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TikTok Ads: #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag Challenge Gains 20B Views in India

Shilpa Shetty joins the #LifebuoyKarona Hashtag Challenge on TikTok | Photo credit:

Soap brand Lifebuoy is reminding people to ‘wash your hands like a boss’ on social media with the TikTok hashtag challenge #LifeBuoyKarona in India.

Amid the current COVID-19 situation across the world, many brands strive to make good personal hygiene more viral than ever through social media. This opportunity enabled the soap brand to extend its handwashing campaign in India to TikTok to reach out to the app’s millions of active online users.

Archive of all #LifebuoyKarona hashtag videos on TikTok | Photo credit:

Lifebuoy: ‘Spread the word, not germs’

Many Indians have joined the TikTok #LifebuoyKarona hashtag challenge including celebrities and social media personalities. This allowed an incredible online viewership growth from 5.3 billion to a staggering 20.1 billion views in less than a week.

Famed Indian stars like Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty and Indian rapper Badshah showed their support for the #LifebuoyKarona campaign.

Here are their short TikTok hashtag videos in case you missed it:


Wash karo hands like a BOSS, Challenge karne waalo ko mera applause 👏🏽##LifebuoyKarona @Lifebuoy_India@shamitashettyofficial @therajkundra

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Wash karo hands like a boss, Challenge karne waalo ko mera applause ##LifebuoyKarona @Lifebuoy_India

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

TikTok influencers Riyaz, Awez Darbar, Gima Ashi, Vishal Pandey, and Faiz Baloch also shared short-form videos to participate in the handwashing challenge.

Watch the TikTok influencer videos here:


Wash your hands like a boss fast,bimari then won’t last!#li#febuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @rizaafreen_17 @imransabunwala_cr7 @mr.raghav25

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Boss bano, handwashing steps follow karo ##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @vijendrabyou @zaidfdarbar @khan_sultan 😎

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

The power of cure is in your hands. Follow the steps and wash your hands like a boss! ##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @mrmayankm@deepty13@achchusingh

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Follow the steps and wash your hands like a boss, 20 seconds is all it takes!##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @sameeksha_sud @daverushi_14 @adnankhan9

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Lifebuoy me Saath haath dhona, fir hi khana! ##lifebuoykarona @lifebuoy_india @shifuians_27 @saddu07dz_ @mr_sohu ##LifebuoyKarona

♬ Lifebuoy Karona – Lifebuoy

Help ‘Make the Good Habit of Handwashing Viral’ with TikTok

To join the hashtag challenge, TikTok users must create a video demonstrating proper handwashing to the tune of the #LifebuoyKarona song.

Indian TikTok influencer Sunny Chopra in a #LifebuoyKarona hashtag video | Photo credit:

Additionally, the campaign invites TikTok users to ‘make the good habit of handwashing viral’ by tagging 3 friends when posting the hashtag video.

More #LifebuoyKarona hashtag videos by Indian TikTok influencers | Photo credit:

▶  Join the #LifebuoyKarona challenge! Download the TikTok app here.

Grow Your Brand Awareness with a TikTok Hashtag Challenge!

Struggling to increase brand awareness with your current strategy? Leverage the power of TikTok ads to achieve your business goals in a short time.

With approximately 800 million monthly active users worldwide, the ByteDance-owned application TikTok is a promising advertising platform for businesses intending to scale up its digital efforts.

TikTok Advertising Agency: IH Digital is an official partner of ByteDance for Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia alone, TikTok garnered 150 million users in May 2019, according to a report by The Straits Times. Among the region, the short-form video app is most popular in Vietnam and Indonesia in terms of monthly active users and video views.

TikTok is also available in more than 150 markets around the world, in 39 languages.

Ready to hop on the exciting advertising opportunities on TikTok? Talk to our TikTok marketing expert to get started.

IH Digital is a 360 ° digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore, with offices across Southeast Asia and Greater China. We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, including TikTok advertising. Talk to our marketing expert today to learn more about our services.

IH Digital, IH Singapore, and Digital 38 are members of the IH Digital Group.

