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Social Media Marketing: Start Planning for Festive Recipe Tutorials

social-media-marketing-festive-recipe-videosFestive recipe video can be both a product video and a seasonal greeting. Take a look at how our clients used it in their social media marketing campaigns.

Festivals come and go in a blink of an eye. It is very easy for social media users to miss out on your digital marketing campaigns as the competition is so stiff and the time frame is so short. By now, you should know that the use of social videos is a popular social media marketing technique as they allow your content to become viral overnight. Recipe videos are wildly popular these days. With a massive number of the social media users aspiring to be the next “Master Chef”, recipe videos are proven to be a great hit with massive engagement rates and video views.

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to put your thinking caps on. Injecting the festive spirit into your social media marketing strategy is of paramount importance if you intend to connect with your target audience. Perhaps, you can consider producing a Christmas-themed cooking video for the upcoming holiday. Besides serving as a seasonal greeting, the video also serves as a product video for your brand to promote its products.

Festive Recipe Videos as a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Listed below are some video productions developed by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, for Mid-Autumn Festival and Halloween.

In this tutorial video, Panasonic Singapore shares a Mini Lotus Mooncake recipe. The condensed cooking tutorial allows users to see the entire process of making this delicious Mid-Autumn Festival snack in less than two minutes. Panasonic also took the opportunity to showcase the use of their electrical products in this video production. The social video went viral, reaching over 144k views, and it is successful in engaging their social media audience.

Naturel Singapore also shared a Snowskin Mooncake recipe as part of their social media marketing campaign for Mid-Autumn Festival. Other than being a seasonal greeting, the social video also serves as a product video for Naturel’s products – Naturel Pure Olive Oil and Naturel Grapeseed Oil Spray.

Following the success of the previous video productions, Naturel Singapore released another recipe video for Halloween. This short recipe video demonstrated the entire process of making the Spookie Cookies using their Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Plan your video production campaign with IH Digital

Consider working with IH Digital to produce a Christmas-themed cooking video for the upcoming holiday! IH Digital is a digital agency in Singapore with over 100 digital specialists across Asia. If you feel that video production is not suitable for your brand, we are able to propose the perfect social media marketing strategy that will work for you as well. Speak to one of our digital marketers here.

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Cooking Videos: The Recipe to Effective Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketing-recipe-videos-kenwood-naturelCooking videos have high engagement and views, proving their effectiveness in Kenwood Hong Kong's and Naturel Singapore's social media marketing campaigns. Here is a snippet of the Fruit Custard Tarts recipe video released by Kenwood.

As the famous proverb goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, there is no surprise that cooking videos are the recipe to effective social media marketing, especially for food and household products. With a majority of the social media audience aspiring to be a “Master Chef”, recipe videos are proven to be a great hit with massive engagement rates and video views.

Cooking videos, in the form of short social videos, are considered as a widespread digital marketing phenomenon today. Similar to the product placements in movies and TV dramas, cooking videos allow marketers to introduce their food-related and household products subtly to the audience. On top of that, these short social videos are also “digestible”, suiting people’s fast-paced lives and brief attention span.

Short Recipe Videos as a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Listed below are some of the recipe videos produced by IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore that went viral among social media users.

Kenwood Hong Kong – Fruit Custard Tart Recipe

In this social video, Kenwood Hong Kong shares a simple recipe on making fruit custard tarts using Kenwood’s products. The colourful aesthetic of the video and the presence of the famous guest star, Pak, played a huge role in attracting massive numbers of page viewers and reactions.

Kenwood Hong Kong – Blueberry Cheesecake Dessert Cup

Likewise, Kenwood introduces its products via this recipe video, showing the social media audience how to make a Blueberry Cheesecake Dessert Cup. The tutorial allows users to see the entire process of making this delicious snack in less than four minutes. With a huge number of likes and shares by the social media fans, it proves that recipe videos are effective for social media marketing campaigns.

Naturel Singapore – Squid Ink Pasta

Naturel Singapore’s ( short social videos are successful in giving fans numerous ideas on how to incorporate their products. In this cooking video, Natural shares the recipe for Squid Ink Pasta using two of their most popular products – Naturel Organic Spaghetti and Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray.

