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Paris is in the air with Bourjois Singapore’s Giveaway!

Content Marketing - Souffle de Velvet Giveaway - Bourjois Singapore

Bourjois Singapore launches another fun giveaway, as part of their content marketing campaign, to promote their new line of Souffle de Velvet shear matte lipsticks.

By simply completing the phrase “_____ is in the air!” and liking and sharing the Bourjois Singapore’s Facebook post, fans will get a chance to win an exclusive ‘Bourjois Maison’ set featured in the video along with 8 gorgeous shades from Souffle de Velvet.

An engaging content marketing strategy

Engaging consumers continues to be a challenge for businesses everywhere, especially if you do not know what to do with your content. This campaign by IH Digital, creatively executed a stop-motion Facebook video to better showcase Bourjois Singapore’s new line of velvet lippies.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook continue to provide means to better engage  and connect with your customers. Facebook Live, for example, lets you broadcast live and interact with your fans in real time and with Instagram’s latest update, you can now switch your account into a business profile, providing new features making it easier for follower to contact you.

These content marketing strategies will definitely give your brand an edge.

Want to learn more what social media marketing strategy will fit your business? IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, provides digital services like online advertising, SEO, website development and many more. Drop us a message.


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Social Media Marketing: It’s a “Family Road Trip” with Honda Malaysia!

Honda Malaysia - Family Road Trip - Social Media Marketing

Honda Malaysia engages in an exciting road trip to bring smiles to families across Malaysia. Scheduled every weekend, the Honda Family Road Trip aims to visit different localities and offer an array of fun and exciting activities while simultaneously promoting the brand. In partnership with a digital marketing agency, Honda launched the Family Road Trip Facebook App and covered the event live, as part of their social media marketing campaign.

This year’s Family Road Trip, Honda travels to 16 locations starting August 2016 – March 2017. A weekend filled with fun-filled activities, like free test drives, an active Kid’s zone, the Jazz Cruise Cafe, airbag replacements, and outdoor cinemas are scheduled for families to enjoy, which can be found inside Honda’s Facebook app. Attendees also get a gift when they post a picture from the event and upload it in the app!

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Honda covered the momentous event with a live video coverage of their Tapak Bazaar Ramadhan at Teluk, Intan location, garnering almost 12,000 views overtime.

Following the huge success of the Live video, Honda Malaysia released a microvideo, highlighting the fun and cool activities of the event, from previous locations.

Social Media Marketing as an effective strategy

Facebook apps and Facebook Live Videos are tried and tested digital marketing strategies for corporate events. These can relay a first-hand experience to users and can successfully establish an unwavering connection between brand and audiences.

IH Digital, a leading digital agency in Singapore, has video production experts that can help you manage and craft digital content specially designed for your brand needs. Contact us today.

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Social Media Marketing: Biore launches new Perfect Cleansing Water line!

Biore introduces new products through social media stop motion video and Facebook wall contest for social media marketing.

The no.1 makeup brand in Japan reveals another product line to address skin care concerns of ladies across Asia! Together with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, Biore introduces the new Perfect Cleansing Water Oil Clear and an improved version of Perfect Cleansing Water, the Perfect Cleansing Water Soften Up as part of their social media marketing campaign.

Consecutive content marketing strategies were used to achieve brand awareness for the makeup remover products. In line with static visual postings, the brand also holds an animated GIF Facebook wall contest and a stop motion video as part of the brand’s content marketing and digital marketing plans.

Microvideos for social media marketing

Many renowned brands attest to the effectiveness of video production for online advertising. Honda Malaysia and Bourjois Singapore’s microvideo would be great examples as both are well received by the fans and are successful in driving media engagement.

Tell your story through videos! Contact IH Digital today and discover what social media marketing strategy is suited for you.

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LANEIGE Singapore – Eugena Bey’s Beauty Tutorial

LANEIGE Singapore introduces its new collection through a tutorial video with beauty blogger, Eugene Bay, as part of its social media marketing campaign.

