selling, the competition is bound to be fierce, and your e-commerce company needs a solid marketing plan to outsmart the competition and drive traffic to your website.

Get ahead of the competition by using collaborative ads today. Connect with us today to learn about how we help you set up, execute and optimise campaigns for your online business.