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Digital Marketing: GSC Movies Million Trivia Rush Contest on a Facebook App


Are you looking for ways to connect social media in achieving business goals? In the world of digital marketing, most brands seek for the best ways engage their fans through social media. In addition to Facebook standard business page functionality, you can include Facebook Apps as an online marketing strategy to allow both existing and potential visitors to get more from your page. If you are keen to catch your fans’ attention to linger on your page, Facebook apps can be essential to grow fan base and engagement through online sales, promotions, incentives, route maps or contests.

Developing Facebook apps on digital marketing, it will be beneficial for marketers to increase fans’ social presence on the business page as well as to reach new potential audiences.

GSC Movies’ Million Trivia Rush Contest

GSC Movies designed a Million Trivia Rush Facebook application, in celebration of hitting 1,000,000 fans on Facebook. With the help of digital marketing agency, the app consists of 25 multiple choice questions for participants to answer within 100 seconds. A time bomb will explode if participants run out of time to answer all questions or guess the movie name wrongly. There are only three chances per day to take part in this movie trivia contest.

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As a result, GSC Movies successfully garnered 994 users to participate Million Trivia Rush 6873 games in 21 days. A renowned page such as GSC Movies created a contest like Million Trivia Rush certainly attracts a huge traffic online as they partnered with top-notch sponsors for the contest and prizes giveaway. Contests are very useful in digital marketing as they represent a compelling and interesting way to promote their brands. Besides, they can also help to discover new audiences and generate more visits to business pages.

Facebook Apps as a Digital Marketing strategy

Are you looking to create fun and engaging Facebook Apps? At IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore has online marketing services to cater your business needs. If you’re interested, send a message to one of our digital specialists now.

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Digital Marketing: 5 Video Marketing Trends to look out for in 2017

Female vlogger recording video at homeFemale vlogger recording video at home. Close-up of camera screen with young blogger face picture. Fashion, beauty, technology concept

Video marketing involves the use of social videos for digital marketing purposes. Social videos are digitised videos, designed to be seen and shared through social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Just imagine how much you can share with your audience using a minute-long video. You can share about 1.8 million words in that short video. On top of that, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos on their social media platforms. I guess with that in mind, you would not be surprised if Facebook announced that there are about 4 Billion Video Views per day on its social platform. There is no denying that video marketing must be a part of your digital marketing strategy in 2017.

Here comes the question that all business owners are thinking of. How do I make my video start out?

Let us look at 5 video marketing trends for 2017.

  1. Facebook Live
    The raging popularity of Live videos in 2017 is a force to be reckoned with. Brands and marketers alike are embracing this real-time platform as a digital marketing strategy. This video marketing tactic is truly unique as it establishes a connection between the brand and its followers in real time.

    Sulwhasoo Singapore – Grand Opening @ ION Orchard

  2. Interviews
    Interview videos have been around for a long time. They are effective for sharing the brand story and history. This story-telling captivates the audience and the essence of the story can be shared effectively.

    Honda Malaysia – Atsushi Arisaka, Chief Engineer of Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd,

    Kao Laurier Malaysia – #LaurierGoGirl with Girl Drifter Leona Chin

  3. Tutorials
    Beauty Makeup Tutorials and Cooking Tutorials are two popular types of video tutorials online. Not only are you showcasing your products, you are also engaging the audience and sharing with them how to use the products.

    Panasonic Singapore – Rainbow Vegetable Sushi Roll

    Laneige Singapore – Eugena Bey’s Beauty Tutorial

  4. Animations
    Animations allow you to present content in a fun and dynamic way. Animated videos tend to be simple, insightful and typically appeal to everyone. Animated characters are fictional and people love the imaginative and creative elements in video animation.

    MSF Filial Piety – Dinner Time

  5. Stop Motion
    Stop motion video involves the stitching of multiple photographs, providing an illusion of motion. In doing so, the products come to life by moving around on its own. Can you imagine the work that is behind this video?

    LOTTE Confectionery S.E.A – Valentine’s Day Celebration

Start planning your Video Marketing Strategy!

