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Content Marketing: Spot Who’s Wearing Red with Honda Malaysia

Content Marketing: Spot Who's Wearing Red with Honda MalaysiaLearn how Honda Malaysia creates an stimulating Facebook App as a content marketing tool to enhance user experience

Using Facebook as a content marketing platform has been common for marketers over the years. With its recently added functions such as Facebook Live, Facebook 360 or Facebook Apps, most brands are now fully utilizing its versatile range of products to promote their businesses as a digital marketing strategy.

Facebook App as content marketing tool

To be able to strike a good game in social media marketing, Facebook App is a promising content marketing investment to see more on the business pages. If you’re seeking for a game-changing online marketing strategy, a customized Facebook App serves as an interesting and stimulating tool for your social media campaigns.

Honda Malaysia executes Facebook App to enhance user experience

As the gold sponsor of Standard Charted Kuala Lumpur Marathon (SCKLM), Honda Malaysia developed a groundbreaking digital marketing strategy by launching a Facebook application called “Spot Who’s Wearing Red!”

The leading automotive brand cooperated with IH Digital, a social media agency in Singapore, created a Facebook App to enhance the user experience of social media marketing for the brand. This Facebook application integrated as a Facebook contest as well, the prizes are to give out 2,000 exclusive Honda running T-shirts to SCKLM 2017 half marathon participants only. The contest mechanism of this interactive application is to allow participants to spot and click on as many runners wearing red shirts as they can within a minute. The interface of the Facebook App gives a visualization for participants to tap on runner wearing red to signify the exclusive red T-shirt as the winning prize.

The landing page of “Spot Who’s Wearing Red” interface, this page provides instructions and guidelines for users before proceeding to play the game.


Participants have to register themselves before the game, making sure they are legitimate SCKLM participants as well.


The gaming page of the Facebook App – participants spot and tap on the runners wearing red shirts in one minute.

Use Facebook App on social media campaign

The execution of the user-friendly Facebook App as a content marketing tool for Honda Malaysia has marked a significant success on social media. Whether it’s casual or business purposes, most brands are constantly developing new digital marketing strategies to engage with targeted and potential audiences. Facebook App is a good content marketing investment in providing great and quality content, as it brings added experiences to the brand as well as to the consumers. Other than that, the ultimate distinctive functions of Facebook Apps are for customer relations, data collection and engagement drivers.

Are you looking for help to create a stimulating Facebook App? Look for IH Digital, a content marketing expert in Sinagpore, has the full-fledged services for your digital needs to grow your business online. Interested? Talk to our representative here.

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Content Marketing: Feature UNIQLO SPORTS in digital look book

Content Marketing: Digital Look Book promoting UNIQLO SPORTS CollectionUNIQLOSports Malaysia launched a digital look book webpage for their latest collection as a part of their content marketing and digital marketing strategy

UNIQLO Malaysia made an appealing move on their customers recently by launching an interactive digital look book in their content marketing campaign. The digital look book showcased UNIQLO SPORTS latest collection and has reached out to a mass crowd. The interactive look book is an extension of the current website and was created as a webpage by IH Digital Singapore, a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

A digital look book webpage allows UNIQLO SPORTS to engage their audience visually and to create a brand personality in this online marketing campaign. UNIQLO SPORTS was supported and modelled by Malaysia’s very own national sports players from different sports category. This type of content marketing integrates comfort with versatility. The look book offers a familiar and homely feeling showing that the products are suitable for all types of sports.

Interesting and interactive function and styling were added in the look book webpage to entice audiences; users could just simply purchase the products, by conveniently clicking on the sports product being modelled. User friendly, direct and convenient webpage are important and necessary in making digital marketing successful. This content marketing strategy creates a strong image association and product awareness to the audience.


Benefits of using Look Book Webpage in Content Marketing

Look Book is a digital document that features the product’s collection. It is an effective platform for brands to online market your product in a light hearted way.

1. Entice Audience

Look book is new form of content marketing; it is able to capture audience’s attention with its appealing visuals content. It engages your product with the audience without coming off too forceful. Visuals content enables audience to better understand the product.

2. Build Brand Personality

Look book is a good platform for your brand to tell your story and build your brand personality. It is able show the audience what your brand wants to represent and your brand style.