In the world of beauty, an effective social media marketing strategy often includes skin and makeup tutorial videos with a visually enticing content. Innovative partnership videos are also of great popularity for online marketing nowadays, as bloggers are deemed more influential among the youth than most celebrities.

LANEIGE Singapore took part in this thriving social media trend by incorporating a beauty tutorial video as part of the brand’s digital marketing efforts. LANEIGE sought the help of IH Digital to establish a partnership with Eugena Bey, a renowned beauty blogger in Singapore and to produce a #GetReadyWithMe pre-weekend beauty routine video featuring #LANEIGEXLuckyChouette BB Cushion collection.

The tutorial video also highlighted other LANEIGE skincare and makeup products such as the All day Anti-Pollution Defensor, Water Bank product range, Pure Radiant Shadow and Blush, Edge Drawing Eyeliner and many more.

Plan your social media marketing strategy with IH Digital

Do you think Facebook tutorial videos and live Facebook videos might also work for your brand? IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore can help you plan and produce social media strategies across digital media platforms. We have blogger management and video production experts who can boost the quality of your content to further drive engagement and brand awareness. Learn more about our services here.

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It’s a Whirlwind Romance with Bourjois Singapore’s New Lipsticks!

Bourjois Singapore announces the #ShearMatteness Facebook wall contest through a microvideo, in partnership with a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong.

Bourjois Singapore shares the #SheerMatteness craze with the new Souffle de Velvet lipsticks through a Facebook wall contest as part of their digital marketing campaign. Bourjois, in partnership with IH Digital, announced the wall contest by producing a colorful and whimsical microvideo that showcases the new line of velvet lipsticks. By simply sharing and commenting on the post which is your favorite shade, you’ll get a chance to win one Souflle de Velvet lippy.

Microvideo: An effective social media marketing strategy

Microvideo is a vibrant social media medium as it offers more engagement than a traditional long video. It is short and fast-loading, making it more accessible and easy to watch whether you’re watching in your desktop or mobile. Multiple brands are discovering microvideos as the best social media strategy to engage and interact with their fans. Best example would be The Shilla Duty Free Singapore, where they utilized microvideos to promote and highlight their best-selling beauty products.

It is also a way for brands to share their message by showcasing its aesthetics in a creative and entertaining way, just like Bourjois Singapore’s microvideo.

Start your digital marketing campaign with IH Digital

Start your online marketing journey by discovering how microvideos could help your brand. IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, specializes in content marketing strategies that are tailored to fit your digital needs. Drop us a message now.

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How Honda Malaysia Launched a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

In partnership with a digital marketing agency, Honda Malaysia successfully used Facebook Live as a digital marketing strategy for the #RideTheDream launch.

Honda Malaysia has experienced large successes with its recent Facebook videos. The microvideos released for their Honda Civic #RideTheDream digital marketing campaign gained over 760,000 views overtime and over 11,800 engagement, including likes, shares, and comments. The Facebook Live videos released for the launch of Honda Civic and Honda Accord attained huge numbers as well, amounting to over 150,000 views overtime.

Since Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Live, Honda Malaysia quickly adapted the new feature as one of their digital marketing strategy to launch the all-new Honda Civic as part of their #RideTheDream campaign. With the help of IH Digital, Honda was able to harness the power of live video and well-directed microvideos and communicate their #RideTheDream story, while building a unique and intimate relationship with the audience.

Microvideos: A Creative Twist on Videos

Honda Malaysia chose to pique their fans’ interests, by releasing a series of microvideo teasers of the all-new Honda Civic showing bite-sized contents of its brand new and improved features, like the Earth Dreams Technology engine, Remote Engine Start and Walk Away Auto Lock. With these, Honda was able to share key information graciously but straightforward, without revealing too much before the actual launch:

Facebook Live: Connect, Engage, Inspire

IH Digital executed a well-coordinated content marketing and social media strategy for Honda Malaysia, by choosing to launch the All-New Honda Civic in a live, well-directed Facebook Live video. IH Digital did a comprehensive planning, from developing a creative storyboard and script to producing the video using high-quality production equipment, with the help of the professional API provided by Facebook. The planning process was very efficient as the team was able to execute the campaign within a few days without any hiccups.


