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6 Essential China Digital Marketing Platforms for CNY 2020

6 Essential China Digital Marketing Platforms for CNY 2020

The Lunar New Year might be the most awaited celebration in East Asian countries, especially in China. The main focus of the celebration of Chinese New Year is to bring families together. But other than that, the season also brings many opportunities for brands to make seasonal promotions and a chance to make creative campaigns through China digital marketing.

With the abundant opportunity this season, it’s a must for every brand to know what platform to turn to in order to make a high performing ad and to successfully master Chinese digital marketing this upcoming CNY 2020 celebration. With this, we have come up with a list of must-have China digital marketing platforms you should consider when planning your CNY online marketing strategy.

Place your ads on these platforms and ace the competition in China digital marketing


1.  WeChat

China’s most popular multi-purpose messaging app reported to have more than 1 billion monthly users. It is called the “app for everything” because other than messaging, it’s also used as a social media and a mobile payment app. If you’re an advertiser with a broad spectrum of audiences in mind, WeChat advertising will serve you best for your China digital marketing goals.

2.  Weibo

The most popular social media microblogging platform, which is the equivalent of Twitter and Facebook in China, currently holds 640 million users. Weibo is a platform to discover information and voice opinions on social issues under strict censorship. Like WeChat, this platform has a broad target audience, which is why Weibo marketing is ideal for businesses wanting to promote products and services to a diverse set of people.

3. Baidu

Baidu is a Chinese search engine where users can do web page searches. The search engine also allows users to search for books, maps, images, videos, and more. Baidu advertising will be an added boost to your brand as it has its own pay per click platform, allowing advertisers to have their ad placed on Baidu search results pages and on websites that are part of the Baidu Union.

4. Toutiao

Toutiao, a ByteDance product, is an information recommendation platform that has 120 million daily active users. The platform is powered by machine learning techniques to give its user’s the most relevant content. As the principal focus of Toutiao is content consumption, there won’t be other functions to let users pull away from the content/advertisement in front of them.

5. Douyin

Another Chinese social media platform made by ByteDance is DouYin, with a staggering 20 million daily active users. This platform allows users to create and discover entertaining short videos. Douyin also taps deeper into e-commerce marketing which makes it popular with advertisers as it provides more affordable advertising compared to other platforms.

6. Mafengwo

A Chinese travel social media platform that lets its users exchange travel experiences with each other. This platform is ideal for online marketing campaigns that revolve around the topic of traveling — from hotel bookings to travel document assistance. Any brand can grow in Mafengwo by collaborating with key opinion leaders (KOLs) that tremendously influences users’ travel plans. Mafengwo advertising ensures successful results because users feel a sense of authenticity by knowing other people’s experiences.

Know what’s the best platform for your marketing objectives? Don’t let the opportunity to make your brand grow this Chinese New Year slip out of your hands. Let your ideas come into play!

Branch into the China digital marketing space this CNY with the help of a China digital marketing agency

IH Digital is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore. We are official partners of China digital marketing platforms such as Sina Weibo, Baidu, Mafengwo, WeChat, and ByteDance (Douyin or TikTok). We have helped many Southeast Asian companies ultimately lift their sales with effective online marketing strategies. Know more about our China digital marketing services by getting in touch with us here.

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Schneider Electric Improves B2B Marketing with WeChat App

Schneider Electric Improves B2B Marketing with WeChat App

This Malaysian Household Brand Uses a WeChat App to Enhance its B2B Marketing

With brand trust being one of the key factors in advertising and marketing, how can a global specialist in energy and automation maintain its camaraderie with its business partners? For Schneider Electric, their answer was WeChat, a popular messenger app where businesses can set up an app to better manage B2B communications. 

Seeing Malaysia’s top ranking with the highest social media penetration ranking in the world, the Tencent-owned application WeChat began its global expansion in the country not long ago. This opened a number of opportunities for local businesses to thrive in the digital world, particularly for household brands like Schneider Electric. In their case, they took advantage of this opportunity to enhance the way they deal with their business partners.

As the competition gets tighter in the industry, businesses prefer transparency, reachability, and accessibility which appeals to today’s consumers. This is why Schneider Electric Malaysia, a Fortune Global 500 company, devised a strategy where brands, consumers, and dealers can easily monitor, manage, and automate their operations through a WeChat app. 