After looking at the different video marketing trends for 2017, think about which video editing style you would adopt for your video production today! Let us help you with the planning and execution of your video production. With our digital marketing agency’s vast experience in producing social videos, we will expand your outreach and increase your fan engagement on social media platforms.

Discover other digital marketing strategies by IH Digital that might work for your brand! Speak to one of our representative here.

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Social Media Marketing: Goldheart Jewelry gives away with style!


Classy and sassy, that’s what a happy woman has to be. That is the brand message that Goldheart Jewelry adopted for their latest social media marketing campaign. Of course, it is undeniable that their digital marketing strategy was classy and sassy as well. Working with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, Goldheart Jewelry used both a stop motion video and an animated GIF to give away the latest MODE Gold Sassy It Bag pendant to their social media fans with style.

In this stop motion video, Goldheart Jewelry showcases the different designs of the pendants in an engaging manner.

With the pendants seen moving around on its own, this video managed to bring the products to life. This motion graphic technique involves stitching of multiple photographs to create an illusion of motion. Can you imagine the work that is behind this video?

Goldheart Jewelry uses an animated GIF for its “Pause, Screenshot & Comment” giveaway contest.

The social media fans will have to stop the animation at their desired design, take a screenshot and share it in order to win a MODE Gold Sassy It Bag pendant. On top of acting as an attractive visual, the animated GIF serves as the wall contest tool too.

With the use of two different types of visuals, Goldheart Jewelry managed to execute their social media marketing campaign in a classy and sassy manner, just like how they imagined their happy customers to be.

Use of Stop Motions and Animations in Social Media Marketing

Motion Graphics and animations bring your products to life in a brief span of time. They are effective in sustaining your audience’s attention and conveying your brand message. They are social content that are sharable through social media platforms like Facebook, making your content viral and giving you a higher audience reach. The best part is they are versatile! From being a visual to being a contest tool, motion graphics and animations can be them all. Start exploring how you can use them effectively in your social media marketing efforts today.

If you are looking forward to explore more social media marketing strategies, let IH Digital help you execute your campaign with the style you want. Inquire with us today.


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Digital Marketing Update: Seeing more Ads Between Instagram Stories


Good news for all the digital marketers! Instagram is back with another update. Following the introduction of Instagram’s Stories and Live Stories, there is no doubt that the updates were a huge hit among its social media fans. Capitalising on its success, Instagram has opened up digital marketing opportunities for advertisers.

Instagram is introducing more Ads breaks between the stories, which are viewed in a continuous stream. The digital media advertisements will last for a duration of five seconds to fifteen seconds. Both static images and videos can be used in the Ads. The message will be labelled as “sponsored”, allowing the social media users to differentiate Ads from user-generated content. This move by Instagram was tried and tested first with a few selected partners and they have seen great results. With another platform for marketers to promote their brands and products, there will be an immense boost to their social media marketing campaign.

Why are Stories so Popular among Social Media Users?

Whichever platform, whether it’s Instagram or Snapchat or even Whatsapp, Stories are making a phenomenal change on the digital marketing industry. Social media users are seeking to view and post authentic, yet temporary, content.

Nothing is more interesting than finding out how your beloved celebrities are like and what they are doing at the moment. On top of that, you and your friends can also share what you are experiencing at that moment. The photos and videos will expire after 24 hours and you do not have to worry about overposting and flooding your followers’ newsfeed.

Exploring opportunities for your digital marketing campaign?

With the dynamic digital marketing landscape, there are endless advertising opportunities available. Explore the opportunities with our digital marketing agency. IH Digital provides a full spectrum of services that could cater to any of your digital needs from social media marketing to video marketing and many more. Contact us now to learn more.


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Social Media Marketing: Instagram’s New Swipeable Carousel Feature


If you haven’t noticed, you’ll spot the cascading squares at the bottom allowing you to post multiple pictures simultaneously. Our favourite photo sharing social media platform, Instagram previously launched the photo carousel ad in 2015 and expanded the feature to include videos as well. Now, it is available globally to all its social media users! This recent Instagram update is the new swipeable carousel, enabling users to upload ten photos or videos within a single post. This new update is going to drive an immense change in the social media marketing industry.

