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FMCG Digital Marketing: Tips for New Marketers

FMCG Digital Marketing: Tips for New Marketers | IH Digital

In the past, most consumer goods are promoted on televisions only. However, as mobile phones and the internet continue to revolutionize the lifestyle of consumers, more FMCG brands are entering digital marketing channels.

Digital marketing has created a new value proposition for FMCG brands and helps them reach their target audience through a different perspective and approach. They can portray their brand identity best with digital marketing, and it’s one of the most important factors which influenced purchase decisions.

With many FMCG brands present in the digital world today, how do new marketers keep up? Read further as we discuss some digital marketing tips!

1. Involve Your Brand in Different Digital Channels

Not all of your audience is in one digital channel only, and some of them don’t rely on just one social media platform. As an FMCG brand, know where your consumers go. Facebook and Instagram are one of the most popular digital channels. Brands like beauty or skincare products may also create YouTube channels and produce skincare tips for their customers. All of these channels are popular for paid ads as well.

FMCG Digital Marketing: Tips for New Marketers | IH Digital

2. Content Marketing is the Key

Involving yourself in various digital channels isn’t enough. Digital marketing is your opportunity to entice your audience with awesome content. It is highly possible to catch your audience attention when you produce great content.

3. Develop your Product Catalogue

The easiest way to encourage conversions or influence purchase decision is to create a catalogue of all your products. As FMCG brands pursue e-commerce, most consumers depend on online shopping simply because it’s fast and convenient.

FMCG Digital Marketing: Tips for New Marketers | IH Digital
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4. Engage with Your Audience

The greatest way to attract potential customers and retain loyal ones is to engage with them virtually. You can conduct as many brand events as you want, but engaging with them online gives fast results, and it is affordable. Almost 70% of consumers time is spent on mobile phones or computers. This is why it is best to engage with them through wall contests, polls, or inquiry response.


Ready to Engage Your Brand into Digital Marketing?

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