Schneider launched a WeChat app to promote seamless B2B marketing experience.

By delving into the world of WeChat, Schneider Electric provides easy access to the following areas using the popular messenger app:

  • Product Catalogue
  • Campaigns
  • Partner’s Program
  • Monthly Sales Figure
  • Hotline

With these being said, dealers and end users alike can seamlessly monitor their progress within a single app.

The household brand developed a WeChat App for its B2B Marketing efforts.

With the help of WeChat, Schneider Electric’s business partners and clients can effortlessly register by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Account button from the menu bar.
  2. Tap on the auto message. This will lead you to the exclusive Schneider Electric program for registered users.
  3. Check your registered email* to receive your 6-digit temporary password.
  4. Fill in the username box with the email used during the registration.
  5. Fill in with the 6-digit temporary password then change it to your preferred password.
  6. Choose your preferred language and continue.

After working your way through these steps, you can now access the landing page where the campaign page, product catalogue and the likes are available.

The household brand also made sure to include benefits through Bonuslink which users can enjoy. Bonuslink acts as a card for rebates and discounts and rewards you with points whenever you use the app.

Create a seamless B2B experience with WeChat! Engage a digital marketing agency now.

IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Asia that provides China digital marketing solutions, including WeChat verification and page management. Our services are customised and simplified for regional businesses whose goal is to promote their brands with a proven WeChat marketing strategy both for B2B and B2C. 

Does your brand need a WeChat app like Schneider’s? Let us help you devise a good marketing plan for your B2B goals. Talk to our Marketing Expert to know more.

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China Digital Marketing: China’s Best Social Media Platforms

China Digital Marketing: best social media platforms in China | Digital Marketing | IH Digital

China Digital Marketing: China’s Best Social Media Platforms

When talking about search engines and social media platforms, most people would think of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. But, did you know that China has its own version of social media apps too? Brands used some of these apps to reach their Chinese target audience. Read further and know the three most-used apps for China digital marketing.


WeChat is a messaging app known for being the Jack-of-all-trades because it has many features that are beneficial to the user. This social app is like a combination of Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, and more. According to Dragon Social, the average daily WeChat users is 619.6 million in September 2018. Brands have a lot of opportunities when marketing on WeChat because it is also used for shopping. Others used the app to buy plane tickets, train tickets, and hotel & restaurant reservations. You can even pay bills, get a taxi, transfer money, or order food using this app.


Weibo is one of the most popular social media platforms in China. It is similar to Twitter where users can post, and talk about anything with a character limit. Weibo users can also post photos, videos, and GIFs. Brands see the opportunity to do China digital marketing using this app because they can easily share information and engage with their audience.


China also has a search engine and a forum in one communication platform called Baidu Tieba. Users can search for information and discuss any topic. Brands can create blogs, forums, or even run banner advertisements.

Photo Courtesy: Sansiri on Baidu | Yazhou Property

Connect with your Chinese Audience through China Digital Marketing

It’s time to escalate your brand’s reach! IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore that offers a variety of marketing services including China Digital Marketing. We provide 360 degrees marketing approach that creates, distributes, and amplifies meaningful contents.

Do you see brand opportunities with China Digital Marketing? Contact us today!

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GSC Movies Launches 360° Digital Marketing Campaign for “Train to Busan”

GSC Movies launches a 360-degree digital marketing campaign in line with the release of South Korea zombie film, “Train to Busan” in Malaysia.

GSC Movies, Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor, geared up in time for the release of the much-awaited zombie movie of the year, “Train to Busan,” by releasing a fully integrated 360-degree digital marketing campaign. This apocalyptic, hair-raising South Korean film premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and is now showing in Malaysia.

By utilizing all their digital channels, from their website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ to WeChat to off-line activations, GSC Movies was able to build hype and engage their fans through fun and creative approach:

Website SEO

[metaslider id=4028]

Facebook Video


“color: #000; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 17px; text-decoration: none; word-wrap: break-word;” href=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ-mYglDZ1Z/” target=”_blank”>长腿欧巴孔侑与国民大叔马东錫演技大比拼,南韩公映首日即获65亿韩元票房的大热巨制《Train to Busan》9月8日即将登录大马! TRAIN TO BUSAN Stars Gong Yoo and Ma Dong-Seok invite you to watch the most awaited disaster thriller of the year! Watch them on a zombie-infested bullet train ride in cinemas on 8 Sept!

