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How to Amplify your Social Media Marketing through Wall Contests

Social Media Marketing - Amplify your campaign through wall contests

Facebook contest is an essential social media marketing strategy to promote your brand. Marketers are keen in using this tool to generate brand loyalty by constantly rewarding fans for their unwavering support. Wall Contests are also effective in driving post engagement and potential audiences to business pages as well.

While there are limitless contest mechanics that anyone can come up with, a few still stand out in capturing audiences’ attention and efforts.

Listed below are five online marketing campaigns created in partnership with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore that deemed to resonate well with social media-savvy audiences.

  1. #MyPerfectPanasonicGift Contest

    Panasonic Asia puts a twist in the traditional “Comment and Win” contest type by incorporating a motion graphic animated GIF to boost their social media marketing campaign.A compelling visual must be considered as top-priority to entice fans to join and increase page traffic.

  1. Men’s Biore Double Scrub Wall Contest

Much like Panasonic, Men’s Biore Malaysia utilized the current GIF trend. Encouraging participants to tag few of their friends is also an effective way to drive viewers to like and follow your business page.

  1. UNIQLO Malaysia 360-degree photo Count and Win Contest

UNIQLO Malaysia immerses their patrons into a different experience through their unique wall contest giveaway. The brand made use of the 360-degree photo feature of Facebook, allowing fans to explore and count gift boxes in their very own shop!

  1. Pigeon Singapore 40k Fans Giveaway

Anniversaries and Fan Reach are some of the perfect moments for you to share something with your fans. Upon reaching 400,000 fans, Pigeon Singapore organizes a wall contest giveaway as a form of thanks and reward.

  1. Merries Malaysia Video Wall Contest

If you are aiming to gain higher view for your videos, turn it into a wall contest. Not to mention, this kind of wall contest does not merely give you views but also a higher reach if you encourage your fans to like and share the video to their friends.

Merries Malaysia  incorporates this specific mechanic to boost their Merries Bunny Story video.

Enhance your social media marketing wall contest with IH Digital

If you are looking forward to launch a wall contest that could jump start your brand, team up with IH Digital. We are a digital agency in Singapore with core competencies in Consultancy and Research, Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Digital Creative and Video Marketing, and Digital Media Planning and Buying. Inquire with us today.

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Creative Short Recipe Videos for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Using Short Recipe Videos to enhance your content

While cooking tutorials aren’t exactly new on the digital marketing department, netizens’ interest towards recipe videos is still sustained till today.

Recipe tutorials in the form of short videos are considered as a widespread digital phenomenon. Marketers and businesses have started to recognize its power and embrace the ease of sharing these fast-loading videos across social media platforms other than YouTube.

One may ask, “What makes recipe videos wildly popular?” The answer lies in considering the common ground of most people: Food. Not to mention, short videos rendered in small amount of time are also “digestible” in nature, suiting people’s fast-paced lives and brief attention span.

Short Recipe Videos as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Those who are aiming to connect with audiences and garner attention towards their brand should be paying close attention to the fast-growing short video trend on social media. Listed below are a few Facebook video recipe tutorials developed by IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore that had people running towards their kitchen in a snap.

In this tutorial video, Panasonic Singapore shares a simple and no-cook recipe using Panasonic’s very own “Veggie Life Crops”. The colourful aesthetic of the video played a huge role in attracting massive numbers of page viewers and audiences.

Short cooking videos can also be a hit. This Roast Turkey with Oriental Toppings Recipe is Panasonic Singapore’s way of promoting and demonstrating the usage of their kitchen appliances to create a savoury and mouth-watering dish for fans to try.

BOH Tea Malaysia’s short videos are successful in giving fans numerous ideas on how to incorporate their newly-released product, BOH Green Tea Latte into different recipes – From the traditional Iced Gem Biscuits and Agar-Agar to the seasonal and classic Jelly Mooncake and Hot Tea.

Start your video production campaign with IH Digital

IH Digital is a 360 digital agency in Singapore with over 100 digital specialists across Asia. We offer a strategic and synchronized approach to create, distribute, and amplify content through various digital platforms. Speak with one of our representatives today.

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Sulwashoo Boutique opens at ION Orchard Singapore!