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Get Started with Toutiao and Tiktok Ads thru IH Digital

ByteDance Names New SEA Partner for Toutiao & TikTok Ads

January 2020 – IH Digital is now able to support Toutiao and TikTok ads with our expanded digital advertising services. We are now an official sales partner of Bytedance in Southeast Asia, allowing us to support brands across the region for their online advertising campaigns.

Our new advertising capabilities will help regional clients to easily and quickly get started with advertising on ByteDance’s key platforms such as TikTok (, Douyin, Toutiao, XiGua, HuoShan, and NewsRepublic.

ByteDance ties up with ATC to support SEA brands exploring TikTok ads.

Who is ByteDance?

ByteDance is a Beijing-based internet technology company founded by Zhang Yiming in 2012. It offers many online products catering to a wide set of audiences from across the globe. Its core product is TouTiao – a news and information content platform and one of China’s largest mobile platforms for content creation, aggregation and distribution reinforced by machine learning techniques.

It also owns the short video app Douyin, which later became the Chinese version of TikTok when the Chinese social media giant acquired the lip-syncing app in Q4 2017.

Impact on the Digital Advertising Industry

ByteDance is reported to have 1.5 billion monthly active users (MAU) with 700 million daily active users (DAU) as of October 2019, which is an increase of 50% compared to its January 2018 user base. According to self-media account Kaiqi, its revenue reached around RMB 48 billion in Q1 2019, with RMB 20 billion from Douyin. The online company is seemingly closer to realise its 2019 revenue goal of RMB 100 billion considering its rapid user base growth.

Get started with Douyin and TikTok ads!

Moreover, ByteDance-owned short video app TikTok has 1.65 billion downloads on iOS and Android in January 2020 – a significant growth from 663 million in 2018. Out of the total downloads, 190 million app installs (11.5%) are from Southeast Asia. The app’s download surge outdid Instagram’s 444 million downloads in 2018 and is catching up with Facebook’s 711 million in the same year, as CNET reports. This resulted in both Douyin and TikTok being the world’s second most downloaded apps in 2019.

More Advertising Opportunities for SEA Brands

With ByteDance’s rapid user base growth in mind, more digital marketers turn into advertising on its key products namely Douyin, TikTok and Toutiao to reach a wider set of audiences in Southeast Asia and Greater China. With this amplified partnership, IH Digital can now provide support to marketers exploring this opportunity.

ByteDance Products - Toutiao, HuoShan and XiGua

Here is a list of ByteDance advertising platforms we now support as the official sales partner:

SEA Digital Marketing

  1. TikTok – Available in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.
  2. NewsRepublic A news app powered by artificial intelligence that provides readers with the latest world and local news, viral headlines, trending videos, and articles directly to the user’s phone. Available in Taiwan only.

China Digital Marketing

  1. Douyin (抖音) – More than half of its users are aged 30 years and below.
  2. TouTiao (今日头条) – Over 70% of its users are aged between 25 to 45 years.
  3. XiGua (西瓜视频) – A video recommendation platform that runs videos a couple of minutes longer than videos in Douyin. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest quality and related content based on the user’s interest. Over 70% of its users are aged 30 years and below.
  4. Huoshan (火山小视频) – A video-shooting application where users can quickly get content, show themselves, and gain fans by recording videos for up to 15 seconds. More than 70% of its users are aged between 25 to 40 years.

Let us help you explore TikTok ads and more for your brand!

Get started with TikTok ads! IH Digital is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore, with presence across multiple countries in Southeast Asia and Greater China. With our media partnerships, we have helped many regional companies ultimately boost their online advertising campaigns on many platforms. Know more about our digital advertising services by dropping us a message here.

IH Digital, IH Singapore, and Digital 38 are members of the IH Digital Group.

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Digital Marketing: 3 Facebook Live Best Practices To Remember


Did you know that 1 in 5 videos on Facebook is a live broadcast? Facebook Live remains a powerful digital marketing tool ever since it was first launched in 2015 because it’s free, fun and fairly easy to use. Virtually anyone who has an internet connection and a Facebook account can do so without trouble. But how do brands take advantage of Facebook Live’s massive potential for traffic and engagement? Let this roundup of best practices guide you along the way.