A photo posted by GSC Movies (@gscmovies) on

“color: #000; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 17px; text-decoration: none; word-wrap: break-word;” href=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ5jxvHjx8G/” target=”_blank”>5 Zombies Facts that You’re Dying to Know! #Fact 1: Zombies like to bite. Zombies don’t think human is delicious. They bite to spread the virus and for their happiness. [实话实说] 5个有关丧尸的知识科普! #实话1:丧尸喜欢咬人 丧尸并不觉得人类美味,但却十分喜欢咬人。一来是散播病毒,但更多的是…牙痒。

A photo posted by GSC Movies (@gscmovies) on



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WeChat - GSC (1)

How an integrated digital marketing campaign could help your brand

Brands are called to keep up with the constant development of technologies. And with a 360-degree approach to your content marketing strategy, it helps your brand to provide a holistic and consistent experience across your channels.

By taking your product ideas and strategies and turning it into an all-encompassing content, you create an entire customer journey that helps build a lasting and fruitful relationship with your audience.

GSC Movies was able to reach every fan across multiple platforms by developing a content marketing campaign that stiches every moviegoer’s touchpoints on-the-ground and online: from learning about the movie to eventually purchasing the tickets.

Ready to jumpstart your digital marketing campaign?

Start integrating social media marketing seamlessly. IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, provides digital marketing services that help you build audiences for your brand. Contact us today.

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Content Marketing: Meet The Shilla Duty Free Singapore’s New Bears!

Shilla Duty Free Singapore successfully launched “The Adventures of Toby & Tessa”, as part of their creative social media and content marketing campaign.

Shilla Duty Free Singapore successfully launched “The Adventures of Toby & Tessa”, as part of their creative social media and content marketing campaign.The Shilla Duty Free Singapore introduced their newest family members, Toby the traveler and Tessa, the aspiring blogger. The illustrated characters and story, “The Adventures of Toby & Tessa,” is the fruit of a content marketing and digital strategy on social media by The Shilla Duty Free with the help of a digital agency in Singapore.

These characters were created in support of the brand’s in-store gift promotion, where Toby and Tessa plush toys were given away to customers who purchased a minimum amount in The Shilla Duty Free.

Storytelling as a creative content marketing strategy

To pique their fans’ interest before the start of the actual promotion, Toby and Tessa was introduced through an illustrated story of their globetrotting adventures, and utilizing social media to spread their story.

By using The Shilla Duty Free’s Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, and WeChat accounts, fans got to follow the bears’ adventures as new chapters of their adventure were released every week. Each travel experience was made more unique, as blog posts written in Toby and Tessa’s perspective were shared for fans to enjoy.

From travel guides to beauty tips, these blog entries created depth of character, further humanizing Toby and Tessa and making them more relatable and engaging for the audience. With this, it gave fans something to look forward to, both from the story and the brand.

As a result of this digital campaign, the Toby and Tessa plush toys were sold out in just a span of 2 weeks.

Do you have a story to tell?

If you are seeking for a digital agency in Singapore who can develop characters, and craft an effective social media strategy for your campaigns seamlessly, IH Digital provides various digital marketing services that can help you build audiences for your brand. Contact us today.


4 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing for Baidu

shutterstock_323850638Limited Chinese social media access affects online business marketing. Thus, content marketing for Baidu must be optimized for better search results.

Limited Chinese social media access affects online business marketing. Thus, content marketing for Baidu must be optimized for better search results.
Building a content marketing strategy for Chinese audience should be specifically made to fit Chinese social media websites and apps. Social media in China is special in a way that global apps are restricted to enter. In fact, many popular social media websites that are not available in China has a Chinese social media counterpart. For example, the features and function of YouTube is the same as Youku, a video hosting service based in Beijing, China. On the other hand, Baidu is a search engine that is in equivalent to Google.

Though these Chinese social media sites work in the same manner with contemporary websites, content marketing solutions must be tailored for the Chinese population in order for you to increase the reach of your online business.

