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Collaborate With Content Creators For Better Audience Engagement

Collaborate With Content Creators For Better Audience Engagement

Collaborating with content creators is becoming one of the more popular ways to improve WOG agencies’ engagement with the public. Public-sector organisations in Singapore are increasingly working with local content houses to boost campaign awareness and audience engagement. 

For instance, earlier in 2020, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) engaged with the content houses like SGAG and Mothership to publicise its Mother’s Day Facebook Live Concert.  

How Content House Improves Your Campaign Performance? 

Working with popular local content creators such as SGAG and Mothership will give your marketing campaign an alternative voice and tone that resonate with your audiences better than the traditional “government voice” which tend to be more formal and serious

In addition, these content houses may reach audiences who do not otherwise usually tune in to public-sector comms channels and may hence miss messaging that comes directly from WOG agencies. 

But how can you collaborate with content creators to spread the word out about your campaign? Take MSF as a great inspiration. 

By collaborating with content houses like SGAG and MothershipMSF delivered a light-hearted and friendly message to their target audience, raising awareness of the campaign and helping to increase the number of people who tuned in for the concert.

Case Study: MSF’s Facebook Live Concert Campaign 

SGAG and Mothership promoted MSF’s Facebook Live Concert with IG Stories posts.

With the use of interactive features like question stickers and a ‘swipe up’ link, the posts garnered feedback and engagement from their followers, enabling MSF’s campaign to gain a lift in awareness and social media engagement. 

Screenshot of content creators Mothership promotes MSF campaign

Screenshots of the SGAG Instagram stories promoting MSF’s Mother’s Day concert event | Photo credit: @sgagsg Screenshot of content creators Mothership promotes MSF campaign

Screenshots of the Mothership Instagram stories promoting the event | Photo credit: @mothershipsg  

Find the Most Engaging Content House in Your Space 

Other than SGAG and Mothership, there are plenty of content platforms to choose from depending on your goals. The benefits are substantial, but it all comes down to who you collaborate with and the campaign strategy you develop. 

If you are a public organisation wanting to broaden your campaign reach, this is one of the better ways to go.  

Looking to connect with SGAG, Mothership or some other content house for your next campaign? Contact us to get started. 

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