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Reaching the World with Swarovski through Digital Marketing

digital-marketing-singapore-swarovskiSocial media analytics shows that using digital marketing by producing efficient content marketing strategies are effective in reaching the customers.

How Digital Marketing help Swarovski fulfill its vision

Swarovski and the rise of its name started when founder Daniel Swarovski envisioned creating “a diamond for everyone”. His invention of an electric machine that cuts crystals accurately marked the beginning of a new era for the gem.

From American Jazz Halls to Victoria’s Secret lingerie, Swarovski deemed itself to be the world’s largest producer of cut crystal. And after all this glory, Swarovski is still tight on their founder’s vision of “a diamond for everyone”.

Digital Marketing is effective in reaching the customers.

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Thus, they partnered with IH Digital Thailand – a social media agency which main office is based in Singapore – to produce their content marketing plans for their Facebook page and reach their customers online. The partnership began in April 2015 and since then, it has lead customers to increasingly visit any Swarovski store. This action made a lasting impression on Swarovski even more. The ultimate goal to convert these efforts into sales has definitely increased its chances.

How was digital marketing properly implemented on this campaign? By creating content that is trendy and suitable for the target audience, without sacrificing the brand’s message. In short, the campaign was successful because of its great visuals, a well-thought of wall contest marketing plan and an efficient amplification of these efforts through media. Budget wise, everything was all worth it!

Swarovski, through the help of IH Digital Thailand – the video production arm of IH Digital in Singapore – then released a video campaign for Valentine’s Day. Considering that the Facebook trend for this year are short commercials, riding on the trend with style and proper content marketing plan became tools to successfully invite and engage more audience from the right target market. The idea behind the viral campaign is to motivate Facebook users, whether a fan or not, to choose Swarovski as a gift for their special someone. And to make this more appealing, it is doubled as a wall contest wherein the winner will receive a Swarovski item. Coupled with the brand’s image that any Swarovski item for a prize is indeed worth a try, the campaign hoarded a good number of participants.

How successful is the campaign? Let’s allow the numbers to speak. According to social media analytics, the post reached an estimated of 1.5 million, was viewed approximately 520,000 times, receiving positive responses from its audience.

With this booming number of engagement rate coming from expert digital marketing efforts, there is no doubt Swarovski could reach the world and create a diamond for everyone.

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