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Digital Marketing: Sulwhasoo Singapore Campaigns for Holistic Beauty


Sulwhasoo Singapore released a digital marketing campaign in celebration of 50 years in perfecting ginseng research. With the help of a digital agency in Singapore, Sulwhasoo launched the digital campaign, which includes a promotion video, a Facebook app, and a microsite.

Promotion video as an effective content marketing strategy

Sulwhasoo Singapore taps entrepreneurs and full-time moms, Maddy Barber and Amy Cheng, and licensed doctor and YOGA+ founder and instructor, Bianca Pereche-Gamboa, to rally fans and discover what Holistic Beauty means to them through a promotion video. Fans are called to answer by submitting a photo with a caption that best describe what holistic beauty means to them through Sulwhasoo’s Facebook app. Chosen winners will get to win coveted passes to join an exclusive party with Maddy Barber, Amy Cheng and Sulwhasoo Singapore.

Promotion videos like these make it easier for brands to share their content and entice their fans with visual representation of their promotions. And since Facebook launched a number of new features this past months, like their live video feature, it has given brands more creative opportunities to explore and engage their audience.

How a Facebook App could change your digital marketing strategy

Apps are now the rave of many digital marketers. With them, content can now be easily transformed into an engaging game, an informative quiz, or whatever you would would want it to be.

For Sulwhasoo, as part of their celebration of their 50-year milestone in ginseng research, a photo contest app was launched where fans get to submit their photos that best answers “what does Holistic Beauty mean to you?”

The Facebook app serves as a gallery, where all the submissions of the fans can be viewed.

Build a microsite and tell your story

Sulwhasoo also launched, a microsite dedicated to their 50th year celebration, which lists exclusive workshops and beauty classes that encapsulates the essence of total holistic beauty.

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Do you have a story to tell?

As people continue to look for relevant and meaningful online content, brands are called to use creative ways to communicate their messages in order to keep up with other competitor’s content marketing campaigns.

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