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Video Production: New Details About Facebook’s ‘Anthology’


Video production bandwagon

In the recent months, clear indications of increased video views become even more apparent, not only on YouTube but also on the social media giant Facebook. In fact, statistics show that the percentage of shared and posted Facebook videos per person increased by nearly 94%. Everyone might well remember that many people had preferred uploading videos on YouTube before sharing them on Facebook to spread the word on social media. In terms of Facebook videos’ position in that competition with YouTube on the social networking site itself, November 2014 statistics reveal that Facebook videos have now surprisingly exceeded YouTube videos on Facebook.

As video production and video ad market grows aggressively on the social media (where videos instantly go viral), key digital players such as Facebook, YouTube and AOL race to implement a forward strategy to capture the interests of marketers and advertisers. That is why Facebook’s timing of its video sales event this coming 22 April, just five days before the NewFronts event, is believed not to be an accident. On that day, Facebook will finally announce its plans about its video ad product, Anthology.

Significance of Facebook’s ‘Anthology’

Facebook is on its way to the first phase of its transition from traditional messaging to videos. In the upcoming event this April, Facebook is expected to share its video advertising plans and roll out its new video-based ad project, Anthology. Several of Facebook’s partners will deliver presentations to brand advertisers and marketers covering Facebook’s plan to incorporate brand messages into videos. Facebook seems to aim to improve marketing communications by leveraging on what seems to be the rising approach in the social media marketing industry, which is apparently the use of videos. Essentially, the idea of Facebook’s new video ad scheme is to assemble a group of video production partners to help create branded videos and offer them as paid ads to online marketers and advertisers, including agencies.

How can marketers gain from the video ad Anthology? Basically, it can help marketers’ content to stand out on Facebook through the creation of compelling and engaging content.

Wall Street Journal says –

Facebook will use the event to provide specifics on Anthology, the company’s new initiative centered around partners creating branded entertainment video content.”

For video production related to this announcement, Facebook has partnered with publishers including Vine, The Onion and Vox Media. According to Martin Beck of Marketing Land, this partnership aims “to produce short-form videos that would be sponsored by advertisers (with a $2 million minimum buy in).” According to a person familiar with Anthology, Facebook seeks some 50% of the revenue from the arrangement with advertisers. Facebook was said to have also targeted BuzzFeed, Disney Interactive, Refinery29 and more as prospective partners in this new initiative.

Just in the past year, Facebook has implemented the auto play video feature in its users’ newsfeeds. Moreover, the social media giant became active in targeting YouTube stars and convinces them to post their video productions directly on Facebook. These two are significant steps to achieve better reach and content marketing advantages for Facebook video, let alone its new pace to introduce something more aimed for the marketers and advertisers. Its significance mainly involves challenging the current star in the online video platform YouTube. Once Facebook gets the formula right on this video production and advertising plan, retaining the No.1 spot can be quite shaky for YouTube.

Facebook generates some 3 billion video views a day, which is a huge opportunity for brands to implement their content marketing and social media strategy related to videos.