3. Cost effective and easily accessible

No printing cost is incurred for look books. All you have to do is to create a design and upload it on the internet. Also, you are able to change your content easily at any time. It can be access easily by audience through the internet at all time.


Are you still wondering how to integrate a look book webpage or plan for other kinds of website development in your content marketing strategy? Don’t hesitate and contact us here! IH Digital, a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, can help you out by catering to your digital needs!






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Social Media Marketing: Eat Healthy with Panasonic & be rewarded!

Social Media Marketing - Get rewarded for healthy eating with Panasonic

Panasonic Singapore wants to reward its fans for healthy eating! The tech giant launched an island-wide promotion in line with its social media marketing campaign to promote their Veggie Life products. The contest titled: “Get Rewarded with Healthy Eating was announced via their Facebook App, which was launched to help promote healthy eating and living.

The Veggie Life salads are formulated by nutritionists by mixing freshly packed vegetables that provide nutrients to ensure optimal health benefits. It comes in three mixes: antioxidant mix, nourish mix, and vibrant mix.

By simply purchasing and collecting the labels from any Veggie Life salad mixes, fans will get a chance to redeem prizes from Panasonic Singapore. Veggie Life Cultivation Kits, Salad Dressings, Mobile Boosters, Microwaves, and Air purifiers are up for grabs!

Social Media Marketing: your gateway to brand awareness

From social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to media-sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, it’s no surprise that people across the globe are exposed to social media everyday. But as a business, how can you leverage on social media to help put your brand out there?

Since clutter in social media continues to increase, it’s easier for brands to lose focus from their goal of establishing brand presence and loyalty with their fans. Marketers have continued to bombard their fans with content and hard selling their products instead of creating value and developing relationships.

But with the right social media marketing strategies, you can build a strong and lasting connections with your customers online which could eventually translate offline. Not only that, you build your brand’s credibility which not only grows your business but also increases your value in every customer that you reach.


Get creative with your brand message and start exploring Facebook Apps. IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, specializes on social media marketing that crosses different platforms targeting many regions around the world. Contact us today and find out what digital marketing strategy best suits your business.

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Digital Marketing: Win a Tokyo Trip from Liese Malaysia by posting a Boomerang on Instagram

Digital-marketing-liese-tokyo-stopmotion3_1040x490Liese Malaysia release a video production of stop motion video as a part of their digital marketing campaign to engage more audience

Liese Malaysia left a positive impression on their audience in their recent digital marketing campaign. They initiated an Instagram Boomerang contest for their supportive followers to bring forth the “Liese girl’ in them and they might stand a chance to win a visit to Toyko, Japan. This online marketing strategy integrates Instagram Contest and a video production of stop motion produced by IH Digital Singapore, a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

Liese Malaysia is offering a 4Days –3Nights visit to Tokyo, Japan in November this year. To win this contest, all participants would just have to simply follow the steps in the stop motion video, and upload a boomerang to Instagram showing their “Liese Girl” self and explaining their reason to win, include hashtags #LieseTrip2017 #WeLoveLiese and tags @LieseMY @WatsonMY. Liese have extended consolation prizes to 10 other participants. This type of digital marketing excites and captures supporters’ attention and brings about more anticipation and engagement with the supporters.


Stop Motion in Digital Marketing

Stop motion video is increasingly popular in social media as it is fun, different, engaging and most importantly, it is able to leave a lasting impression on audience. It is a good social media marketing technique that breaks away from traditional video production and brings pictures into life. [Stop motion is an animation technique that manipulates objects and capture images as it appears to be moving on its own.]


If you are interested in exploring stop motion videos as a part of your digital marketing strategy, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, is able to help you by catering to your brand’s needs. Whether it is video production, online marketing, or social media marketing, IH Digital provides services that fit your needs. Drop us a message here if you are interested to know more!

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IH Digital named Sina Weibo’s Official Agency in Southeast Asia

IH-Digital_Sina-Weibo_Official-AgencyAs Sina Weibo’s official agency, IH Digital can provide Sina Weibo advertising and Weibo account verification services to businesses outside China.

