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Digital Marketing: EDM Goals for 2015


Digital marketing road to success

Many recent studies show that up to this day, email marketing is indeed an effective digital marketing approach with proper implementation. According to MarketingCharts, email marketing stands to be the most effective digital marketing tactic as rated by marketers around the world. In the 2014 survey, respondents attributed 23% of their sales to email. It also showed that 82% of agency respondents rate email marketing as either excellent (37%) or good (44%). This online marketing approach also proves to be cost-effective, delivering the best ROI compared to other digital marketing tactics such as social and mobile.

In fact, most consumers likewise agree to this. Email may not be the top brand and marketing communications channel preference, but it in spite of this, email marketing still influences readers to purchase a product or service; one of the best when it comes to digital marketing.

With proper strategy, email marketing can be your business’ best medium for brand engagement.

Getting ready for 2015

Now that we’ve learned how effective internet advertising can be for businesses, here are the 4 big goals you must keep in mind for your 2015 email marketing plans:

  1. More email list, the better

Growing your email list is perceptibly the most valuable thing in this digital marketing approach. Your email marketing plans will largely revolve around your list so keep it growing. The list may include emails of your customers, registrants interested to be updated about your brand, target customers, and a lot more. They are the people that will likely turn to your business in the future.

Start early in order to hit the best results towards the end of 2015. There are, however, two important things to consider while doing this. First, give your future (and existing) customers a favour by making the registration/signup process easy for them. Placement is also a key! Making your sign up forms visible and conveniently accessible on your social media or website can increase your newsletter signups. Second, allow them understand the value of what they are signing up for. Email list segmentation becomes more necessary in targeting groups. By segmenting your email marketing lists, you increase your chances of better open and click rates. Thus, you allow for the narrowing of your focus in order to get your message to the targeted groups wherein recipients will find it more relevant. In this way, you can be sure that your message will go directly to a person who has an idea about your brand. Let them know what they can expect from your messages to give them enough reason to sign up.

  1. Improve email open rates

The most effective way to improving email open rates these questions is focusing on your message’s value. It is your primary responsibility to provide valuable, relevant and up-to-date information to all the people who signed up for your brand’s email update.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to improve your open email rates:

Use a well-crafted subject line. Make sure the first thing they see about your message is crafted in a way that will invite interest.

Content is still king. Never underestimate the power of moving your audience through quality content. Recipients open emails with an expectation of quality content. Therefore, it should not be less than great!

The right timing. Do not, in any way, disregard the importance of proper timing when sending your email. Try to optimise email marketing schedules based on days that yielded the best open rates.

Personalised messaging and email segmentation. According to MailChimp, the global results of segmented campaigns performed better than its non-segmented counterparts. Open rates and unique open rates were higher by 13.69% and 10.24%, respectively, than the non-segmented campaigns

  1. Increase email engagement

Engagement in the case of email marketing refers to how your recipients took action after opening your email. One effective measure is looking at your click-through rate, wherein you can also distinguish which links are most engaging to your readers. It could be a link directing to your website, social media page, a registration form, etc. If your recipients are engaged, they will take time to click on the links within your email. Aside from making it trouble-free for your recipients to take action within your email, it is also a must to ensure that the content and design you send out are no less than remarkable.

  1. Positive business results

Your ultimate goal drives back to what made you turn to email marketing, which is to improve business results. ROI, above all else, measures how effective your email and digital marketing efforts are. More than clicks and opens, you need to determine whether your marketing actions made a positive impact to your business in terms of sales, new clients and increased foot traffic, to name a few. Defining a standard set of online marketing source codes is essential in determining the value of the referral from your email marketing campaigns. This process can help you find out how your email campaigns convert on your website and sales. It can track the number of downloads, orders, views, sign ups, clicks, and sales that you get from a link in your email campaign. Furthermore, through conversion tracking, you can learn about the real ROI that measures the effectiveness of your email campaign. By doing so, you may be able to track if your email recipient has completed an action via your email message. For instance, conversions will be tracked when a viewer reaches the final page that appears once a process is completed, i.e., Thank You page. Adding up to greater campaign effectiveness, this measure can eventually help you in implementing your future content marketing plans by studying the results from comparing clicks against conversions, and finally find out which links are redundant, effective and not effective. Hence, before you ever consider increasing open rate and engagement, think about the ultimate goal first so as not to digress from what you truly aspire to achieve for your business.

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