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CleanEnviro Summit 2022: Promoting Sustainability through Strategic Media Campaign

CleanEnviro Summit 2022: Promoting Sustainability through Strategic Media Campaign | Digital 38

A strategically planned and efficiently implemented media campaign can help your event and brand succeed. Find out how the recently concluded CleanEnviro Summit 2022 invited experts and earth-shakers around the world through online channels.   

CleanEnviro Summit 2022 

As one of the world’s largest conference and networking platforms that aims to promote sustainability, hundreds, if not thousands, are expected to attend Singapore’s CleanEnviro Summit. The fifth season of the biennial event took place last April.  

Aside from top experts in conservation, policy-makers, government officials, advocates and industry leaders, CleanEnviro Summit also gathers like-minded individuals from different parts of the world who want join in the cause of living sustainably.

To increase awareness about the event, as well as drum up sign ups and interests, organisers relied on digital strategies such as a media campaign on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.  

They leveraged Facebook and LinkedIn for their target audiences in Singapore, Malaysia, and India, by publishing dynamic ads, and careful, content planning.  

Social Media Marketing: Why My Business Needs It?  

Social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have been deeply embedded in our lives today. An average individual may even have one or more accounts on these platforms. Suffice to say, social media remains relevant not only among audiences but also for brands as well. Their large active userbase, combined with their own marketing solutions and tools, turned social networking sites into bridges that connect brands with consumers.  

With proper execution and management, social media marketing can help you generate more leads, drive more traffic to your website, boost your brand’s overall internet presence, and even improve conversions!  

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