Baidu is the largest and most successful search engine in China, with a dominating 65% of usage from the Chinese population. Your visibility on this search engine may be seen by 420 million Chinese netizens. Thus, digital marketing in China is pursued by many businesses.

4 Ways to improve content marketing on Baidu

  1. Use Simplified Chinese characters

As much as possible, use simplified Chinese characters when creating your title and meta-title. Baidu prefers this over traditional Chinese characters to sustain easy readability.

  1. Default your domain name to .cn

 Baidu favours websites with top level domain ending in .cn. It is observable that .cn top level domain ranks higher when it comes to search engine results page.

  1. Host your site in China

Unlike Google whose content marketing is not particular with site hosting location, Baidu is specific that they choose websites that are hosted in mainland China & Hong Kong.

  1. Be mindful of content restrictions

It is both a strength and weakness for China’s digital marketing pursuant to produce unique subjects as Baidu strictly prohibits duplicated content. More than that, words that will be used must be meticulously verified to not have other meanings.

China’s online marketing system is as distinct as it could be. Bridge your business to reach the Chinese market. IH Digital is a digital agency in Singapore and is an authorized Baidu reseller, that specializes on content marketing solutions tailored for your Chinese market. Whether it’s China e-commerce, Chinese social media, or Weibo China, we can help you make your brand stand out. Message us now for our expert care.


WeChat Marketing: Leaning Tips to Tap on the Chinese Market

Could WeChat marketing be the next step to take for your business? Here are 3 things to know before starting your China marketing efforts.

Over the years, communication greatly advanced with the help of technology and sending messages have never been this easier. Multiple messaging apps are available for download, making it today’s tool of conversation between billions of people online, particularly in China which has over 700 million internet users. WeChat, the messaging app that is dominating the Chinese market, has continued to show strength in numbers and intuitive innovations, by offering capabilities that other social media platforms do not. Marketers are slowly considering WeChat marketing as one of their content marketing strategies as this could help launch their businesses to new heights.

Could WeChat marketing be the next step to take for your business? Here are 3 things to know before starting your China marketing efforts.

3 things you need to know before starting your WeChat marketing campaign

  • WeChat is the Facebook of China

In the West, Facebook reported billions of active users daily, making it the first social media platform to exceed the billion user mark. With WeChat in China, it’s the same, boasting over 700 million users.

Considered as an all-around-app, this Chinese social media platform has continued to capture the Chinese market because of its innovations. WeChat enables the users to do their everyday conversation and transaction – from paying the bills, manage their bank accounts, order food, buy clothes, and read news – all just inside the app.

  • Quality Content is key

WeChat, originally named Weixin in Chinese, was the brainchild of Tencent back in 2011. They spotted the coming trends of mobile marketing in China and wanted to innovate a smartphone-only messaging app.

Chinese is used as the standard language within the app. Being able to craft a high-quality content in the local language, whether its audio messages, videos, photos, or texts – is crucial if you want to successfully expand your business using WeChat.

  • Start your e-commerce with WeChat

Tencent saw a another business opportunity and wanted to compete with Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba by allowing brands to open WeChat accounts and transact using a payment system. Now, WeChat uses in-store cashless payments, having one-third of WeChat users making regular online purchases directly through the app.

What makes WeChat marketing a viable strategy for China marketing and overall content marketing

WeChat’s move to integrate brands in chat as well as third-party services certainly makes it a viable platform for China marketing. It’s features that are not yet present to ubiquitous messaging apps also creates a possibility for a successful WeChat for business worldwide.

Indeed, WeChat is a major threat to its competitors. An all-in-one platform that clearly changes the course of digital marketing is something that businesses are constantly eyeing.

If you are in search of ways on how to tap the Chinese market, IH Digital, a Digital agency in Singapore, has WeChat marketing services and other digital marketing services that may fit your brand. Contact one of our representatives for more information.


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Social Media Strategy to Gain On and Connect with Chinese Users


The market in China and the Philippines are significantly different in many aspects even for their economies and local industries. In the face of digital revolution, the difference in the digital market between two of these regions can be observed through a quick look of China’s condition. For brands who want to expand their operations in China, it’s important to take into consideration how volatile the Chinese market can be and how Chinese users are as unpredictable.

