4 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing for Baidu

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing for Baidu

Limited Chinese social media access affects online business marketing. Thus, content marketing for Baidu must be optimized for better search results.
Building a content marketing strategy for Chinese audience should be specifically made to fit Chinese social media websites and apps. Social media in China is special in a way that global apps are restricted to enter. In fact, many popular social media websites that are not available in China has a Chinese social media counterpart. For example, the features and function of YouTube is the same as Youku, a video hosting service based in Beijing, China. On the other hand, Baidu is a search engine that is in equivalent to Google.

Though these Chinese social media sites work in the same manner with contemporary websites, content marketing solutions must be tailored for the Chinese population in order for you to increase the reach of your online business.

Baidu is the largest and most successful search engine in China, with a dominating 65% of usage from the Chinese population. Your visibility on this search engine may be seen by 420 million Chinese netizens. Thus, digital marketing in China is pursued by many businesses.

4 Ways to improve content marketing on Baidu

  1. Use Simplified Chinese characters

As much as possible, use simplified Chinese characters when creating your title and meta-title. Baidu prefers this over traditional Chinese characters to sustain easy readability.

  1. Default your domain name to .cn

 Baidu favours websites with top level domain ending in .cn. It is observable that .cn top level domain ranks higher when it comes to search engine results page.

  1. Host your site in China

Unlike Google whose content marketing is not particular with site hosting location, Baidu is specific that they choose websites that are hosted in mainland China & Hong Kong.

  1. Be mindful of content restrictions

It is both a strength and weakness for China’s digital marketing pursuant to produce unique subjects as Baidu strictly prohibits duplicated content. More than that, words that will be used must be meticulously verified to not have other meanings.

China’s online marketing system is as distinct as it could be. Bridge your business to reach the Chinese market. IH Digital is a digital agency in Singapore and is an authorized Baidu reseller, that specializes on content marketing solutions tailored for your Chinese market. Whether it’s China e-commerce, Chinese social media, or Weibo China, we can help you make your brand stand out. Message us now for our expert care.

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