  • It garnered 4 thousand views in just the first 30 minutes it was up
  • Garnered 5.5 thousand likes, 1.1 thousand comments, and 1.8 thousand shares, in just 24 hours.

Following the huge success of the Honda Civic Facebook Live video, Honda Malaysia released another successful Facebook Live video announcing the all-new Honda Accord. This was done with the help of IH Digital again.

How Facebook Video can help your digital marketing campaign

Connecting with your customers through Facebook Live helps them to get to know your brand better. It is engaging in nature which allow you to interact and build a relationship with your fans. It also serves as a source for future content and engagement.

In search of a digital marketing agency?

If you are looking to make a digital impact, IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, provides services that are tailored to fit any of your digital needs. From video editing, SEO marketing to social media marketing, IH Digital has an option that fits your brand well. Drop us a message and learn more what digital marketing could do for your brand.

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GSC Movies Launches 360° Digital Marketing Campaign for “Train to Busan”

GSC Movies launches a 360-degree digital marketing campaign in line with the release of South Korea zombie film, “Train to Busan” in Malaysia.

GSC Movies, Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor, geared up in time for the release of the much-awaited zombie movie of the year, “Train to Busan,” by releasing a fully integrated 360-degree digital marketing campaign. This apocalyptic, hair-raising South Korean film premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and is now showing in Malaysia.

By utilizing all their digital channels, from their website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ to WeChat to off-line activations, GSC Movies was able to build hype and engage their fans through fun and creative approach:

Website SEO

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Facebook Video


“color: #000; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 17px; text-decoration: none; word-wrap: break-word;” href=”” target=”_blank”>长腿欧巴孔侑与国民大叔马东錫演技大比拼,南韩公映首日即获65亿韩元票房的大热巨制《Train to Busan》9月8日即将登录大马! TRAIN TO BUSAN Stars Gong Yoo and Ma Dong-Seok invite you to watch the most awaited disaster thriller of the year! Watch them on a zombie-infested bullet train ride in cinemas on 8 Sept!

A photo posted by GSC Movies (@gscmovies) on

“color: #000; font-family: Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 17px; text-decoration: none; word-wrap: break-word;” href=”” target=”_blank”>5 Zombies Facts that You’re Dying to Know! #Fact 1: Zombies like to bite. Zombies don’t think human is delicious. They bite to spread the virus and for their happiness. [实话实说] 5个有关丧尸的知识科普! #实话1:丧尸喜欢咬人 丧尸并不觉得人类美味,但却十分喜欢咬人。一来是散播病毒,但更多的是…牙痒。

A photo posted by GSC Movies (@gscmovies) on



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WeChat - GSC (1)

How an integrated digital marketing campaign could help your brand

Brands are called to keep up with the constant development of technologies. And with a 360-degree approach to your content marketing strategy, it helps your brand to provide a holistic and consistent experience across your channels.

By taking your product ideas and strategies and turning it into an all-encompassing content, you create an entire customer journey that helps build a lasting and fruitful relationship with your audience.

GSC Movies was able to reach every fan across multiple platforms by developing a content marketing campaign that stiches every moviegoer’s touchpoints on-the-ground and online: from learning about the movie to eventually purchasing the tickets.

Ready to jumpstart your digital marketing campaign?

Start integrating social media marketing seamlessly. IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, provides digital marketing services that help you build audiences for your brand. Contact us today.

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Digital Marketing: Sulwhasoo Singapore Campaigns for Holistic Beauty


Sulwhasoo Singapore released a digital marketing campaign in celebration of 50 years in perfecting ginseng research. With the help of a digital agency in Singapore, Sulwhasoo launched the digital campaign, which includes a promotion video, a Facebook app, and a microsite.