Naturel Singapore – Fish Fillet Recipe

Naturel Singapore has also provided fans another idea on how to use their Reduced Fat Spread Margarine. This short recipe video demonstrated the entire process of making Fish Fillet in one minute.

Work with IH Digital for your video production

With 4 billion daily video views on Facebook, it is important to focus on your video marketing efforts as part of your overall social media marketing strategy. Planning your video marketing strategy by understanding the different types of social videos that can help your brand. Our digital marketing agency specializes in coming up with effective social media marketing strategies that are tailored to fit your digital marketing campaigns. Drop us a message now. 

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Video Marketing: #ShopandDineatNEX to celebrate Singapore’s National Day!

video-marketing-stopmotion-nex-singaporeNEX produced a stop motion video, as part of the video marketing effort that goes with their Facebook wall contest, to celebrate Singapore's National Day.

NEX Singapore joined in the Singapore’s National Day celebratory hype with a Facebook wall contest and a Stop Motion video as part of their social media marketing and video marketing efforts. NEX Singapore, in partnership with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, announced the wall contest by producing a whimsical social video that teases a secret recipe for making the renowned local cuisine, Teochew Png Kueh.

However, there is a plot twist in this stop motion video! This video is not teaching the audience how to make the dish, Teochew Png Kueh, unlike the usual recipe videos produced by IH Digital during the Chinese New Year festive season. NEX Singapore is showing the audience how to walk away with their exclusive Png Kueh cushion. The secret recipe to this “delicious” treat is to shop and dine at NEX! This video marketing tactic – use of plot twists and fanciful props – resonated well with their digital media fans, reaching over 22,000 views in a week.

NEX Singapore also took the chance to engage their social media fans by holding a Facebook wall contest. By simply sharing which are their favourite stores to shop and dine in at NEX, fans will stand a chance by winning $60 worth of Cotton On gift cards. Start commenting and tagging your friends in this post now!

Coming up with an effective video marketing strategy

With 4 billion daily video views on Facebook, it is an open secret that you will need to focus on your video marketing efforts as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. With more brands starting to use social videos as part of their social media marketing efforts, how do you get an elusive edge over your competitors?

Start your video marketing journey by discovering the different types of social videos that can help your brand. With our vast experience in video marketing in Singapore, our digital marketing agency specializes in coming up with effective video production strategies that are tailored to fit your digital needs. Drop us a message now.

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Social Media Marketing: How brands celebrate National Day!


On 9th August, marks Singapore’s 52nd birthday and it was celebrated nationwide. The patriotic spirit was felt all over Singapore, from hearing the national day songs on replay to seeing national flags being hung by every household and of course to spotting Singaporeans on streets all dressed in red and white. The festive season is always a good time for marketing, especially social media marketing, as it is able to capture audience attention effectively.

On this national day, we witnessed how brands were actively involved in social media marketing. Many brands fought to carry out enticing digital marketing campaigns on social media to engage their supporters and to promote their brand.

Read below and learn how brands inject the festive spirit into their digital marketing campaign in this national day.


Panasonic Singapore celebrated national day in a fresh and exciting way on social media. In collaboration with a social media agency in Singapore, IH Digital, an interesting national day GIF was created for their Facebook page. The GIF created was not just any ordinary GIF, it was made into a puzzle and the order was jumble up with a hidden message behind it. This unusual way of social media marketing is able to arouse the audiences’ curiosity and capture their attention readily. Audience would have to unravel the puzzle, figure out the hidden message, take a screenshot, write a birthday message for Singapore and share it. This new content marketing strategy is interactive and engaging; it is able to bring forth the fun element and excites the audience.


Filial Piety


To celebrate the nation’s birthday, Filial Piety Singapore gave out $30 worth of Westgate dinning vouchers to 10 lucky winners. Filial Piety engaged their supporters through an interactive GIF and Facebook contest. An appealing GIF was created for their national day Facebook contest. To take part, all supporters would just have to simply watch the GIF, count the number of firework that lighted up Singapore Skyline and share how they are going to spend this holiday with their family on the Facebook post. Just by doing so, supporters would stand a chance of winning the food vouchers. This way of social media marketing is able to engage supporters effectively and to promote the brand.