Sina Weibo has appointed IH Digital as its official agency in Southeast Asia. —
SINGAPORE, June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/

The partnership allows IH Digital, Asia’s 360 Digital Marketing Agency, to provide Sina Weibo advertising solutions and Weibo account verification services to businesses outside China; in the capacity of Sina Weibo’s official agency. These services will be provided via IH’s offices located throughout Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and The Philippines.

Sina Weibo: The Chinese Twitter x Facebook hybrid

With over 600 million users as of 2017, Sina Weibo is one of China’s largest social media platforms where users create, share, and discover Chinese-language content.

Evolving from what was initially a microblogging platform akin to Twitter, Sina Weibo has since developed into a fully-integrated platform for content aggregation and distribution – not unlike the Chinese Facebook – with long-form content, multi-media and video streaming features; the latter’s addition securing Sina Weibo’s place as the leading social media platform in China due to its unparalleled use by Chinese celebrities and KOL (key opinion leader) users.

Adopted by businesses for social media marketing since 2011, Sina Weibo allows enterprises to promote their brands, products, and services to the platform’s large base of Chinese social media users. Sina Weibo offers a wide variety of advertising and marketing solutions, ranging from social display ads, promoted feeds, to event-based ad and activity solutions.

Reaching out to Chinese Tourists on Sina Weibo

Preliminary estimates by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) show that Chinese tourist arrivals and spending in South East Asia hit record highs in 2016. Chinese tourists were the biggest spenders for the second year in a row, contributing a total of S$1.9 billion just last year alone.

“Singapore experiences an influx of 250,000 Chinese tourists on a monthly basis. Lately, there has been a surge in the number of Chinese Free and Independent Travellers (FIT) using digital platforms as their main sources of travel information. We believe that attracting them via Sina Weibo is the most effective method,” says Mr. George Foo, Chief Operating Officer for IH Digital.

“While WeChat and Weixin (the WeChat version available to mainland Chinese – restricted to businesses with operations in China) allow enterprises to offer highly personalized services to individual stakeholders; Sina Weibo excels for businesses seeking to drive awareness, engagement, and leads amongst Chinese consumers. In particular for businesses who do not have established operations in China, but are looking to reach Chinese consumers; Sina Weibo is the best Chinese social media platform for them to build awareness and credibility.”

Given that China’s digital landscape is unique, Foo emphasized that businesses outside China should have a specialised team to support their advertising campaigns on Sina Weibo.

“We are a multinational team. The local talents are armed with the necessary expertise to tackle both the Chinese and Southeast Asia markets. As such, we are able to support advertisers who are interested in reaching out to the Chinese outbound travellers.”

The new partnership follows IH Digital’s partnerships with other Chinese digital giants, such as Baidu and Meituan-Dianping.


About IH Digital, Sina Weibo’s Official Agency

IH Digital is Asia’s 360 Digital Marketing Agency with a strong presence in Southeast Asia and Greater China. IH Digital provides a strategic and synchronised 360-degree approach, focusing on creating, distributing and amplifying meaningful and consistent content to a clearly-defined audience. Founded in 2006, there are 100+ digital marketing specialists across Asia that cater to your diverse digital needs. IH Digital is currently serving as the official agency for Google, Baidu, Sina Weibo and Meituan-Dianping.

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Goldheart Jewelry works with talented visual artist Limzy


Singapore’s popular jewellery chain, Goldheart Jewelry, collaborated with the talented visual artist Limzy to tell the story of Enchantine and Prince Edward, through a series of watercolor artworks entitled “The Fairytale of Enchantine.” This influencer marketing campaign was in line with Goldheart’s launch of their Enchantine romantic collection.

Goldheart Jewelry, together with a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, tapped Limzy to help bring Enchantine and her story to life. Limzy took inspiration from Goldheart Jewelry’s Enchantine romantic collection and created a visual feast using her signature style of combining vivid watercolors with blooming flowers.

“The Fairytale of Enchantine” tells the story of a beautiful girl who lives in a garden among the flowers, named Enchantine. Although a cheerful and young soul, she oftentimes feels lonely. She then embarks on a journey, learning more about the world beyond her garden, but also finding love along the way.

