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Re-Capturing Customers with Facebook Exchange

fbxRe-capture user interest of a product on your website by placing advertising on personal Facebook feeds with the help of Facebook Exchange (FBX).

You have a potential customer visiting your website. He or she searches your site for a product they fancy, and spends a hefty amount of time on the site without making any purchase due to second thoughts, or a distraction at hand. If you’re looking to recapture his or her interest, and make yet another return pitch at selling your product, FBX is one of main things to consider. Retargeting in a social environment has never been so accessible, especially with our new DoubleClick services.

In 2012, Facebook released Facebook Exchange: a new addition to its retargeting ad suite, which allows real-time bidding across its ad inventory. How Facebook Exchange works is FBX will gather users intent data from third party source such as an e-commerce website. Advertisers then have the opportunity to target their website’s ad on Facebook. What this will do is giving customers a constant reminder for them to come back to shop at that particular website. FBX does not limit your ad to appear either on user’s newsfeed or RHS, but you can expect to see your ad in both placements.

FBX placement on newsfeed is good for content marketing and promotions taking advantage of its social component.

IH Digital / Facebook Exchange - newsfeed placement
IH Digital / Facebook Exchange – newsfeed placement

FBX placement on RHS is good for dynamic product ad driving for direct response.

Facebook Exchange - RHS placement
Facebook Exchange – RHS placement

FBX is a way to recapture and convert lost customers into sales. FBX gives advertisers the ability to excel traditional ad like never seen before. FBX is prominence, especially when it is placed on newsfeed as users are not likely to miss it. FBX can target precisely to the right target audience. Last but not least, FBX allows advertisers to insert direct link onto the ad. So, if users are keen to go back and make a purchase they can instantly get it done.

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