From the social media marketing perspective, Instagram’s swipeable carousel feature enables a brand to communicate with followers in a creative and interactive way. Besides, the swipeable carousel offers the flexibility to advertise a product line easily without spamming multiple photos on Instagram. Look at how Laneige Singapore did it with the help of IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

[metaslider id=5293]

Swipeable Carousel Post  | Photo Courtesy: Laneige Singapore

There’s no better way than using visual content as a business tool in social media marketing – with more than 500 million users, Instagram offers a massive platform for marketers to build brand awareness online. As visual contents are more distinguished on social media, most businesses start to use Instagram to cater their content marketing needs as one of the digital marketing strategies. By now, you should know that Instagram is a powerful content marketing tool for your business. If you’re looking for a way to maximise brand visibility, Instagram is the social media channel you cannot ignore.

Therefore, is Instagram worth the effort for your business? Here are the four digital marketing benefits to enjoy using Instagram:

1. Stay connected with customers
One of the digital marketing trends is to share visual content on social media to engage the fans. For instance, you can share a photo of a new product and ask them what they think. Since Instagram is one the active social media app, this can be a perfect platform for marketers to build a relationship with existing customers.

2. Know what they like
If you’re utilising Instagram for social media marketing, you’ll get the opportunity getting to know what your customers like about your business. You may not notice this, but the audiences are probably talking about your business on Instagram. The best way to see if people have used your products is the tagging function on Instagram. After uploading a photo on Instagram, there’s ‘tag people’ navigation for the users to tag any business profiles based on the image. It’s a great way to find out what people like about your business.

3. Reach potential audiences
In the online marketing business, Instagram makes it easy to explore new and potential audiences. One of the ways to find out is using hashtags. You can simply find out the photos shared using the hashtag created.

4. Generate sales
Instagram as a social media marketing tool has never been so convenient to drive engagement as well as generating sales. Make your visuals eye-catching and professional on Instagram, who knows your business will be the next big brand!

Use Instagram for your Social Media Marketing Campaign today

If you are wondering how to go about using this social media platform for your brand, team up with IH Digital, Asia’s 360 digital marketing agency. With our years of experience working with a wide range of clients, we will be able to provide an effective social media marketing strategy to fit your brand and target audience. Contact us today and find out what fits your business needs.

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Digital Marketing Update: Instagram Live Stories now available globally


Instagram’s Live Stories is now rolled out to users world wide. This digital marketing news by the photo-sharing platform initially announced the addition of the live-streaming feature back in November, but was initially restricted to US users only.

In a recent interview, Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom, shared what brought about the app’s update:

“Your connections with your friends and your family are the thing that make Instagram work.. All the data supports that if you follow more friends and engage with your friends, your activity goes through the roof. If you just follow more celebrity content or more interest-based content, that doesn’t move the needle at all.”

With photo-sharing and connection building still the main strategy of the app, this new update aims to boost authentic interaction and personal storytelling among its users. There’s no better way than using visual content as a business tool in social media marketing – with more than 500 million users, Instagram offers a massive platform for marketers to build brand awareness online.


Live Videos as a digital marketing strategy

Whatever platform, whether it’s Instagram or Facebook Live, Live videos are taking the digital marketing industry by storm. Brands and marketers alike are embracing this real-time platform as a content marketing strategy to tell their story and build brand awareness among their consumers.

This video marketing tactic is truly a unique experience as it establishes a connection between the brand and its followers in real time.

Want to try live videos for your digital marketing campaign?

IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, provides content marketing services that could cater to any of your digital needs. From video marketing, social media marketing, SEO copywriting, and many more. Contact us now to learn more.

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Case Study: How We Executed a Successful 360 Digital Marketing Campaign for Honda Malaysia

Honda-CityUsing Honda Malaysia as a case study, learn about IH Digital’s execution of a successful 360 Digital Marketing campaign. Make an enquiry with us today!

What is a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy?

At IH Digital, we believe strongly in a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy. With our three main arcs – Create, Distribute and Amplify, we aim to cover your entire digital marketing campaign. Let us illustrate our 360 approach using a successful campaign we executed for Honda Malaysia.