IH Digital

IH Digital, a social media agency in Singapore designed a National Day GIF on their Facebook page to greet their audience. The heart-warming message embraces and greets their audience. This social media marketing method welcomes supporters and boosts their brand name.


Advantages of using GIF in Social Media Marketing

  1. Fast loading time

GIFs have relatively small working file sizes compare to other file formats. This means when you upload a GIF file on your page, it can be loaded quickly in good quality. It enables users to surf your page at ease.

  1. Convey message better

GIFs are usually eye-catching and it stands out from the rest. By using GIFs, your brand message can be better expressed as GIF shows movement and emotions that a normal image cannot show. The appealing animation of the GIFs can attract a large audience size for your brand. It can also be made interactive to engage your supporters further.

If you are interested in creating a new, refreshing and engaging digital campaign for your brand, IH Digital, a trusted social media agency in Singapore is able to help you out! Whether it is GIFs, motion graphic or social media marketing, IH Digital is able to cater to your business needs. Inquire with us today to find out more here!



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Digital Marketing: Facebook Live for Honda Malaysia’s CR-V Launch

digital-marketing-Honda-Malaysia-CRV (1040x490)Honda Malaysia streamed a Facebook Live video as part of their digital marketing campaign to promote the all-new Honda CR-V.

Honda Malaysia streamed a Facebook Live video to showcase their all-new Honda CR-V model and its features to their social media fans online. This social video is part of the brand’s digital marketing campaign to promote the launch of the latest Honda CR-V.

From forward-collision deterrence to driver cruising aid, this Facebook Live video managed to encapsulate the new exclusive features of the CR-V model within a mere 5 minutes. With strong visuals and concise explanations, the social media audience is better able to understand the mechanisms behind the new and improved CR-V model and why this car model reigns as the undisputed leader on the roads.

This social media marketing campaign executed by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, has reached out to 369,000 online viewers. The social video is very well-received among social media fans with over 1,000 shares and 7,000 likes.

Aside from the Facebook Live streaming, this digital marketing strategy also comprises of two more product videos. These social media videos help to drive the hype surrounding the All-new Honda CR-V. The interviews with local car experts add credibility to the quality of the Honda SENSING features. These videos differentiate Honda CR-V from the rest and legitimise its status as the undisputed leader on the roads.

Optimising your digital marketing campaign through Facebook Live & other Social Media Videos

Video Marketing is widely used in digital marketing in Singapore. The beauty of video marketing lies in the ability to convey brand messages effectively in a succinct and engaging manner. You can share about 1.8 million words in one minute of video.

Facebook Live Streaming is a digital tool that is widely utilised by marketers today. This digital marketing tactic is truly unique as it establishes a connection between the brand and its followers in real time.

Social videos are digitised videos, designed to be seen and shared through social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This is a great opportunity for you to increase video views, social engagement and of course, your social media fan base.

Make use of videos for your next social media marketing campaign! Let us help you with the planning and execution of your video production. Talk to one of our digital marketing specialists today.

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Social Media Marketing: Twinning and Uniqlo celebrates Hari Raya

hari raya

Hari Raya is a festival celebrated across the country, not only by its people, but also celebrated by brands and marketers in all industries. In this festive season, we witnessed how brands were involved actively in social media marketing. It is definitely a good period for brands to carry out their digital marketing campaign on social media if they intend to promote their brand and engage supporters.

Facebook engagement is one of the most effective forms of social media marketing. Be it setting up a Facebook contest, eye-catching GIF or an interactive production, it is all able to capture audience’s attention and bring forth the brand’s message easily.

Read below to learn how two brands celebrate this festive season with their supporters while promoting their business through Facebook engagement.


