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Healthcare Marketing Strategies that Attract More Patients


COVID-19 once again reminded everyone around the world why healthcare is important. And so does healthcare marketing for brands and professionals in the medical industry.

People nowadays are seeking health-related information online. Most of them no longer feel the need to visit the closest hospital. 

In fact, they are often trying to avoid the less-than-ideal circumstances like getting sick or sustaining injuries that may lead to a hospital visit. 

That’s why it’s so important to have a well-thought-out hospital marketing strategy to reach new and returning patients, increase brand awareness, manage your online reputation, and stay relevant with the community you are serving. 

And this is where IH Digital comes in. Read on as we discuss how we can help you get started. 

How IH Digital Can Support Your Healthcare Marketing Needs?  

1. Optimise Your Website for Search Engine

Given the prevalence of the internet today, it should be no surprise that your hospital’s website is often a patient’s first touchpoint.

When your potential patient searches for healthcare services, you want your hospital’s website to pop up on the first page. That is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does.  

Optimising your website to rank at the top of search results is a key strategy to implement in your hospital marketing plan.

If your website appears first on Google search, then you can expect more website traffic, and increase your chances of acquiring new patients. 

Need a strategised SEO plan for your hospital website? We are here to help. 

2. Use Social Media to Build Trust & Engagement

Social media remains one of the most effective channels to disseminate information and establish brand awareness.

Patients will conduct extensive research on a hospital, and looking at your social media accounts will be one of the ways they will learn more about your hospital.

And this is why healthcare service providers must update social media pages regularly.  

Social media sites create real-time connection points with patients and provide a different avenue for organically promoting your care providers and services. 

Today, even routine hospital visits have changed, and patients need up-to-date information about scheduling, in-office protocols, and so on.

Now is the time for hospital marketing teams to establish authoritative, proactive communication strategies. 

Appearing on social news feeds often will go a long way in keeping you at the forefront of your patient’s mind. 

IH Digital is experienced in social media page management and we have the abilities to help you distribute marketing healthcare content on the top social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

3. Create Relevant Content to Engage Existing & Potential Patients

People dealing with new ailments or diseases such as COVID-19 want facts—they want information on prevention, symptoms, testing, and treatment. The ability of hospital marketers to inform the public about healthcare will do wonders for building patient trust and help you stand out as a leader in your field. 

Our content marketing team can support you in content planning and creation. We are capable of creating website articles, social media copies, images, video content and more.  

 Get in touch with our team now to plan for your content marketing strategy. 

4. Utilise Paid Advertising to Increase Online Visibility

There’s no denying that being a top-ranking page in organic search results is essential for the success of your business. However, appearing above those organic results by using Google Search Ads can be a game-changer.  

Utilising Google Search Ads in your hospital marketing strategy can reach your target market much more quickly, as you have control over which keywords to rank. It’s one way to target the exact patients you are looking for. 

You can also take advantage of paid social advertising if you want to do more specific audience targeting based on location, age, interest and more.  

We are a certified Google Partner with proven knowledge of Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and Google Video Ads. Besides that, we also have the highest access level to Facebook Developers’ Marketing API, enabling us to manage and optimise your ads efficiently. 

Get in touch with our media experts to help you in media planning and buying. 

Partner With IH Digital to Plan Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy 

Running your hospital, providing excellent service to your patients, and creating a strategised hospital marketing plan could be overwhelming.  

Hiring an experienced healthcare marketing agency is a great alternative to simplify the process. In IH DIgital, we can bring in more leads and manage your online presence while you focus on bringing the best service to your hospital.  

Contact our team of marketing professionals now to know more about how we can help you in attracting more patients. 

About IH Digital 

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