In its recent launch of the new Honda City, Honda Malaysia worked with IH Digital to release a Facebook Video to allow its social media fans to take their first look at the car. IH Digital executed a well-coordinated content marketing and social media strategy for Honda Malaysia. By comprehensively planning with our three main arcs in mind, the team was able to execute the campaign successfully without any hiccups.

Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Agency, 360 Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Media, Facebook Video


At IH Digital, we have an in-house content marketing team, creating engaging content from animated motion graphics to interactive applications. We aim to provide owned media for your social engagement.

For this Honda City campaign, IH Digital played an important role in creating the Facebook Video. From developing a creative storyboard and script to producing the video using high-quality production equipment, IH Digital handled each production stage with meticulous care. On top of that, IH Digital played an immense role in engaging and managing our talent – Megan Tan. With her presence, Honda Malaysia was able to explain the features of the car clearly, without losing the viewers’ attention.


After creating such a masterpiece, it would be a waste not to share it online on a social media platform. At IH Digital, our social media marketing team will distribute your content by uploading on several social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube. From managing your fans’ comments to conducting a wall contest, you can count on IH Digital to make your fans engaged with the page, building a unique and intimate relationship.


To help you extrapolate your reach, our digital media specialists will study the digital trends and plan for an optimized digital advertising campaign. By choosing the ideal placement of your media ads at the lowest cost, your digital marketing efforts will surely pay off as you are able to reach out to your desired pool of customers.

Results of this 360 Digital Marketing Campaign

  • It garnered 252 thousand views within 4 days
  • Garnered 5.6 thousand likes, 2.8 thousand shares within 4 days

In search of a Digital Marketing Agency?

If you are looking to make a digital impact, IH Digital provides services that are tailored to fit any of your digital needs. With our 360 Digital Marketing Strategy, IH Digital will be able to execute a campaign that fits your brand well. Drop us a message and learn more about our digital marketing approach.


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Learn more about the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Business


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketinis defined as the promotion of products, brands or services via one or more forms of online platforms. The term is so prevalent today as the usage of internet increases over the years. However, not everyone knows the benefits of digital marketing and the current digital marketing trends marketers around the world adhere to.

Here is the question that all business owners are thinking of. Why should I invest in digital marketing?

1. It connects you with your online consumers.

Today, about 80% of consumers use the Internet to make their search for information. Instead of flipping through volumes of phone directories or print ads, gathering results via the search engines or social media platforms makes it easier and convenient.

On top of the having a large online audience, digital marketing allows you to reach out better to the ones that are looking for your products and services. Traditional marketing works by broadcasting messages to broadly-defined audiences. However, digital marketing focuses on buyer demographics and less on marketer convenience. This provides a targeted marketing approach, increasing your conversion rates.

Having a large and targeted audience allows you to win half the digital battle. Your success is guaranteed if your content marketing strategy is put in place. By posting creative content and organising contests on social media, you are able to engage your fans better and spread your brand message more effectively. Your fans are able to stay connected and your brand will always be at the top of their minds.

2. It is cost-efficient.

Digital media is found to be more cost-effective than traditional media, like prints or TV ads. In fact, small business owners are reporting that they are saving about 40% as compared to using traditional marketing.

An average 30 seconds TV commercial costs about $3000 in Singapore. It is astronomically high as compared to the average cost per click (CPC) of $0.32 on Facebook in 2015.  With CPC, you will pay each time someone clicks on your ad which takes them to your landing page. Facebook will optimize to find the people most likely to click on your ad in that way, allowing your marketing efforts to be targeted at your desired audience. If the digital marketing strategy is planned and executed well, your online marketing efforts can improve your business ROI by up to 300%.

3. It keeps you on par with your competitors.

As seen in our case studies, marketers are aggressively promoting on social media and other online platforms. Every festive season, you will see brands trying their best to outdo each other on social media by posting the most creative content and organising contests to drive engagement among their social media fans.

By adhering to the current digital marketing trends, you will not be losing out to your competitors. From social media marketing to search engine optimisation (SEO), let IH Digital, a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, help you out.

Start planning your Digital Marketing Strategy!