It’s better to apply your social media strategy to the users on WeChat and Weibo and other social platforms.

Digital Marketing in China

As you all well know, digital marketing scene of China is far more different than most markets throughout the globe. There are no Facebook, no Twitter and even Google inside the vast country. No internet user has the access to these social media and internet platforms because they are prohibited by the government. This injunction gave way for Chinese social media platforms a great head start and eventually grew into massive social networks that span all throughout the land. It’s better to apply your social media strategy to the hundreds of millions of users on WeChat and Weibo and other social platforms.

Social Environment and Culture

For international brands that yearn to get a piece of the Chinese market, they still need to use digital marketing platforms like WeChat. But even with securing an official account with these apps, setting off a campaign will likely spell into disaster without taking into consideration the diverse culture of China. To make it more complicated, some social platforms and mobile apps are not as open as you would expect. Brands cannot just spread their mobile or video marketing content to all the users. Conversations in apps like WeChat happen in private; even Weibo gets some censorship from time to time.

Brands need to work hard into setting a connection to Chinese consumers but remember, in mobile marketing, it doesn’t happen overnight. Businesses have to find a way to establish an intimate connection with the audience and drive them to a one-on-one conversation. It is only then that you can call your video marketing or social media strategy a success. Eventually, you may now use integrated marketing and initiate O2O campaigns to drive in more store traffic.

Key Functions that Chinese Users Prefer to Use

Because of the absence of other social marketing platforms, the Chinese users have their own set of preferred means to connect with brands. Through word of mouth, consumers are spreading messages throughout their network to endorse products and just refer them to other brands. Social media strategy of brands are centered on this fact. Through WeChat, the millions of consumers in China carry out their purchases through mobile. QR codes can become very handy with brands because of its various functions for daily use. It allows a whole new set of means to engage fans.

Indeed, tapping into the large market of China may become hard on brands well-known outside the country. But with our digital agency in the Philippines, IH Digital Philippines, we can guide you into establishing a foothold in the social market through WeChat – the biggest mobile social platform in mainland China. Get to know us more and learn how we can be of service to you by clicking here.

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How Brands Hit a Home Run: A Socia Media Agency in Singapore Feature


If you want your business to engage in a new way of connecting to your customers, WeChat is the perfect platform to test your ideas. Not only can it reach out to people in a wide scale, it can also connect with people in a very intimate manner. IH Digital, a social media agency in Singapore can help you with WeChat marketing and video marketing in China.

IH Digital, a social media agency in Singapore can help you with WeChat marketing in China.

Through WeChat’s unique features that many Chinese users love, we can help you understand how we can utilize these tools to your brand’s success. One of the most popular features that users enjoy on WeChat is QR Code. This allows online and offline worlds to merge through an amazing mixture of online and offline marketing strategies. And there are a lot more ways to try for your online marketing and digital marketing plans. Let’s look at the popular brands that managed to hold well-received campaigns.


Through huge events that promote the brand’s powerful message, backed by a variety of international and local celebrities, Louis Vuitton Series 2 succeeded in raising brand awareness among consumers and ultimately propelling their already established standing among the inundated industry of luxury brands. The successful social media strategy promoted WeChat sharing on people’s social networks and amplified people’s knowledge of their new products, while creating a different kind of virtual experience – this only leads to more people visiting their live event in Beijing.


Now we see here another good example of employing a simple yet powerful marketing communications tool, QR Codes! Consumers and other users were reached by the brand with content marketing tactics to entice them in seeing the exhibition rather than looking at updates online. They also serve visitors a special treat through games. This allowed people to scan different codes and let them answer a variety of questions while being completely immersed in the exhibition.


The brand continues to gain positive recognition throughout China, since launching its WeChat campaign in October 2014. Our social media agency in Singapore managed The Shilla Duty Free Singapore’s WeChat account and made use of WeChat’s features and video marketing to increase the brand’s number of followers. The user categorization enabled the brand to segment and personalize their campaigns towards men and women. WeChat also allowed the launching special offers that were remarkable in engaging the brand’s followers.

Our social media agency in Singapore, IH Digital Singapore, will steer your business’ resources and employ the appropriate mechanisms to propel your brand in the massive Chinese market. Learn more on how we can help your brand and use WeChat and video marketing as tools for social media for business. Contact us here.


