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Digital Marketing: Back in the Email Marketing Business


Email marketing is a digital marketing tool that has been with us long before the popularity of social media. Many online marketers have now focused on various social media platforms and have completely ignored the importance of email marketing. Today, we take a look back at the yesterday’s online marketing tool of email marketing and why a company must integrate it as part of their marketing plans.

What is it?

Email marketing is a direct form of digital marketing and communication that a merchant uses to acquire new customers or to encourage current customers to repeat loyalty with the brand. Also, brand can integrate advertisements into the email requesting for the recipient to make an immediate purchase.

Advantages of email marketing

  1. ROI can be tracked if the tracking tool is installed effectively. Email marketing is considered to be the most effective form of digital marketing tactic second to only search marketing.
  2. Advertisers can send email to a large number of people who have subscribed to the email.
  3. Users regularly check their e-mails on a daily basis; thus, a chance of them seeing your email is high.
  4. Email marketing allows advertisers to insert rich messages that can include visuals and dynamic messages.
  5. Businesses can promptly take action to important consumer events like purchase or shop-cart abandonment.

[pullquote]It is projected that by 2017 the number of global email users will have risen from 2.4 billion in 2014 to 2.8 billion[/pullquote]

However, the disadvantage of email marketing still lies in the area of spam and the excessive rate of email delivery that users have been bombarded with. But this problem is resolved with the idea of “opt-in” emailing where consumers give consent to receiving emails; therefore, eliminates the idea of getting unsolicited emails.

Why a business should opt for e-mail marketing?

Cost: Email marketing requires small sum of start-up money as compared to other digital marketing channels

Success: On top of the cost-effectiveness, advertisers can send the email directly to the target audience or the ideal customers. If you know how to get it right, then high ROI is achievable.

Measurability and Flexibility: Once you install the tracking tool, records will show which part of the campaign is performing well and which part is not. From this piece of information, you can use it to modify your campaign strategy.

It is projected that by 2017 the number of global e-mail users will have risen from 2.4 billion in 2014 to 2.8 billion. Email marketing will never be put out of business due to its ubiquity and accessibility on every mobile device. Also, more advanced technology and channels will not drive e-mail marketing away but rather complement ways that users can access their email.

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