Twinings Malaysia

To embrace this season of Hari Raya, Twinings gave out 25 tea gift sets to 25 lucky participants. Twinings Malaysia engaged their supporters through a Facebook contest. With the help of an online marketing agency in Singapore, a hearty and refreshing GIF greeting was created for the season to attract more audience. All supporters who wish to participate would just have to simply comment what is their favorite tea and why they want to win it and they would stand a chance of winning. This way of social media marketing is able to excite supporters and reward them with their unwavering support.


UNIQLO Malaysia

UNIQLO Malaysia celebrates Hari Raya in an interesting and interactive way on social media. They posted a 360 Image on their Facebook. 360 Image is a type of photograph that allows users to view the scene from all angles: top, low, side and back angles. Raya packets were stuck around the walls in the image and supporters would have to rotate the image and count the number of Raya packets present. This interactive way of social media marketing adds value to the Facebook contest. Participants who answered correctly can walk away with UNIQLO vouchers and get their Raya outfit ready!


Social Media Marketing with IH Digital

If you are interested in creating new, refreshing and engaging digital campaign for your brand, IH Digital, a trusted online marketing agency in Singapore is able to help you out! Whether it is video production or social media marketing, IH Digital is able to cater to your business needs. Inquire with us today and find out more here!






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Digital Marketing: Win a Tokyo Trip from Liese Malaysia by posting a Boomerang on Instagram

Digital-marketing-liese-tokyo-stopmotion3_1040x490Liese Malaysia release a video production of stop motion video as a part of their digital marketing campaign to engage more audience

Liese Malaysia left a positive impression on their audience in their recent digital marketing campaign. They initiated an Instagram Boomerang contest for their supportive followers to bring forth the “Liese girl’ in them and they might stand a chance to win a visit to Toyko, Japan. This online marketing strategy integrates Instagram Contest and a video production of stop motion produced by IH Digital Singapore, a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

Liese Malaysia is offering a 4Days –3Nights visit to Tokyo, Japan in November this year. To win this contest, all participants would just have to simply follow the steps in the stop motion video, and upload a boomerang to Instagram showing their “Liese Girl” self and explaining their reason to win, include hashtags #LieseTrip2017 #WeLoveLiese and tags @LieseMY @WatsonMY. Liese have extended consolation prizes to 10 other participants. This type of digital marketing excites and captures supporters’ attention and brings about more anticipation and engagement with the supporters.


Stop Motion in Digital Marketing

Stop motion video is increasingly popular in social media as it is fun, different, engaging and most importantly, it is able to leave a lasting impression on audience. It is a good social media marketing technique that breaks away from traditional video production and brings pictures into life. [Stop motion is an animation technique that manipulates objects and capture images as it appears to be moving on its own.]


If you are interested in exploring stop motion videos as a part of your digital marketing strategy, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, is able to help you by catering to your brand’s needs. Whether it is video production, online marketing, or social media marketing, IH Digital provides services that fit your needs. Drop us a message here if you are interested to know more!

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Digital Marketing: Boost your confidence with Bourjois!


For the past years, we have seen how brands have engaged their online audiences through digital marketing. But the one online marketing strategy that proved to be effective in engaging the online community is video content.

According to a study, video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US by 2019. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have provided the platform and tools for users to consume visual content, making it the preferred online marketing strategy of brands to target their customers.

Bourjois Singapore is keeping up with the trend by releasing a stop-motion video as part of their digital marketing campaign to promote their Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation and Rouge Edition Velvet lippies, a perfect combination to make you feel more confident and glowing.

The Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation has vitamin infused formula to adding 70% radiance to your skin making it smooth and hydrated. Pair it with the Rouge Edition Velvet on your lips, leaving a fine, matte coat to finish your look.

Video content as a digital marketing strategy

With consumers opting to engage brands with dynamic content, marketers are more willing to explore video production as an online marketing strategy to tap their markets. Brands like Honda Malaysia, Goldheart Jewelry, and Panasonic have already adopted this strategy and are continuing to come up with creative ways on how to engage with their online audience.

Marketers now have an understanding on how each social media platform is optimized for video content and anticipate what their audience prefer. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now have live video features making it easier for brands to interact with their fans in real time. Video content also yields more engagement and higher click-through rates compared to traditional ads.