Mobile Marketing Success on WeChat

mobile-marketing-singapore-ihdigital (1)

In a short span of 3 years, WeChat has become one of the leading messaging apps by monthly active users, where a large percentage of them are concentrated in China. It’s a free messaging and calling app developed by Chinese company, Tencent. WeChat allows users to easily connect with family and friends across countries through text, video and voice messaging features. As of 2015, Tencent reported that WeChat already has 500 million monthly users, where 60% of users are consisted of businessmen and around 75% of users use WeChat just to follow their favoured brands. It brought changes on the mobile marketing scene, how businesses promote their brands and most importantly the way Chinese customers buy their products and services. But what really makes WeChat a haven for companies looking for better engaging experience for their Chinese customers?

WeChat Community Landscape

WeChat’s largest demographic are young Chinese users who live in urban locations. Internet savvy youth, mostly consisted of millennials, are the biggest driving force of most social media platforms in any country, which makes the perfect opportunity for companies to promote and increase sales in distinct methods. Like most integrated mobile apps, it lets you broadcast messages and share photos to their timelines, but its noteworthy difference lies on how WeChat creates exclusive contact networks for users within its bustling community.

Using WeChat for Business

How does WeChat for business work? While these formed closed groups are fairly limited within its members, with initiation of connections are based on approvals, it can be a ground to have a more straightforward impact to consumers than most platforms. These resulted many prospects to advertise one’s business and engage consumers.

Discover how WeChat changed the mobile marketing landscape in China through engaging, streamlined services.

WeChat has free software development kits and application programming interfaces (APIs) for verified brand accounts, giving the capability to create mini-apps. A more centred and substantial management over their brands are made possible by this feature which makes it really a powerful tool in digital marketing. As a form of mobile marketing, take in mind that the interfaces of the mini apps should be mobile friendly. Service accounts set up their mini apps to further engage their customers. From simple product shout-outs, highly engaging promotion to customer support, you can create different ways you desire for a complete brand experience. Now, it’s been embraced by massive product manufacturers like Nike, luxury fashion houses such as Burberry and even Time magazine!

Taking Advantage of WeChat Features

One of the most effective tools marketers used in WeChat is QR codes. Sharing QR codes to the group of users to direct customers to the nearby outlet centred on the user’s current location. Businesses armed with competent content marketing teams can share quality content to specific group of users while providing them easier access to their stores. To add in some fun in getting the users’ attention through their timelines, most retailers use QR codes to drive their customers to their nearest outlet by posting online promotions like discounts, limited special offers, free trials and giveaways.

Some incorporate membership features that can be based on point system and virtual VIP cards which they use to emphasize sales tactics to notable groups of consumers, a powerful tool for mobile marketing. Campaigns can be run with a unique approach by setting up reward or coupon system. It’s a way to improve how people perceive and interact towards your brand while also increasing the number of users who follow your account.

Sending of messages are sometimes limited for accounts on WeChat and we do know complaints and inquiries for your brand is always inevitable, so a way to reach out with your customers is a vital point. A quick answer to this is through identifying the geolocation of you customers to share them the nearest store they can contact with their concerns.

Another amazing feature brand owners can exploit in WeChat is its feature that allows customers to link their credit cards and bank accounts to their WeChat accounts. Buying from their favorite brands is now a click away for the customers. How you attract them to buy your brand’s products and services lies on how well you planned and managed your brand account and mini-app within WeChat.

We can help you maximise your brand’s potential in the Chinese market through mobile marketing on WeChat! To find out more, drop us a note here and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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Marketing Communications in China Through WeChat


Marketing communication goes more personal

As people choose to be wiser online users, online marketers seek a better marketing communication tactic to get their audience’s attention. To do this, two things evidently become the key essentials: high-quality content and a more personal approach. But to some marketers in Asia, one more challenge gets in the way – marketing products and services to China. Aside from the basic content marketing communication strategy, marketing products to China can be more demanding. This is because you need to consider the applications that are open to and widely used by Chinese online users.

Are you wondering how you can achieve this digital marketing move for your brand?