Promotion video as an effective content marketing strategy

Sulwhasoo Singapore taps entrepreneurs and full-time moms, Maddy Barber and Amy Cheng, and licensed doctor and YOGA+ founder and instructor, Bianca Pereche-Gamboa, to rally fans and discover what Holistic Beauty means to them through a promotion video. Fans are called to answer by submitting a photo with a caption that best describe what holistic beauty means to them through Sulwhasoo’s Facebook app. Chosen winners will get to win coveted passes to join an exclusive party with Maddy Barber, Amy Cheng and Sulwhasoo Singapore.

Promotion videos like these make it easier for brands to share their content and entice their fans with visual representation of their promotions. And since Facebook launched a number of new features this past months, like their live video feature, it has given brands more creative opportunities to explore and engage their audience.

How a Facebook App could change your digital marketing strategy

Apps are now the rave of many digital marketers. With them, content can now be easily transformed into an engaging game, an informative quiz, or whatever you would would want it to be.

For Sulwhasoo, as part of their celebration of their 50-year milestone in ginseng research, a photo contest app was launched where fans get to submit their photos that best answers “what does Holistic Beauty mean to you?”

The Facebook app serves as a gallery, where all the submissions of the fans can be viewed.

Build a microsite and tell your story

Sulwhasoo also launched, a microsite dedicated to their 50th year celebration, which lists exclusive workshops and beauty classes that encapsulates the essence of total holistic beauty.

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Do you have a story to tell?

As people continue to look for relevant and meaningful online content, brands are called to use creative ways to communicate their messages in order to keep up with other competitor’s content marketing campaigns.

If you are seeking to share your stories through promotion video, apps and websites, IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore has an array of digital marketing services, that includes, internet marketing, online advertising, social media management, and other marketing communications need. Drop us a message to see how we can help you and your business.

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Content Marketing: LANEIGE Singapore Shares Beauty Tutorial Video

LANEIGE Singapore takes their content marketing a whole new level with a tutorial video with their Global Make-Up Artist, Cat Koh

LANEIGE Singaporestepped up their content marketing by sharing makeup tips to get that perfect Summer Babe look. With the help of IH Digital, LANEIGE Singapore produced a makeup tutorial video for their Summer Collection 2016. It also featured LANEIGE Global Makeup Artist, Cat Koh, and her simple tricks on how to get that gorgeous Marine Girl summer look.

The tutorial video highlighted LANEIGE’s Summer Collection 2016 products, which includes Marine Girl Boy Eyeshadow Palette and Sparkling Body Cushion. It also featured some of LANEIGE’s quality products like Two Tone Lip Bar, Cushion Highlighter, and Volume Setting Mascara.

How Video marketing could help your brand’s marketing communications

Video marketing not only elevates your brand’s content marketing. It is also an effective social media strategy that could help drive organic reach and brand awareness. Promotion videos, event videos, live Facebook videos are just some of the examples. This kind of marketing communications strategy will surely have a deep impact on your target audience because of the first-hand experience it showcases. Not to mention, it also strengthens your social media presence and digital marketing.

IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, has helped produced tutorial videos and other kinds of video production. If you’re interested to know more about content marketing and video marketing, contact us by clicking here.

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Video Production: BOH Tea Malaysia Holds Eco Trail Run 2016 Event

BOH Tea Malaysia captures the moments of the Eco Trail Run 2016 through video production, raising buzz and awareness on prevention of forest fires

BOH Tea Malaysia captures the moments of the Eco Trail Run 2016 through video production, raising buzz and awareness on prevention of forest fires

BOH Tea Malaysia perfectly captured this year’s Eco Trail 2016 through video production. This unique 8KM run aims to raise awareness of the importance of peatland preservation and the prevention of forest fires in the KLNFR, helping curb the issues that contribute to haze conditions in the country. Proceeds that were raised by the run were channelled to Global Environment Centre to help fund this environmental effort.