Want to learn what kind of video content is right for you?

IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, specializes in social media marketing, video production, search marketing, and other digital marketing services. Contact us now to know which strategy will work best for your brand.


Online Marketing: Be on the Go with Kao Laurier to #ConfirmConquer!


Kao Laurier Malaysia has been very aggressive with their online marketing efforts. Featuring the Malaysian doyennes of car racing and pop music, Leona Chin and Najwa Latif respectively, Kao Laurier conveyed their brand message with clarity in their previous content marketing videos. With Kao Laurier providing ladies with the support and protection they need during their red days, you can be assured that you will #confirmconquer and be on the go!

In the latest run of their digital marketing campaign, Kao Laurier is on the go in reaching out to their fans all over Malaysia. Hitting the road on their roving truck, fans get a chance to win free gifts and take part in exciting activities in their pursuit of being a Laurier Go Girl. Working with IH Digital, an online marketing agency, there was a video produced to explain how to take part in their marketing contest.

Besides producing a video, Kao Laurier released an interactive microsite with IH Digital’s help. Adding an animated element gives the microsite a personalised touch. By swiping left, you can control how the illustrated roving truck moves across the landscape and makes stops at different places. This representation is probably the most aesthetically pleasing and fun!

Other than being a visual, the animated microsite is quintessential to their whole content marketing strategy. It is the one-stop platform for the whole online marketing campaign. The microsite allows fans to check out the truck’s destinations and to find out more about the contest. On top of that, it is the platform for participants to upload their selfies taken. By sharing the posts with their friends, their chances of winning increases if their friends join in the fun. Just remember to hashtag #ConfirmConquer and include “I’m a Laurier Go Girl. Be like me!” in the captions. The winner and her friends will stand to win an all-expenses-paid trip worth RM15,000 to their dream destination.

Planning for an engaging Online Marketing Campaign

Offline and online marketing are complementary to each other. Not convinced? Look at how we helped Kiss92’s Dreams Set Sail. Let IH Digital help you to integrate both mediums in the execution of your marketing campaign. Inquire with us today.

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Digital Marketing: 5 Video Marketing Trends to look out for in 2017

Female vlogger recording video at homeFemale vlogger recording video at home. Close-up of camera screen with young blogger face picture. Fashion, beauty, technology concept

Video marketing involves the use of social videos for digital marketing purposes. Social videos are digitised videos, designed to be seen and shared through social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Just imagine how much you can share with your audience using a minute-long video. You can share about 1.8 million words in that short video. On top of that, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos on their social media platforms. I guess with that in mind, you would not be surprised if Facebook announced that there are about 4 Billion Video Views per day on its social platform. There is no denying that video marketing must be a part of your digital marketing strategy in 2017.

Here comes the question that all business owners are thinking of. How do I make my video start out?

Let us look at 5 video marketing trends for 2017.

  1. Facebook Live
    The raging popularity of Live videos in 2017 is a force to be reckoned with. Brands and marketers alike are embracing this real-time platform as a digital marketing strategy. This video marketing tactic is truly unique as it establishes a connection between the brand and its followers in real time.

    Sulwhasoo Singapore – Grand Opening @ ION Orchard

  2. Interviews
    Interview videos have been around for a long time. They are effective for sharing the brand story and history. This story-telling captivates the audience and the essence of the story can be shared effectively.

    Honda Malaysia – Atsushi Arisaka, Chief Engineer of Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd,

    Kao Laurier Malaysia – #LaurierGoGirl with Girl Drifter Leona Chin

  3. Tutorials
    Beauty Makeup Tutorials and Cooking Tutorials are two popular types of video tutorials online. Not only are you showcasing your products, you are also engaging the audience and sharing with them how to use the products.

    Panasonic Singapore – Rainbow Vegetable Sushi Roll

    Laneige Singapore – Eugena Bey’s Beauty Tutorial

  4. Animations
    Animations allow you to present content in a fun and dynamic way. Animated videos tend to be simple, insightful and typically appeal to everyone. Animated characters are fictional and people love the imaginative and creative elements in video animation.

