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What is Content Marketing and Why You Need It?

Content marketing is a marketing technique steered towards creating and distributing “valuable, relevant, and consistent content” to engage and maintain a clearly defined audience. Ultimately, this strategy is aimed to drive bankable customer action if done right.

For your content to work, it has to be “valuable”. In this sense, people find a content usable if it solves a need or problem they have. This makes it a more genuine and effective technique, and yet more difficult to fulfil if you have no knowledge about it.

This technique may take place in various platforms and may require different metrics and reports to track results. It also varies in strategies such as SEO-optimised copywriting, illustration, animation and digital video.

If you are fairly new to this, content marketing may be tough and unbearable, to begin with. However, if you do it right, you are guaranteed to meet your business goals. Whether it’s to boost your brand identity, improve your search ranking, generate leads, or convert potential customers, content marketing will eventually lead your brand to online success.

The Best Content Strategies for Your Business

There are many techniques to choose from for your next marketing campaign. Choosing the right strategy for your brand depends on your defined KPIs, goals, and target audience.

Before you decide on which content to push for your brand, let’s take a look at some of the trends to watch for this 2020:

  1. Digital video content creation – Videos “keep audiences engaged longer than any other type of content.” Live-stream videos are also continuing to grow with 80% preferring to watch a live video than read a blog post based on a Livestream survey.
  2. Visuals – Dynamic or interactive visuals effectively appeal to the online audience. Also, it is set to get more interesting this year due to the emerging unique methods to stand out from the sea of visuals on social media.
  3. Strategic, topic-focused content – Building a topical authority online is also a powerful way to gain new fans and maintain them for a long time. Producing various posts on a certain topic helps brands show their expertise in the field, thus, improving their credibility.

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