At IH Digital, we provide digital marketing support on the following channels:

Discover other online marketing strategies by IH Digital that might work for your brand! Speak to one of our representative here.

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Social Media Marketing: Love is in the Air with Panasonic and Lotte!


The Lunar New Year celebrations are hardly over and marketers are rushing to roll out their social media marketing campaigns for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Having seasonal themes and greetings allow social media fans to bask in the festive atmosphere and engage better with your brands online. Amid fierce competition, how can you stay ahead in the digital marketing game? What should you plan for in your online marketing strategy?

Facebook Videos as part of your Social Media Marketing

Facebook Videos are effective online marketing mediums. With attention-grabbing visuals, social media fans are able to grasp the essence of your brand message effectively. If you are unsure how to go about planning your social media marketing campaign, here are a few examples by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

Panasonic Singapore and Lotte Confectionery S.E.A managed to create a strong branding message to encourage fans to use their products this Valentine’s Day. Let’s take a look at their engaging Facebook Videos for this Valentine’s Day!

As part of their successful cooking tutorial series, Panasonic Singapore releases its Valentine’s Day special recipe – Strawberry Cheese Tart, encouraging its social media fans to serve up a handmade dish made and filled with love. Panasonic Singapore took the chance to showcase their kitchen appliances as well. This kind of tactic has proven effective in attracting massive numbers of viewers, amplifying their social media marketing efforts.

Lotte Confectionery S.E.A utilized a stop-motion video to engage their fans. In this video, the brand associated their Pepero snack with the most relatable activity for consumers during holidays: Planning for the perfect date! By bringing inanimate objects to life, Lotte shares a story of a perfect date with Pepero.

Are you looking to start your social media marketing campaign? Discover other online marketing strategies by IH Digital that might work for your brand! Speak to one of our representative here.

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3 Interesting Wall Contests Mechanisms to look out for this Chinese New Year


We have experienced how marketers are aggressively injecting the festive spirit into their digital marketing strategy this Chinese New Year. This strategy is definitely a must if you intend to promote your brand message to your social media fans. Facebook contest is an essential online marketing strategy to promote your brand and reward fans for their unwavering support on social media. In our previous article, we shared the importance of adding a motion graphic animated GIF to boost the social media marketing. While there are limitless contest mechanics that anyone can come up with, only a few stand out in capturing audiences’ attention and efforts.

Facebook Contest as an Online Marketing Strategy

Listed below are three interesting mechanisms incorporated in wall contests, created in partnership with IH Digital, an online marketing agency in Singapore. These mechanisms are the ones that resonate very well with social media-savvy audiences.

  1. Count and Win Contest!

    Honda Malaysia utilised the “Count and Win” mechanism, whereby the fans have to take a close look at the motion graphic animation in order to participate in the contest. This mechanism works very well in sustaining the audience’s attention.

    Count how many times the Rooster appear on the bowl in order to win an amazing prize from Honda Malaysia

  2. Comment and Win Contest!

    Merries Malaysia and Kate Singapore incorporated a different contest mechanism, “Comment and Win”. Social media fans are encouraged to share their stories by commenting and tagging their friends. Encouraging participants to tag few of their friends is also an effective way to drive viewers to like and follow your business page.

    Fans were encouraged to comment why Merries Diapers is their top choice this Chinese New Year and tag other parents to share good news and fortune with.

    Fan are encouraged to share which eyeliner look they would wear for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

  3. Screenshot and Win Contest!

    Filial Piety Singapore puts a twist to the motion graphic animated Facebook contest. The motion graphic consists of a series of static images, depicting the usual Chinese new Year activities. The social media fans will have to stop the animation and take a screenshot of the image shown. Following that, they will need to share the screenshot in order to win the contest. This mechanism allows the motion graphic animation to serve as a contest tool on top of acting as a visual.

    Enhance online marketing strategy with IH Digital

    If you are looking forward to launch an interesting wall contest that could jump start your brand, team up with IH Digital. Inquire with us today. 

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Digital Marketing: Celebrate Chinese New Year with Facebook Apps


Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays, not only by fans, also by brands and marketers around the world. This festive holiday is a great source of social media and online marketing content. But how can your business stay ahead of other brands on this festive holiday? What digital marketing strategy will help capture your target audience?