Social Media Marketing - Sulwhasoo Singapore - ION Orchard opening

Long favoured Korean skincare brand, Sulwashoo, brings holistic beauty to its newly-opened Boutique at ION Orchard Singapore. The grand opening was graced with the presence of much-loved homegrown singer, Kit Chan whose appearance was documented in the Facebook Live video as part of the brand’s digital marketing and social media marketing tactics.

This online advertising live video by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore also gives viewers a sneak peak of this second boutique’s premium quality lounge and wider spa area where guests can enjoy Sulwashoo’s new Spa 2.0 Program.

What makes Facebook Live video an effective social media marketing strategy?

Running live stream videos on your Facebook business page gives you an instant built-in audience. Going Live automatically sends notifications to your audiences and shows up on your fan’s Facebook newsfeed which help you gain great organic reach.

Facebook live video is also deemed successful in establishing an intimate, authentic connection with your social media audience. It is accessible and only requires minimal to no cost on a marketer’s end.

Team up with IH Digital

IH Digital is a well-established digital marketing agency in Singapore which utilizes innovative digital marketing tools to boost your brand’s content across digital platforms. Our video production experts can help your brand voice be heard through videos. Discover more about our services here

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LANEIGE Singapore’s Make-up Tutorial Video featuring Global Makeup Artist, Cat Koh

Social Media Marketing - LANEIGE Singapore - Makeup Tutorial Video

LANEIGE Singapore shares another make-up tutorial Facebook video as part of its social media marketing promotion for “Milky Way Fantasy” Holiday Collection 2016. The makeup demo is led by none other than Cathy Koh, LANEIGE’s resident beauty expert and Global Makeup Artist.

This online marketing campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore is tailored to highlight makeup products within the Milky Way Fantasy Collection. The tutorial made use of LANEIGE’s BB Cushion Whitening, Two Tone Shadow Bar, Two Tone Lip Bar and Pure Radiant Blush. Cathy Koh also gave useful makeup tips and tricks along the beauty tutorial video for ladies to try.

Beauty Tutorial Videos as a social media marketing strategy

The beauty industry has taken off in such a huge way through social media. Video hosting sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pave way for digital marketing experts to broadcast product demos, behind-the-scenes live coverage and corporate videos directly to the brand’s target audiences.

With video being a popular social marketing medium, it is but essential for every brand to communicate values and messages with only well-thought quality content. Let IH Digital, a trusted 360 digital marketing agency in Singapore help you create video production campaign that can reach and standout from the market. Inquire with us today.


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UNIQLO Malaysia celebrates its 6th year anniversary!

Social-Media-Marketing-Uniqlo-Malaysia-Count-and-WinUNIQLO Malaysia releases a Facebook wall contest in a form of a motion graphic, as a social media marketing strategy to celebrate its 6th year anniversary.

UNIQLO Malaysia celebrates its 6 year anniversary by organizing a motion graphic wall contest as part of its social media marketing and digital marketing strategy. This online advertising campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, aims to reward UNIQLO’s social media fans for their unwavering love and support towards the Facebook page as well as the brand.

The wall contest “Arigato Celebration Count and Win” enables fans to win cash vouchers and prizes from UNIQLO itself. Participants will simply have to count the number of UNIQLO logos featured on the animated gif and share the reason why they like UNIQLO clothing while including the hashtag #6yearsofuniqlo.

Microvideos for social media marketing

Microvideos are a vivid and rich medium wildly popular among social media fans. It is known for its short and fast-loading cues – short enough to keep audiences intact and long enough to make a long lasting impression.

Microvideos such as Biore Malaysia’s Miracle Cleansing Water Launch and LOTTE’s Pepero Day video are great examples to showcase the brand substance that could be injected in just a brief span of time through microvideos.

Aiming to utilize microvideos for your upcoming digital campaign? Let IH Digital help you with the production process. Inquire with us today.

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Digital Marketing: Honda BR-V debuts live on Facebook

Digital-Marketing-BR-V-Facebok-Live-1With the help of a digital marketing agency, Honda Malaysia launches its latest model, Honda BR-V, in through a series of Facebook videos and Facebook Live.

Honda Malaysia announces big news to its social media fans – the All New Honda BR-V has finally made its way to Malaysia! BR-V’s arrival was subjected to the brand’s digital marketing and content marketing strategy. Part of which, is a Facebook Live stream video aiming to showcase the model’s first appearance to its fans as well as keep them well-updated with the latest happenings at Honda BR-V’s premiere held at Malaysia Autoshow 2016 last November 10 to 13.