Read the full story on Goldheart Jewelry’s Facebook:

Goldheart x Limzy:

Also part of the influencer marketing campaign, Goldheart Jewelry launched the #HappilyEverAfter Facebook wall contest. Fans were called to share the best expression of love they have ever received or experienced and comment it on the post. The chosen #HappilyEverAfter story will win a romantic 2D1N staycation for two at the beautiful Klapstar Boutique Hotel. On top of that, the winning pair will receive a unique Limzy artpiece from “The Fairytale of Enchantine.”

Influencer marketing: choosing the right talent for your campaign

Many businesses today are embracing social media influencers as a digital marketing strategy to help extend the reach of their brand messaging. By creating content for their massive base of followers in different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, influencers not only promotes the product but also boosts credibility of the brand.

Learn more about influencer marketing and how it could help build your brand’s image by messaging us here.

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Digital Marketing: Remember to Pamper your Mum this Mother’s Day!


Holidays and special occasions are the times to keep a look out for interesting digital marketing campaigns as most marketers are promoting very aggressively. “Pamper your Mum” is the key message that all online marketing campaigns are conveying this Mother’s Day. Following the latest digital marketing trends, marketers are rolling out animated GIFs and even Facebook wall contests to give away prizes to their social media fans to pamper their mothers.

Animated GIFs for your Content Marketing Strategy

Not only do animated GIFs communicate your message well, it also gives your content a sense of emotion. By injecting the festive spirit into the animated GIF, it will work very well in attracting the audience’s attention and evoking emotions. With the use of a heartfelt animated GIF, social media fans will definitely remember your brand while making plans to pamper their mums.

Facebook Wall Contests as part of your Digital Marketing Campaign

Conducting Facebook contests is a content marketing technique used to promote your products and services on your social media platform. Other than increasing brand awareness, it is given that there will be higher social engagement by enticing social media fans to participate and win the attractive prizes. This explains why Facebook Wall Contest is so widely used in the Singapore digital marketing industry.

Amid fierce competition, how can you stay ahead in the online marketing game? Listed below are some Mother’s Day digital marketing campaigns executed by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

1. Kotobuki Singapore #MothersDay Contest

Kotobuki Singapore

Participants get to win a free Kotobuki Souzai Moriawase for their family. All they need to do is comment on the post with the screenshot of the paused GIF when the correct ingredient is shown. This online marketing campaign was well-received with over 200 participants sharing and commenting on the post.

2. Nex Singapore Mother’s Day Contest

Nex Singapore

Using a wholesome animated GIF, Nex Singapore gave away three $120 Cotton On gift cards. Social media fans were asked to take a screenshot of the completed heart-shaped puzzle. Following that, they have to share an anecdote of the most touching thing that their mothers have done for them. This campaign has done a great work in pulling their fans’ heartstrings while they show their appreciation for their Mothers on this social media platform.

3. Twinings Singapore Mother’s Day GIF

Twinings Singapore

Count the packets in the giftbox and share the answers in the comments!

4. IH Digital Mother’s Day GIF

IH Digital

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Angels in the Shape of Mums! This animated GIF was produced with love from IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore. Take a look at more animated GIFs and other productions here.

Whether you intend to promote your brand to consumers or get the word out about your holiday sale and exclusive deals, injecting the festive spirit is definitely a must. If you are still unsure on how to create a positive social media buzz during festive seasons, speak to one of our representatives here. Discover other digital marketing strategies by IH Digital that might work for your brand!

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Social Media Marketing: 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia


As part of social media marketing, wall contests are an essential tool to drive engagement as well as to build a stable fan base. Whether it’s a sweepstake or a reward-based loyalty programme, the main goal of wall contests is to increase the brands’ social media existence. Besides, the execution of Facebook contest not only plays an important role in boosting the social media engagement for the brand, it ultimately aids in generating sales for that particular business.

Photos on social media are a powerful content marketing strategy to capture audiences’ attention as well as to establish brand loyalty among the fans. As we are accustomed the digital marketing trend, the introduction of 360° photos on Facebook has drastically evolved the content marketing strategy for most brands. Facebook 360° photos enable us to create a 3-dimensional view of an environment. It draws you into a scene and makes you feel like you’re part of the experience. Thus, many brands are gradually approaching to use 360° image as an effective social media marketing tool.

