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Digital Trends: Is Your Brand Ready for 2015?


Digital trends on the rise

The world is fast forwarding as we come to experience the evolution of amazing digital trends such as the social media. One thing to keep in mind as a marketer is to keep up with these trends. As we enter another year, more are to be expected in the digital world. It’s not too late to make a step to ensure that our brand enters 2015 equipped to compete in the pool of rising marketers.

As a brand marketer, you need to think ahead. Not just of your market, but of your competitors as well. The year 2014 made a mark in the fast-rising trends on the social media. Hence, your plans now must include the improvement in your strategy for 2015 with regards to digital marketing and social media planning. The following list of rising trends can help you implement a more efficient marketing plan for the year ahead.

TREND #1: The rise of mobile continues

Digital trends and the rise of mobile

Do you know that people are seen to spend a lot on mobile in the following years? Sure you do! As seen evidently around the world, people get updated about trends, news and connections through a tap on their mobile phone screens. Needless to say, mobile is going to be a good way to interact with your audience in the coming year. So gear up! Make sure everything you implement is mobile-friendly – be it emails, website, apps and images.

TREND #2: More investment on social media advertising

Digital Trends and social media spending

If there’s one thing that you need to keep out of your mind as marketer, it is thinking that “social is a free-place market.” No, it’s actually not. In fact, social advertising spend continues to rise and ad products will continue to be introduced in the digital marketplace. It is not very surprising if by 2015 we see more increase in digital ad spend. Thus, you need to prepare for a smart move when it comes to investing on social advertising. Consult with a social media agency and take on the best digital practice for your brand.

TREND #3: Content still reigns!

Digital Trends content

Content is King! What your audience want is mainly content. Images, texts and videos are all that online users search for and spend time on. Users are becoming a lot smarter these days when it comes to choosing the content that they will view online. So the better the quality and the more relevant your content is, the better your exposure can go on the digital sphere. Remember to make your content informative, meaningful and interesting as it will always be the centre of your digital marketing efforts.

TREND #4: Social videos

Digital trends and social videos

Although YouTube is very famous when speaking about videos, there are more medium for video viewing that are becoming well-known too. Facebook video for instance, was announced to have more views this year than on YouTube. Social videos, either long or short, have a place in the digital marketing sphere in 2015. There will be a lot to watch out for on social video channels such as Vine, Instagram and a lot more. So better keep up with this digital trend and don’t forget to stay in the loop when advertising through videos!

TREND #5: The use of more digital channels other than Facebook

Digital Trends on digital channels

Although Facebook is seen as the top when it comes to social media, other digital channels are seen to be sprouting. And interestingly, these other channels are in fact helping a lot of marketers too. Twitter, of course, is one. But as a digital marketer, you must be able to find out which channel your audience spend most time on. Facebook may get the biggest cut in users’ spending time, but a lot of your audience are also looking for something that is most relevant to them. What you need to do is to look for the best digital channels that can provide the best customisation and personalisation strategies that will work more effectively for your audience. Keeping up with digital trends include targeting your audience right. Try to consider working on other channels too such as Google Plus and other blogging mediums.