Digital marketing and the need to provide real human experience

Digital marketing and the need to provide real human experience

As more brands compete for the attention of online users, more comprehensive digital marketing plans emerge. One of the digital marketing trends in 2018 is the use of automation in social media platforms. Chat bot is one of the best known example. As much as automation comes very useful, there are yet some significant things to remember not to overlook. This is none other than the real human experience.


Digital marketing automation

The function of digital automation in brands’ digital marketing efforts are undeniably helpful. This helps ensure that audience are attended to. The use of chat bots or automated responses in social media marketing are helpful to some extent. Question however is how effective these automation are when people seek for real people to discuss subjects with?


Social media marketing is an effort not only to provide a visual of the brand. But also to establish an identity that is reliable and with efficient in customer service. Hence, real social interaction with and within the brand’s social media platform is crucial. This is to make the audience feel the sincerity of its customer care services. Make them feel that they are well attended to for their feedback and concerns. And ultimately, that they are not left to discuss matters with artificial intelligence representatives.


Consider the usefulness of digital marketing automation. How can brands on social media platforms make better use of this functions? How can brands use it to provide more digital marketing benefits?


Effective approach to social media management


Weigh the situation

What does your brand need? Does it require human experience? Or would an automated approach be a better option? Study the product or service your brand is selling to gauge the situation.


For brands requiring detailed decision-making, an automated response could be a second option. This is applicable to brands that may highly involve substantial topics such as financial matter, home or insurance. Such brands require a customer service representative that can fully comprehend and respond to the situation. The last thing we want our audience to feel is frustration towards our customer service because this event could arise to a social media crisis situation.


Use the best of both practice

The aim of every digital marketing campaign is to provide audience with relevant information. And eventually turn them to customers and loyal consumers. Hence, the digital marketing plan must involve the aim to provide satisfactory customer service experience. There are digital marketing tools that can help brands use automated responses in a way that is personal. This approach is effective on brands’ social media platforms. Proper social media management is crucial as this can provide customers with their desired extent of individualization and attention.


Value customers’ convenience

Provide customers with all the convenient options whatever way they prefer to connect with you. Keep in mind that digital automation is a digital marketing function. The better way however is to delight customers through human customer care and support. So make way to encourage better fan loyalty.


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