Men’s Biore Malaysia made an impact using 360°   image via Facebook contest. This time, they have utilised the “Count and Win” contest mechanism to let the fans count a number of products placed at various locations. The contest ran for four weeks at four different locations such as futsal field, in a toilet, at a college and at home. With the help of IH digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, the campaign was deemed successful with its high engagement rate and social actions.

Social Media Marketing 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia (4)Location 1: Futsal field with a total of 5.8K social actions

Social Media Marketing 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia (3)

Location 2: Toilet with a total of 4.9K social actions

Social Media Marketing 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia (2)

Location 3: College with a total of 3.8K social actions

Social Media Marketing 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia (1)

Location 4: Home with a total of 3.8K social actions

Are you looking to run a successful wall contest? Contact us at IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, we are always ready to tailor a seamless social media marketing plan for your brand! Inquire with us today.


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Digital Marketing: Boost your confidence with Bourjois!


For the past years, we have seen how brands have engaged their online audiences through digital marketing. But the one online marketing strategy that proved to be effective in engaging the online community is video content.

According to a study, video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US by 2019. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have provided the platform and tools for users to consume visual content, making it the preferred online marketing strategy of brands to target their customers.

Bourjois Singapore is keeping up with the trend by releasing a stop-motion video as part of their digital marketing campaign to promote their Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation and Rouge Edition Velvet lippies, a perfect combination to make you feel more confident and glowing.

The Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation has vitamin infused formula to adding 70% radiance to your skin making it smooth and hydrated. Pair it with the Rouge Edition Velvet on your lips, leaving a fine, matte coat to finish your look.

Video content as a digital marketing strategy

With consumers opting to engage brands with dynamic content, marketers are more willing to explore video production as an online marketing strategy to tap their markets. Brands like Honda Malaysia, Goldheart Jewelry, and Panasonic have already adopted this strategy and are continuing to come up with creative ways on how to engage with their online audience.

Marketers now have an understanding on how each social media platform is optimized for video content and anticipate what their audience prefer. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now have live video features making it easier for brands to interact with their fans in real time. Video content also yields more engagement and higher click-through rates compared to traditional ads.

Want to learn what kind of video content is right for you?

IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, specializes in social media marketing, video production, search marketing, and other digital marketing services. Contact us now to know which strategy will work best for your brand.

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Content Marketing: Honda Malaysia engage using Facebook Live Poll


The introduction of Facebook Live changes the dynamics of content marketing strategy on social media. With the newly added live streaming feature like Snapchat, Facebook Live is becoming a powerful digital marketing tool on social media advertising.

As Facebook starts adopting Facebook Live platform, the evolution of engagement videos on social media as a content marketing strategy transforms dramatically and quickly. Living in a social media-dominated world, we are constantly chasing after the latest information from the mobile. Now that Facebook Live is catching up on latest digital marketing trends, major business pages are stepping on the trend in boosting their respective pages with various engagement videos, particularly Facebook Live.

In conjunction with the new Honda City launch campaign, Honda Malaysia organises “Digital Treasure Hunt Contest” for customers to take a creative selfie with the new vehicle. Before the wall contest begins, Honda Malaysia allows the fans to choose the prizes for the selfie contest winners through Facebook Live reaction poll. The results turned out well, with approximately 1,700 votes reacting to the poll in choosing the prizes.

[metaslider id=5324]

The wall contest of the campaign allows the participants to take a selfie with the new Honda City to fill in the missing part of the puzzle. Participants will need to snap a selfie at the nearest Honda authorised sellers. Finally, participants have to post the selfie on the comment box with a caption of what they think about the new car to create a valid entry.

As a result, the wall contest has garnered more than 1,000 entries. Honda Malaysia successfully executed the campaign with well-planned content marketing efforts in enticing the fans voting for prizes via Facebook Live. In addition to that, the wall contest conveniently helps to drive more sales for Honda and increase the footfall at Honda’s authorised dealer when participants are taking selfies with the new Honda City.

Wanting to execute an outstanding content marketing campaign?

IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, ready to cater your digital needs to make your brand stand out among the others! If you’re interested, inquire with us today.

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Keep up with marketing trends: Screenshot & Win Exciting Prizes!