Facebook Apps helps you improve your Facebook Page by creating a customized app within your business page. It has been a great digital marketing tool for marketers to promote their products and grow their fan base, by producing Facebook apps in forms of online registration, product redemption, incentives, contests, and more.

Learn how these 2 brands celebrated their fans and promote their business by utilizing Facebook Apps:

Panasonic Singapore

To celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rooster, Panasonic Singapore is giving away special prizes using a Facebook App. With the help of a digital marketing agency in Singapore, the app features a spinning wheel where fans are allowed to spin the wheel three times per day. With each spin, participants stand to win instant prizes and are qualified for the grand prize lucky draw at the end of the contest.

[metaslider id=4874]

UNIQLO Malaysia

In line with their Chinese New Year theme: “Celebrating the Season of Reunion and Love,” UNIQLO Malaysia launches their “Golden Basket” Facebook app. Collect points by catching white and golden eggs and earn the top score. But watch out for cracked eggs or you’ll lose your points. Participants stand a chance to win UNIQLO vouchers worth more than RM8,000, while the Top scorer of the week will receive RM50 UNIQLO voucher.

[metaslider id=4875]

Facebook Apps as a digital marketing strategy

Facebook provides a versatile range of products to help brands promote their business. Whether its FacebookLive, Facebook 360, or a simple Facebook video, Facebook proves to be the ultimate online marketing platform for brands and marketers out there.

Facebook App is a good digital marketing investment as it provides specific information and distinct functions, making it more memorable for the audience when they engage in your page. It definitely brings added value to the experience, both for the brand and the consumer.

Other than serving a creative purpose, Facebook apps are ultimately used for data collection, customer relations, and engagement drivers. You can engage your customers on your page, collect data, and carry it offline by integrating call-to-actions to buy your product or visit your store or event.

Are you looking to create user-friendly and effective Facebook Apps? IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, has online marketing services that could cater to your businesses needs; whether it is social media or video production, there’s a service fit for your brand. Message one of our digital specialists now.

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Online marketing strategy: Engage fans using stop-motion videos!


Many online marketing strategies are quickly emerging in the market today. Brands and marketers alike are quick to their feet on engaging their customers online. But throughout the clutter, what online marketing strategy will help you stand out? What digital marketing campaign should your business take on?

Stop-motion is an animation technique that allows you to manipulate inanimate objects as it appears to be moving on its own. Stop-motion is one of the best video marketing techniques that brands use to better bring their products to life; other than using drawings or still photographs.

Learn from these 3 brands on how they used stop-motion as an online marketing strategy:

Present your products using stop-motion

LANEIGE Singapore just launched the new Two Tone Lip Bar through stop-motion! The new lippies are both defining tint and moisturizing lip balm all in one bar. In the video, LANEIGE showcased the array of vivid colors representing 8 wonderful flavors: Cotton Candy, Tangerine Slice, Tint Mint, Fruits Candy Bar, Apple Jell-o, Tomato Sherbet, Lollipop Red, and Cherry Red.

Hold contests or giveaways using stop-motion

nex Singapore, one of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore, kicks off the Chinese New Year celebrations with a special giveaway as an online marketing strategy to engage their Facebook fans. Just by guessing which container the pineapple tarts are in (if its in Fortune, Prosperity, or Wealth), you’ll get a chance to win the Fortune Snack Containers in the stop-motion video. 

Educate your fans using stop-motion

Bio-essence Singapore shares the importance of protecting your skin, by showcasing how facial mists can help you enjoy your favorite activities while being under the sun. In the stop-motion video, Bio-essence helps illustrate the benefits of their newly formulated Miracle Bio Water facial mist with its added SPFPA 20+++ and Collagen elements.

Find the best online marketing strategy for your brand

Are you looking to start your content marketing campaign? IH Digital, an online marketing agency in Singapore, has digital marketing services that could cater to your brand’s needs. Whether is motion graphics production, social media marketing, or website design services, IH Digital has a service catered to fit y our digital needs. Drop us a message and learn more of our services.