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5 New Facebook Reactions that will Make Brands into Content Marketing


How a simple emoji can help your content marketing strategy

The digital world is a fast paced community. One day you are trending, the next you are out. Last 24 February 2016, Facebook officially made their Facebook Reactions button available globally. Aside from the usual “like” button, they also added “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad”, and “angry” button options in order for the audience to give their precise feeling to shared posts that they see and read on their feed.
Is your content marketing strategy working? With the new Facebook Reactions feature, brands can now gauge and foresee their standing in the market based on their fans direct reactions. Receiving a “love” reaction will somewhat occur that the brand is doing well in catering their loyal fans. The “haha” and “wow” are also two positive reactions that will either determine if the fans are amazed or entertained with the content. Lastly, the “sad” and “angry” emojis are, perhaps, the least reactions a brand would want to receive; however, it will connote a difference if the published post is really depressing, or the brand is not well-focused to their fans.

Establish Your Brand with the Help of Facebook Reactions Feature

No matter what reaction a brand gets on their social media campaigns and engagement posts, they should accept it and see these reactions as good feedback in utilizing their brand’s mission and goals. Plus, they will be able to respond accordingly not only to their fans but also to their content marketing strategy. Brands will be able to know if they should alter their current social media theme and content or not.

Attract positive reactions to your brand page

With the new Facebook Reactions feature, Singaporeans managed to show their creativity through 12 reactions that would be perfect and usable in their everyday life. These reaction samples created by a Singaporean show that every person has a different approach to published posts and current events. Such is why IH Digital Singapore can help you establish a polished content marketing strategy to attract positive feedback and to approach and to entice more audience into your brand page.

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