This online advertising campaign by IH Digital, a digital media agency, is also composed of a series of microvideos showcasing its own design features even those apart from its crossover origin, Mobilio MPV.

Facebook Video: An effective digital marketing strategy

Honda Malaysia has long proven the effectiveness of tapping social media fans using Facebook videos. The series of Microvideos launched in time for the announcement of the all-new Honda Civic is a great example with its attained success.

Many marketers continue to choose Facebook Live videos to make their announcements as it can easily spread awareness and encourage fans to engage in real time.

Another great example of this is LANEIGE’s Beauty Roadshow, where the Facebook Live video coverage captured the show and its guests, which featured famous YouTube star, Oon Shu An and South Korean model, Hwang Se-On, among others.

Facebook Live has truly taken digital marketing to a whole new level.

Looking to make your own Facebook Live video?

IH Digital, a digital marketing agency Singapore, has video production experts that could help kickstart your social media marketing campaignContact IH Digital today.

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Digital Marketing: November bonus is on Honda Malaysia!

Digital-Marketing-November-On-Us-Honda-MalaysiaHonda Malaysia releases a social media animated video as a digital marketing and content marketing strategy announcing their November Bonus giveaway.

November bonus is on Honda Malaysia as it releases a new tactical campaign to promote Honda’s year-end holiday rewards. Part of the brand’s digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing strategy is a Facebook animated video which highlights exciting deals and offers such as a year-end bonus, pre-loaded Touch and Go card, and exclusive gifts upon purchase of any featured Honda models and variants.

This video production by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, is also supported by a Facebook and website post to boost the campaign’s online advertising further.

Video production as a digital marketing strategy

Brands are turning to videos to promote their messages across their social media platform. Whether its animated, live, or stop-motion, videos provide a more visual and engaging medium to share your message to your fans.

Plus, it translates to a high number of engagement between fans and your page, in terms of likes, reactions, views, share and comments.

A great example would be Honda’s #RideTheDream digital campaign, where they launched a series of Microvideos in time for the announcement of the all-new Honda Civic, which was launched via an Facebook Live video.

Other successful digital strategic campaigns by Honda Malaysia which gained a significant number of social action from its fans include, Family Road Trip and the Jazz Santai Photo Contest”.

You too can launch successful digital marketing campaigns like Honda Malaysia! Contact IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, to know how.

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Digital Marketing: LANEIGE Malaysia launches a successful sampling app

Digital Marketing - LANEIGE Timeless Beauty - Facebook App

LANEIGE Malaysia launches a Facebook sampling app called “24H Timeless Beauty” as part of their brand’s digital marketing campaign to promote its newly launched anti-aging products for day and night. The Facebook app highlights the new LANEIGE Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, Face-fit Roller (sold separately), and the BB Cushion Anti-Aging. Together, these products improve skin elasticity, provide better coverage and combat aging, giving you that ultimate Face-Fit effect for a more youthful-looking look.

[metaslider id=4491]

The three products come together hand-in-hand as an effective anti-aging prevention, that can be used as a beauty regime from day to night. LANEIGE highlighted this by using an animated GIF background to give emphasis to the products’ day and night time use.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, LANEIGE Malaysia launches a Facebook sampling app to promote it's newly launched anti-aging products.

Facebook Apps: From online to first-hand experience

IH Digital executed a well-executed content marketing and social media strategy by developing this Facebook App. This way, it provides fans a holistic and unique experience, from registering on the app to actually claiming the product, giving them a first-hand experience of the newly launched products. This method of distributing samples distinguishes LANEIGE Malaysia from the rest.

Creative and unique content a digital marketing strategy

Facebook Apps, Animated GIFs, Facebook Live videos, are great examples of creative ways to better engage with your target audience. If you’re looking to start your own digital marketing campaign, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, provides services that ranges from video production, website development,to social media marketing and online advertising. Drop us a message and learn more on how we can help you.


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Digital Marketing: It’s #LunchTimeWithPanasonic with this recipe video!

Digital Marketing - Lunch Time with Panasonic - Facebook Video

Panasonic Singapore upsurges fans’ hungry appetites with the release of #LunchTimeWithPanasonic, a Facebook video recipe showcasing Panasonic and its quality appliances. This video, produced by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, features a cooking demo of Mee Rebus (boiled noodles), a noodle dish that is popular among Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The preparation for the dish is quite laborious, giving Panasonic the opportunity to highlight the efficiency of preparing the dish using its products. The technology featured in the video are the Panasonic inverter microwave oven and Panasonic rice cooker.