How BOH Tea Malaysia captured the memories through video production

Marathon runs nowadays are not only for the sake of sports anymore, but also to raise awareness and funds for a good cause. BOH Tea Malaysia collaborated with IH Digital and its video production team to cover this year’s Eco Trail 2016 event, which not only gathered BOH Tea lovers, but also nature lovers as well.

This event video captured the essence of the run from start to finish making it an effective way to showcase the brand and its effort to raise awareness for the cause.

Video production is also an effective digital marketing strategy that drives engagement and organic reach which help strengthens a brand’s marketing communications. With these event videos, like the Facebook Live video coverage of LANEIGE Singapore event, you can share information, messages, and memories that could help create buzz and traction in social media which targets a direct audience.

IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, have covered events and produced other content marketing videos. Leave us a message here if you’re interested to learn more about video production and how it can help with your brand.


Honda Malaysia’s #RideTheDream Launch Goes Live on Facebook Video

facebook-video-ih-digital-malaysia-1Honda Malaysia showed an effective content marketing and social media marketing strategy by launching the #RideTheDream campaign in a live Facebook video.

Honda Malaysia rode on the Facebook Live video trend and launched the #RideTheDream campaign, which introduced the all-new civic model. Through the help of IH Digital Malaysia, the sleek and innovative design and outstanding technologies of the10th generation Honda Civic were highlighted in a live, high-quality Facebook video, which was presented by Hansen Lim. The #RideTheDream launch and promotion video aims to give viewers a rundown of the new Honda Civic’s bold styling and new technology features, including Remote Engine Start and Walk Away Auto Lock features, among others.

Sharing live streaming and event videos on Facebook is an effective way to generate organic reach, achieve high engagement rate, and drive deeper brand-consumer marketing communications.

The live Facebook video exhibited Honda Malaysia’s optimal content marketing and social media strategy as the launch garnered 4 thousand views in just 30 minutes, as well acquired 84 thousand unique viewers in 24 hours. In the 24-hour period, the Facebook video garnered 320 thousand reach with 5.5 thousand likes, 1.1 thousand comments, and 1.8 thousand shares. Both brands and digital marketing experts have been favouring the Facebook Live feature as it generates high organic engagement rate making it an ideal choice of social media marketing strategy to introduce and showcase the all-new 10th generation Honda Civic.

IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, has helped cover numerous launching events via Facebook Live. If you’re interested to know more about our Facebook live events, contact us by clicking here.

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Facebook Live: Event Video Coverage of Laneige Beauty Road Show in Singapore

event-video-ih-digital-malaysia-digital-agencyIH Digital did a live Facebook video and event video coverage of Laneige Beauty Road in Singapore, taking the brand’s social media to the next level.

The third stop to the highly anticipated consumer roadshow, Laneige Beauty Road, was held in Singapore on 13 to 19 May 2016. The popular South Korean beauty brand is celebrating the second year anniversary of the global roadshow, which aims to promote K-beauty to the world by traveling to many different countries like Malaysia, China, and Singapore. This year, Laneige Beauty Road’s theme is their hero product, Water Bank, which has a new “moisture refill” formulation for deeper skin nourishment.

Using Facebook video to promote the campaign event

When it comes to promoting a brand through social media and other digital marketing channels, video content marketing has become a game changer. Facebook Live , for instance, has taken marketing communications to a whole new level as it allows you to broadcast product demos, behind-the-scenes live stream, and how-to and event videos directly to your target audience.

A trusted digital agency in Singapore, IH Digital, took part in the Laneige Beauty Road campaign that was held in ION Orchard, and captured the show in a live event video on Facebook. The live event video featured the famous YouTube star, Oon Shu An, interviewing a top South Korean model, Hwang Se-On. The fun-filled Beauty Road show provided a lot of exciting games and prizes for the audience, as well as featured guest stars. Watch another video here.

With video content continually proving to be a big hit in the world of digital marketing, let IH Digital help your brand generate higher organic reach on social media and search platforms through quality videos. We offer YouTube management and video production services in Singapore to help your brand reach its potential through video marketing. Learn more about the services we offer by talking to one of our representatives.