One of the most important things to do before you go live is to let people know. Do this in advance in order to build anticipation among your followers. For Eastspring Investments, the buzz for their Facebook Live session about the 2019 Market Outlook was created six days before the live broadcast. The announcement provided ample time for interested attendees to prepare for the broadcast. Moreover, try not to be cryptic when drumming up excitement for a live broadcast. Tell people what the broadcast is about or who will be in the broadcast.


Honda Malaysia’s Facebook Live video at the KLIMS 2018 Motorshow proved to be a success with careful planning and coordination.

Will you be broadcasting from a studio or an outdoor area? Inspect the venue if it’s conducive. Is the internet connection stable? Put your mobile phone in airplane mode so that no calls will disrupt your broadcast. Should you use a microphone? Test your device’s audio if it’s clear and audible. By doing a test broadcast, you can eliminate mistakes that could arise during the live broadcast.


Eastspring Investments made their Facebook Live session all the more interesting by ensuring viewers are part of the discussion. The broadcast, which talked about investment opportunities in 2019, welcomed questions from viewers. While the broadcast wrapped up in under an hour, a moderator was on standby to inform viewers that unanswered questions will be addressed to in private.


Are you looking for ways to upgrade your video marketing strategy? Let IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore specializing in social media management, digital marketing, content marketing and more, help you plan the best Facebook Live broadcast for your brand. Get in touch with us today!

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Honda Malaysia’s #RideTheDream Launch Goes Live on Facebook Video

facebook-video-ih-digital-malaysia-1Honda Malaysia showed an effective content marketing and social media marketing strategy by launching the #RideTheDream campaign in a live Facebook video.

Honda Malaysia rode on the Facebook Live video trend and launched the #RideTheDream campaign, which introduced the all-new civic model. Through the help of IH Digital Malaysia, the sleek and innovative design and outstanding technologies of the10th generation Honda Civic were highlighted in a live, high-quality Facebook video, which was presented by Hansen Lim. The #RideTheDream launch and promotion video aims to give viewers a rundown of the new Honda Civic’s bold styling and new technology features, including Remote Engine Start and Walk Away Auto Lock features, among others.

Sharing live streaming and event videos on Facebook is an effective way to generate organic reach, achieve high engagement rate, and drive deeper brand-consumer marketing communications.

The live Facebook video exhibited Honda Malaysia’s optimal content marketing and social media strategy as the launch garnered 4 thousand views in just 30 minutes, as well acquired 84 thousand unique viewers in 24 hours. In the 24-hour period, the Facebook video garnered 320 thousand reach with 5.5 thousand likes, 1.1 thousand comments, and 1.8 thousand shares. Both brands and digital marketing experts have been favouring the Facebook Live feature as it generates high organic engagement rate making it an ideal choice of social media marketing strategy to introduce and showcase the all-new 10th generation Honda Civic.

IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, has helped cover numerous launching events via Facebook Live. If you’re interested to know more about our Facebook live events, contact us by clicking here.

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Uniqlo MY Promotes AIRism Through Interactive LINE Stickers

Uniqlo MY takes an interactive approach to social media marketing

Uniqlo MY introduces a new level of comfort with the AIRism collection, which is packed with quick-dry and cooling properties to keep you dry and fresh. Uniqlo’s take on ultra-comfortable everyday wear comes with anti-odour and heat-release technologies, and has soft texture and permeable and absorbent fabrics. They offer designs that are suitable for men, women, and children.

Uniqlo MY’s interactive approach to social media marketing

It is a common knowledge in the digital marketing industry that exhibiting creative and engaging social media marketing campaigns is an effective way to drive engagement and improve marketing communications. Uniqlo MY teamed up with IH Digital to come up with a social media and content marketing concept and promote the AIRism collection in an engaging and interactive manner. A LINE sticker set, which creatively represents the AIRism collection’s cooling and quick-dry features, was launched. The character embodies the collection’s impressive list of comfort and cooling features.

Uniqlo MY takes an interactive approach to social media marketing

Aside from introducing the AIRism collection to the Malaysian market through the interactive app, the clothing brand amps up their social media strategy by showcasing their creative side to increase the fan base of UNIQLO Malaysia’s official LINE account. Additionally, the LINE sticker set was featured at the LINE Store for additional exposure to non-fans.

