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Content Marketing for NTUC Income: Watch the 2D Animation Video


How a video content marketing for your business will drive engagement

Video content marketing campaign for NTUC Income’s VivoCash.

Video content marketing has established a solid reputation for being the most effective medium to tell a brand’s story online. What better way to promote your product or service than to present it through stimulating, moving images that can capture the attention of your target audience. A 2D animation video, for instance, is often used to take brand awareness up a notch, from boosting its online visibility and optimising marketing communications through various digital channels to increasing ROI.

Below is the 2D animation marketing video of NTUC Income’s Whole Life Insurance, VivoCash, which will absolutely spark their target consumers’ interests.

“Live a great life” with NTUC Income’s VivoCash

Living life to the fullest is almost everyone’s mantra these days. But only a few have thought about enjoying life while having guaranteed growth of their money every year and protection against death and permanent disability. With NTUC Income, they encourage you to “live a great life” while enjoying the peace of mind of having the built-in guarantees of a whole life insurance. Their lifetime insurance coverage comes with great features, including yearly cash payouts.

So, whether you’re planning on tying the knot or getting ready for a European backpacking trip, VivoCash provides more opportunities to enjoy life with its Lifetime yearly cash payouts with a guaranteed yearly cash benefit and a non-guaranteed yearly cash bonus at the end of the 5th policy year. Here’s how it works. Along with the yearly cash payouts, you’ll get to have the benefits of having death and permanent disability protection and centennial maturity benefit at the age of 100.

The development of VivoCash’ 2D animation video

NTUC Income partnered with IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore that specialises in video content marketing and editing, animation, and corporate video production, and launched a 2D animation video on YouTube to share the benefits of their fully-featured Whole Life Insurance, VivoCash. Subscribe and see more of our marketing videos here.

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