Fortunately, WeChat can help many marketers solve the social media marketing equation. It is an all-in-one mobile chat application that is definitely widely used in China and many parts of the world. There are several reasons why marketers need to be present on this platform when targeting the Chinese audience. One of them is earning more followers in the Chinese market. For instance, The Shilla Duty Free Singapore has been active on WeChat since October 2014. And today, it continues to gain positive brand recognition in its target market in China. More subscribers continue to follow the brand as WeChat continues to grow in China in terms of number of users.

Marketing communications | digital marketing | content marketing

Read further to learn things you need to know about marketing communication in China through WeChat.

WeChat’s Best China Marketing Features

Create user segment for followers

WeChat has quite an organised group categorisation. Although most social media sites have features of assigning contacts to a particular group, WeChat takes it to a different level. Categories are so organised that you may group your followers according to gender and target that particular category with the right messages. For instance, target women for messages about women’s fashion; and men for men’s fragrances.

More ways to present special offers

Ever thought of engaging your fans through chat application? Well, that is indeed possible with WeChat. Did you know that this mobile chat application allows you create different approaches in presenting your offers and social media campaigns? Digital scratch cards, for instance. Or even e-coupons that is redeemable by your followers. These remarkable marketing communication approaches make your brand more engaging to your WeChat followers.

Marketing communications | digital marketing | content marketing

Reliable and valuable market research

Do you want to witness your social media analytics results soar positively in the China market? As marketers of the modern society, we should always value the things that our target market is most interested in. Through WeChat, you will get a chance to hold a one-to-one conversation with your followers. This is one of the best ways to implement your marketing communication strategy. Moreover, you may also make use of the Poll feature to gather more meaningful information. This move makes your market’s data and information more significant. In this way, targeting can be even more efficient, effective and proper.

Easy payment medium

Chinese consumers are now making WeChat as part of their daily lives by using the payment function of the mobile application. WeChat is able to store in funds and use it to pay cab fees, food and even fashion apparels and accessories. What makes it more interesting is that WeChat is working to integrate the app to offline settings that allows the use of QR codes for payments including payments on vending machines. Wouldn’t it be a great benefit to your brand when payments are made hassle-free through a trusted marketing communications medium? This means more sales can be generated for your business.

Marketing communications | digital marketing | content marketing

Improve content

Shareable content is the key to a successful marketing communication. WeChat allows you to experiment on the type of content you may want to share. Choose from a range of media options to be part of your content, be it polls, custom stickers and images. You can always make your marketing communication content interesting for your viewers to share and consume.

Learn more about WeChat and social media for business. IH Digital can help you push your brand further in the Chinese market through WeChat, Weibo and Baidu.

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Marketing Communications: IH Digital is Now on WeChat


We’re on WeChat!

Starting as a basic mobile chat application, WeChat has now evolved into a powerful marketing communications platform. Today, it is a medium for marketers to effectively interact with their audience, which is becoming increasingly essential for brands’ content marketing efforts these days.

Now, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, has finally joined in the bandwagon. Simply search for IH Digital or quickly scan the QR code below, you’re in to a chat session with us.

Marketing communications | Content marketing | Digital marketing
IH Digital QR Code

WeChat as a Marketing Communications Platform

Establishing IH Digital’s presence on WeChat makes us closer to our audience through a more personal interaction in the digital marketing world. And there are amazingly numerous reasons why your brand should join in too.

Through WeChat, your brand can efficiently offer users exclusive content and access to special offers – a content marketing action that keeps the bond between the brand and its audience. One great feature of this mobile app is the efficient one-to-one interaction with audience that can aid your brand in reaching and communicating better with the users. Although WeChat limits the number of messages that brands can send to their followers, ensuring quality content in one message is more than enough to effectively build brand awareness in your brand’s market.

Moreover, if you want your brand to penetrate Asia’s largest market, WeChat is one of the best mediums to be in. In China, WeChat one of the most used multi-platform mobile application. Aside from sending texts and videos, WeChat users are also able to make mobile payments, browse for online stores, play interactive games, and even book a cab. And believe it or not, it also offers investment funds!

In September 2012, WeChat became open to online marketing. Consenting to the registration of brand accounts was introduced in this mobile app for the purpose of establishing better marketing communications among brands and audience.

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