Are you looking for ways to showcase your brand’s story and creativity through social media marketing in Singapore? IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, is willing to help. Drop us a message if you would want to learn more about the project

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Optimising Business Strategies Through Content Marketing Tool

Content MarketingFacebook’s new branded content tool and policy provide plenty of content marketing, corporate videos and social media marketing opportunities for brands.

The latest updates expand brands’ content marketing opportunities on Facebook

In a recent announcement post, Facebook started rolling out the updated branded content policy to keep up with the growing demands of publishers and marketers. Branded content created by companies, businesses, media publishers, celebrities, and influencers, defined as a post that features a brand, third party product or sponsor, can now be shared by Verified Pages on Facebook. Moreover, they released a branded content tool that comes equipped with easy tagging features, enabling influencers and publishers to easily tag a sponsor in a branded content post as long as they adhere to Facebook’s ads policy and branded content policy. So aside from your friends’ posts, the latest celebrity scoop, and top stories about the Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump posted all over your feed, frequent Facebook users will also be seeing more of these engaging text, image and video ads that are relevant to them.

Facebook’s new branded content tool and policy provide plenty of content marketing for brands

Image Credit

How brands can leverage on the new policy and content marketing tool to improve business strategies

“This update is something that media companies, public figures, influencers, and marketers have been asking for, as branded content is a growing and evolving part of the media landscape”, posted by Facebook’s Product Manager Clare Rubin and Vice President of Partnerships Nick Grudin. Digital marketing and social media marketing experts can now rejoice and revel in the freedom of sharing more quality content, be it in a form of a text, image, instant article, 360 video, links or live videos. Additionally, the newly added tool is a requirement when running a branded post and tagging a sponsor.

Although Facebook still prohibits overly promotional content such as pre-roll ads, persistent watermarks, sponsored cover photos, and profile pictures, the new policy still opens the floodgates for brands to effectively market their products or services. The new tool provides plenty of opportunities for brands to reach a wider audience, improve marketing communications, and monitor the performance of their ads and campaigns. Brands can place more socially relevant content in front of their target audience, which may result in increased sales conversion.

Your next step

With Facebook’s new branded content policy updates, things are looking brighter for brand owners, video creators and Internet marketing experts. IH Digital, a reputable digital agency in Singapore, also has a hardworking team of social media analytics and content marketing specialists who can help make your brand stand out on Facebook and other social media platforms. In addition, we offer web design, SEO and video production services in Singapore. Click here for more details.

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Content marketing: How well did your brand do on Valentine’s Day?


Content marketing can do so much for your brand on events such as Valentine’s Day using event video, Facebook video and social media campaigns.

Valentine’s Day content marketing tactic

It was a challenging Valentine’s Day year for the content marketing world! This year saw that Valentine’s Day trended more than a week on Google Search and all over the social media. In fact, trend remains significantly high days after 14 February. For most marketers, it’s an opportunity to make a brand creative. But on the other hand, it is definitely a challenge to ride on this trend and capture the attention of viewers whose newsfeeds are bombarded with a majority of Valentines-related posts.

The Valentines fever

Valentine’s Day has become a wonderful part of the Have you noticed how brands celebrated the Valentine’s Day through their social media campaigns? Interestingly, the online users’ related searches on Google recorded +1500% in Singapore in the last 30 days according to Google Trends. This record continues to rise as the Valentines posts and topics continue to haul the online users’ interest. It is, as expected, likely to decrease soon as new events and trends escalate in the online world. If you missed to make your brand active and present through digital marketing during Valentine’s Day, it’s not too late to prepare for the next. There is definitely always a big event that your brand can make a cut above the rest through your creative content marketing and online campaigns. The online world always has a room for creativity be it a simple image, a contest, a Facebook video or even a beautifully edited full event video.

How brands celebrated Valentine’s Day

With proper content marketing strategy, brands can effectively capture a vast number of people while efficiently targeting the right audience. The crucial part of a good social media analytics result is not only the number of views and impressions, but the return on investments or simply, sales. At the end of the day, you can only know how effective your ad had become if people actually buy your product or service.

Let’s see some examples of how well some brands did it!

Kerry Sports Manila

Kerry Sports Manila just got one sign up published as a comment. Of course, you want such positive feedback for your brand too, right? The brand is doing well in terms of inviting people to sign up to their upcoming sports facility membership launch. Awesome step!