    MSF Filial Piety – Dinner Time

  5. Stop Motion
    Stop motion video involves the stitching of multiple photographs, providing an illusion of motion. In doing so, the products come to life by moving around on its own. Can you imagine the work that is behind this video?

    LOTTE Confectionery S.E.A – Valentine’s Day Celebration

Start planning your Video Marketing Strategy!

After looking at the different video marketing trends for 2017, think about which video editing style you would adopt for your video production today! Let us help you with the planning and execution of your video production. With our digital marketing agency’s vast experience in producing social videos, we will expand your outreach and increase your fan engagement on social media platforms.

Discover other digital marketing strategies by IH Digital that might work for your brand! Speak to one of our representative here.

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Social Media Marketing: Goldheart Jewelry gives away with style!


Classy and sassy, that’s what a happy woman has to be. That is the brand message that Goldheart Jewelry adopted for their latest social media marketing campaign. Of course, it is undeniable that their digital marketing strategy was classy and sassy as well. Working with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, Goldheart Jewelry used both a stop motion video and an animated GIF to give away the latest MODE Gold Sassy It Bag pendant to their social media fans with style.

In this stop motion video, Goldheart Jewelry showcases the different designs of the pendants in an engaging manner.

With the pendants seen moving around on its own, this video managed to bring the products to life. This motion graphic technique involves stitching of multiple photographs to create an illusion of motion. Can you imagine the work that is behind this video?

Goldheart Jewelry uses an animated GIF for its “Pause, Screenshot & Comment” giveaway contest.

The social media fans will have to stop the animation at their desired design, take a screenshot and share it in order to win a MODE Gold Sassy It Bag pendant. On top of acting as an attractive visual, the animated GIF serves as the wall contest tool too.

With the use of two different types of visuals, Goldheart Jewelry managed to execute their social media marketing campaign in a classy and sassy manner, just like how they imagined their happy customers to be.

Use of Stop Motions and Animations in Social Media Marketing

Motion Graphics and animations bring your products to life in a brief span of time. They are effective in sustaining your audience’s attention and conveying your brand message. They are social content that are sharable through social media platforms like Facebook, making your content viral and giving you a higher audience reach. The best part is they are versatile! From being a visual to being a contest tool, motion graphics and animations can be them all. Start exploring how you can use them effectively in your social media marketing efforts today.

If you are looking forward to explore more social media marketing strategies, let IH Digital help you execute your campaign with the style you want. Inquire with us today.


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Digital Marketing Update: Seeing more Ads Between Instagram Stories


Good news for all the digital marketers! Instagram is back with another update. Following the introduction of Instagram’s Stories and Live Stories, there is no doubt that the updates were a huge hit among its social media fans. Capitalising on its success, Instagram has opened up digital marketing opportunities for advertisers.

Instagram is introducing more Ads breaks between the stories, which are viewed in a continuous stream. The digital media advertisements will last for a duration of five seconds to fifteen seconds. Both static images and videos can be used in the Ads. The message will be labelled as “sponsored”, allowing the social media users to differentiate Ads from user-generated content. This move by Instagram was tried and tested first with a few selected partners and they have seen great results. With another platform for marketers to promote their brands and products, there will be an immense boost to their social media marketing campaign.

Why are Stories so Popular among Social Media Users?

Whichever platform, whether it’s Instagram or Snapchat or even Whatsapp, Stories are making a phenomenal change on the digital marketing industry. Social media users are seeking to view and post authentic, yet temporary, content.

Nothing is more interesting than finding out how your beloved celebrities are like and what they are doing at the moment. On top of that, you and your friends can also share what you are experiencing at that moment. The photos and videos will expire after 24 hours and you do not have to worry about overposting and flooding your followers’ newsfeed.

Exploring opportunities for your digital marketing campaign?

With the dynamic digital marketing landscape, there are endless advertising opportunities available. Explore the opportunities with our digital marketing agency. IH Digital provides a full spectrum of services that could cater to any of your digital needs from social media marketing to video marketing and many more. Contact us now to learn more.