Video production for digital marketing

Videography is a richer, more nuanced medium that can successfully immerse audiences into your brand’s personal story. Aside from engaging and piquing audiences’ interest, it can also fuel the reach of your content marketing to drive more patrons for your brand. LANEIGE, for example. By tapping social influencers to create a unique tutorial video, they shared a unique experience that their fans can relate to and try for themselves.

If you are looking for video production experts that can execute your brand’s story well, IH Digital is more than willing to help. Digital services ranging from website development, social media marketing, and online advertising, IH Digital caters to your needs that best suites your brand. Contact us for more info.

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Social Media Marketing: Hop on to Westway’s Free Shuttle Service!

Social Media Marketing - WestWay Singapore - Animated GIF

Westway Singapore broadens its appeal among food lovers by providing a free shuttle service promoted as a social media motion graphic GIF. The animated GIF also doubles as a Facebook wall contest as part of the brand’s online advertising and social media marketing strategy.

By simply completing the statement “Westway’s FREE shuttle service travels on two different routes and picks you up from ____ stops each time!”, participants will stand a chance to win a $5 Nanyang Old Coffee voucher.

Animated GIFs as a social media marketing strategy

With the help of a digital marketing agency, Westway Singapore launches a GIF to promote their free shuttle services as a social media marketing campaign.

This campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, used animated GIFs as a social media marketing strategy to promote Westway’s free shuttle service. GIF is a popular and trendy way to capture audiences and has to proven to attract a huge number of engagement and activity from fans.

To know more about digital marketing and what it can possibly contribute to your brand, contact IH Digital today.

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Social Media Marketing: Come and celebrate Pepero Day with LOTTE!

Social Media Marketing - LOTTE - Happy Pepero Day

LOTTE Confectionery S.E.A encourages fans to celebrate the special day of Pepero, a long-time favourite treat, through a social media Facebook video, as part of their social media marketing campaign.

The Facebook video aims to highlight the origin of Pepero Day, a story of two students exchanging Pepero in hopes of becoming taller and thinner (resembling Pepero). At present, the gesture extended to be a day where people exchange Peperos to show affection for their friends as well as loved ones. Pepero Day is said to be first celebrated on November 11 in South Korea like Valentine’s Day.

Apart from Facebook video, this online advertising and social media marketing campaign by IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore is also accompanied by a Facebook event to call out the grand celebration that will happen from November 5 at Bugis+ Atrium Level 2 until November 11 itself. The entire week will be filled with lots of Korean food, snacks, beverages and all things to be shared.

Looking to start your own social media marketing campaign?

Facebook videos are starting to gain traction as it continues to show great results in terms of the number of fan engagements and feedback. LANEIGE Singapore, for example, tapped bloggers to help create a tutorial video to promote their new line of make-up.

Does your brand have something to celebrate? Let IH Digital help you plan an ingenious social media marketing strategy. Inquire with us today.

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Panasonic Singapore introduces “Prime Fresh Freezing” through Facebook Video

Content-Marketing-Prime-Fresh-Panasonic-SingaporeWith the help of a digital marketing agency, Panasonic Singapore launches a Facebook Video as a content marketing strategy for Prime Fresh Freezing.

Taking time preparing and deforsting your favorite ingredients? Are you sure they come out as fresh as the time you bought them? Panasonic Singapore introduces its new, cutting edge refrigerator technology in a Facebook video, maintaining a strong social media presence by continuously integrating Facebook videos into their content marketing campaigns.

The video features Panasonic’s “Prime Fresh freezing” feature that lightly freezes food at approximately -3°C (temperature zone between chilling and freezing). This technology help keep your food fresh and tasty, making it easier for your to prepare and cook your favorite meals. No more problem thawing frozen food!

Is Facebook video the right content marketing strategy?

This video production by IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, demonstrates how quickly and easily food stored in Prime Fresh can be prepared compared to other refrigerator brands.

Many brands nowadays choose Facebook video as a way to announce news, events, and other interesting updates about their businesses. It continues to provide a higher number of audience engagement compared to other content marketing strategies.

If you are going after a digital savvy audience like Panasonic Singapore, IH Digital can help you create social media marketing strategies across digital platforms tailored to fit your brand. Inquire with us today.