Love is in the air! Start a healthy relationship with your mind and body! Have the ultimate #KerrySportsManila…

Posted by Kerry Sports Manila on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Columbia Pictures Philippines

For Columbia Pictures Philippines, what’s a Valentine’s Day date without a movie? In this year’s case, it’s a teaser photo and promotion of a new movie about love for the birds – The Angry Birds Movie.

“Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?Just like me, they long to be close to you.” Happy Almost Valentines from THE ANGRY BIRDS! #TheAngryBirdsMovie in cinemas this May.

Posted by Columbia Pictures Philippines on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Goldheart Jewelery Singapore

Goldheart has an edge on V-Day as most of the time, its products are a gift for loved ones. But did it’s post work? Of course! Check out the post and you’ll see inquiries and positive comments coming in.

Romantic delights for the beloved you will never let out of sight. #GoldheartDesigns #LoveSoTrue #GoldheartWorldShop our Valentine’s collection:

Posted by Goldheart Jewelry (Singapore) on Friday, February 12, 2016


Who says long copies won’t work? It’s just a matter of proper implementation of content marketing. For NIVEA, its lip products got the spot on Valentines along with a quote detailing a short story about a first kiss. How cute is that? And the result – a whopping 13,000 Likes, 32 Shares and more comments.

“I can’t even remember what we were laughing about. But I do remember that moment when I just found myself staring at…

Posted by NIVEA on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Your next step

More events are coming in this year and it is going to be even more exciting than Valentine’s Day. Aside from great photos and catchy texts, why not try investing on a great video production in Singapore? The new ways of content marketing is extremely present on the social media nowadays, and we can help your brand keep up to this trend.
Your digital agency in Singapore is just a few clicks away. Inquire today by clicking here.

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Get Up Close & Personal: How to Get Loyal Customers


The long days of planning and creating a powerful mobile marketing plan to bring in more audience has been a success. You were able to put across the right brand message you want to deliver through the crowd but it doesn’t stop there. A long-lasting plan is needed to keep the existing leads to your brand and make the most out of it. After all, your business won’t thrive by itself if you don’t secure the loyalty of customers. Even for SMEs, creating consumer loyalty is as problematic as creating new customers in mobile marketing, but it is the cheaper way to generate better sales online. There is a need to constantly reach out to the audience and keep them highly engaged to keep the numbers intact.

Attract Nearby Users

Make use of geolocation to make best use of our mobile app to convince them to come to your business. It is a powerful tool to combine the physical and online setting to one entirely new experience. Take this opportunity to targeted ads since most people on the go would likely check on the presented deals. Put into consideration the likely situation they are in so you can create specialised campaigns to catch their attention.

Invite More with Great Deals

It’s been said that most traffic occurs at 3PM and midnight so adjust your mobile strategies and schedule your post on the right moment with exclusive and irresistible deals. Even as audience, we do love rewards when it comes to our favoured products. Grant your customers with loyalty rewards after a purchase or you can send out coupons and discounts so they will be enticed to come back to your store again, or better yet, offer exclusive prizes such as a round trip to a well-known destination.

Learn how to create a powerful mobile marketing plan to bring in loyal customers.

Invest on Brand Experience

Observe how your consumers act towards your campaigns. Use the gathered knowledge about them to distribute personalised content marketing plans. It must be delivered to the consumers’ feeds and timelines on a regular basis. Invest on original and creative campaigns that add value to user experience and loyalty to your brand. Your customers will not lose interest if you provide them new content in a timely manner.

Interact with your fans through engaging mobile marketing and video marketing posts. What forms a successful branding experience is building the relationship with your audience. There is nothing more potent in creating more sales into your business other than making your fans feel significant and involved. It will surely make them come back; and furthermore, a great and, not to mention, free answer to spread your brand message through their network. Introduce ways for users to partake in engagement posts to give way to creative user-generated content. Their shared photos and videos on timelines will create enough buzz to pique interest among other users.

Make them feel more appreciated through a worthwhile customer service. Mobile marketing allowed a number of ways to directly interact with fans that are having concerns with your products. Ready your digital marketing and video marketing channels to provide additional layers of service support to your fans when they have queries regarding your products and services.