More and more brands are starting to incorporate the use of animated GIFs in their social media marketing campaign. GIFs create a sense of emotion within a short period of time, working more effectively than any other content marketing techniques. They are long enough to convey the brand message and short enough to keep your social media audience’s attention.

Conducting Facebook contests is another essential social media marketing technique used to promote your brand and reward fans for their support. Other than building brand loyalty by giving out attractive prizes, Facebook contests drive higher engagement on the social media platform. Conducting Facebook contests is indeed the epitome of killing two birds with one stone in the Singapore digital marketing industry.

While there are limitless contest mechanics that anyone can come up with, there is one that really catches our attention. Yes, it is the “screenshot and win” contest mechanism! The social media fans will have to capture a screenshot of the animated GIF, which is usually repeating a series of images. By commenting on the post with the correct screenshot, they will stand a chance to win exciting prizes. This mechanism draws attention to the GIF and it entices the participants to take their shot in this contest. There is no wonder why digital marketers are raving over the “screenshot and win” mechanism!

Listed below are some social media marketing campaigns executed by IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore. Using the “Screenshot and Win” mechanism, these campaigns resonate very well with the social media-savvy audiences.

1. Kotobuki Singapore #SakuraFair2017 Contest

Kotobuki Singapore

Participants get to win a #SakuraFair2017 dish of their choice by hitting the Kotobuki Jackpot. All they need to do is comment on the post with the screenshot of the paused GIF when it reaches BINGO. This content marketing strategy aims to promote their Sakura Fair.

2. Westway Mall Singapore Contest

Westway Mall

On top of asking the participants to take screenshot of the GIF when the car goes past Westway, they are also testing their social media fans to see if they know the Mall’s nearest Circle Line MRT station. By taking a shot, the fans stand to win a $5 Westway F&B voucher.

3. World Kitchen Asia Pacific – Mother’s Day Contest

World Kitchen Asia Pacific

Simply screenshot the GIF in the correct order showing the Pyrex Decorated Storage Set and winners will get a special day trip to the S.E.A Aquarium this Mother’s Day! With 3 sets for a family of 4 S.E.A Aquarium tickets up for grabs, there is no reason why anyone should give up on this chance to take a shot.

Planning a Facebook Contest for your Social Media Marketing Campaign!

Remember, there are countless of contest mechanisms. With our digital agency’s vast experience of executing social media marketing campaigns, you can count on us to launch a wall contest that could jump start your brand! Drop us a message now.

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Digital Marketing: UNIQLO Malaysia uses GIFs for Wall Contests


Facebook wall contests are highly popular across social media platforms for digital marketing campaigns. It is an essential social media marketing strategy to send your brand message to your social media savvy audience, as well as to drive engagement and potential audiences to business pages. Most marketers often use this tool as an online marketing strategy to trigger brand loyalty by constantly rewarding fans for their unwavering support.

We all know that engagement videos are powerful enough to tell a story differently on social media. From the digital marketing perspective, the potency of engagement videos can usually grasp the attention of social media users rather than image or text alone. GIFs or Graphic Interchange Format are easy to consume for social media users within a spur of the moment. Besides, GIFs have the ability to stimulate emotional impact towards audiences in the imagery world that people wouldn’t have necessarily noticed in still images.

Therefore, the integration of wall contests and GIFs is certainly the best of both worlds to create a successful digital marketing campaign for business pages.

Uniqlo Malaysia recently utilised the ‘Comment and Win’ wall contest mechanism incorporating three GIFs to showcase their latest sports collection for the audience. They used their products to create a sports-related moving image for the fans as a styling guide. The contest encourages participants to find out the sports they are imitating in the GIF, the fans needed to provide their answers and tag three friends. The campaign was successful with its high engagement rate and social actions.

The contest GIF emulating sports in the gym garnered 9,869 social actions.

The contest GIF on the second week imitating football sports with Uniqlo’s sports collection gathered 9,412 social actions.

During the final week of the contest, the yoga GIF posting collected 10,395 social actions being the most participated contest post throughout the campaign.

Ready to run a digital marketing campaign?

IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, provides a line of social media marketing needs for you to jump start your brand. Inquire with us today and team up with us!