Our specialised team of digital marketing and video marketing specialists are equipped with the knowledge and proficiency to create a more rewarding brand experience with your customers. Find out more on how we can help you and drop us a note here.

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Ride Upon the Rapid Surges of Mobile Marketing


Taking the biggest jump into the mobile drift is going to be what every business will do for the sake of staying alive. This conveys a significant shift in mobile marketing and the arrival of innovative mobile technologies. Keeping up with the tide in digital marketing is not enough if you do not recognise the change, prepare a proper strategy. But if you are serious about your business, do this and you’re off to success. Now, let us check through our list to arm your business with a better point of view of the year’s ongoing mobile trends.

Amplify the Mobile Experience

Marketers have to remember that the mobile shift is largely supported by mobile usage’s huge leap against PC and laptop. Mobile is the future and it is now. Large companies and even a great number of SMEs are developing their own mobile apps or adapting measures provided by apps specifically built to manage their operations. Marketers must get to where the customers are, so investing in mobile delivers a better ground against competitors. Ensure that your audience is getting the right mobile experience. Invest on a mobile app or site that can be easily accessed and navigated through different mobile devices.

Content is King

Marketers know that content is “King” across different marketing practices and this is also true to mobile marketing. Mobile content marketing opens new and better opportunities to engage customers. Mobile is a pervasive, personal platform – wherever the audience is, it’s guaranteed that they are always glued to their mobile devices. Deliver new, engaging, and personalised content to your audience that never stops consuming media. Make use of mobile’s unique features and turn campaigns into interactive mobile marketing to immerse consumers. Video content is big this year, dominating social landscape with Viber and YouTube. Geolocation is helpful for advertisers who want to bring in returns in a local-specific area. It can also be used with unique targeting like how brands on WeChat direct consumers to the nearest shops with location based services. SEO, on the other hand, lets you be on top of search engine results whenever consumers are in dire need of your services.

Recognise the mobile marketing statistics and trends for 2015

Lead with Apps and Social Media

Nothing is as effective as and more powerful than social media and video marketing. It has massive audience reach that means steady traffic on your pages, with high user engagement and brand building. People cater to apps in activities such as keeping track of your fitness improvement, monitoring your expenses, or listening to music. You can use this information to target your promotion with in-app advertisements. Conversion rates have always been higher through investing on ads on different social media platforms because they are always logged in to their accounts.

Rise of Mobile Payments

Your consumers are likely to pay through mobile and video marketing. Many businesses have brought in prominent payment firms to entice consumers to buy with their credit cards online. Better payment methods have yet to be made by most business so make the purchasing experience of consumers easier with simple checkout procedures. Bring your brand to new heights with innovative mobile marketing payment methods that combine online and offline landscape into one – a place where customers can fully experience your brand’s in store while doing payments online.

Don’t let your business miss out on the growing trends of mobile and video marketing, and learn how IH Digital can help you keep up with the unpredictable market with our team of certified digital marketing specialists. Drop us a note here.

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See How a simple video improved Shilla Duty Free Singapore’s engagement & impression


A Successful Marketing video production for The Shilla Duty Free

The Shilla Duty Free Singapore offers a wide range of products. As it continues to present its brand as a leading distributor of quality, high-end and branded products, The Shilla Duty Free also puts up the name of the brands it offer. And finally, through a marketing video production, success came in an instant.

The Shilla Duty Free’s simple promotion video was viewed by more than 7,000 Facebook users in just a short span of time. On Facebook’s social media analytics tool, the brand hit relatively high engagement for the video as the Likes went up to more than 200 in that brief period. Moreover, the comments generated on the video post were positive, including more inquiries about the products.

Through a video production, many opportunities await. Marketers can now welcome more opportunities in posting Facebook videos directly on the social media site. However, YouTube still stands to be on top of the game in terms of SEO and easier searchablity features. With this, we recommend at IH Digital that you gauge your market well to learn which of the digital video portals best suits your brand’s objectives. As an SEO company, we can help you take your video to places through content marketing strategy including SEO.

As we help you create the best digital marketing strategy for all your brand’s needs, we ensure that your marketing video production will gain you more benefit not just for the product you feature, but also to your brand as a whole.

For more information about marketing video production and the integration of these efforts on different digital channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more, please feel free to reach us at