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The Awesome Ways Bioré Used Social Media To Launch a New Product

Biore Digital Marketing Product Launch

Whether you’re a multinational company or a humble start-up, launching a new product will always be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. While it often involves a whole spectrum of media, social media has proven to be one of the most important media to focus on because of its sheer popularity. This is especially true if your product resonates with social media’s younger demographic. Such is the case for Bioré, which turned to Facebook to raise awareness for their new product—Bioré UV World’s First Micro UV Defense Formula Aqua Rich Watery Essence.


The brand kicked off their social media campaign by creating a series of teaser posts. The initial teaser video generated remarkably high engagements and more than 4,900 video views.

The excitement for the new product reached fever pitch with more teaser videos that educated fans on what to expect about the new product. Collectively, the additional teaser videos that were posted on Facebook generated more than 3,500 engagements and more than 26,700 video views.

In tandem with their online efforts, the beauty brand also set up a pop-up store in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Here, customers were able to experience the product and receive free samples and vouchers. The event also featured a photo wall that made the pop-up experience more fun for customers. The Facebook paid ads that ran to shout out their pop-up store event reached over 830,000 users.

To further ramp up their promotional effort, Bioré also created an event video for their pop-up store. The video pulled out the best moments from the event, showcased interesting interviews and most importantly, showed off the new product in use. Besides creating further brand awareness, the video gave their pop-up event more mileage.


From raising product awareness, Bioré next shifted their social media marketing strategy to driving sales. A WhatsApp contest was launched with a trip to Osaka up for grabs. To join, they asked customers to purchase at least RM48 worth of female Bioré products including at least one of the new Bioré UV product at any of the Guardian Malaysia outlets.

The brand also created a short video to tease fans on the exciting prize that awaits them and call for more entries. Supported by media buy, the contest shout-out managed to attract almost 200 more entries.

Bioré also partnered with Watsons for their Town is Beach campaign. For this social media effort, the brand ran a carousel ad that led fans to the campaign’s Watsons landing page.


Need a digital marketing agency to provide digital marketing and social media marketing services for your beauty brand? Whether it’s creating a social media strategy for your next event or executing video marketing campaigns for the next big holiday, a digital marketing agency like IH Digital will help you along the way. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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How To Win In Digital Marketing: The History of Whoo’s Sampling Campaign


The competition in the beauty industry is no walk in the park. Besides up-and-coming local brands gaining your audience’s attention, international names are also permeating local markets with their global appeal. With such cutthroat contest for awareness, sales and customer retention, how do you put your best face forward and present a winning digital marketing strategy?

Launching for the first time in Thailand, popular beauty brand The History of Whoo devised a strategy that would drive store visits and help them build a customer base.


The History of Whoo Event

With The History of Whoo staging an event on 4th to 10th October in Thailand’s upscale shopping mall EmQuartier, how can they encourage potential customers’ to visit the event?

The History of Whoo Microsite

The brand created a microsite where customers can register for free samples. The samples can then be redeemed at the event. The one-page site was also another opportunity for the brand. Through this, they are able to capture valuable customer data that can be used in succeeding marketing campaigns.

The History of Whoo Social Media Posts

Social media content was also deployed on Facebook and Instagram to further bolster awareness of the product sampling campaign. From the stars attending to what they can expect at the event, the social media posts helped pique customers’ interest and encourage them to swing by the event.


Need a digital marketing agency to provide digital marketing and social media marketing services for your beauty brand? Whether it’s creating a social media strategy for your next event or executing video marketing campaigns for the next big holiday, a digital marketing agency like IH Digital will help you along the way. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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5 Best Video Marketing Trends

5 best video marketing trends | video marketing | IH Digital

Most brands agree that video marketing is a great investment. It gives out a good ROI, it’s easy and affordable to do. Videos generate more conversions and shares on social media.

This year, brands had become more aware of this matter, and now a large number of video ads are being posted on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Here are some video marketing trends to help you gain more audience attention.

Video Marketing Trend #1: Vlogs

A business vlog is ideal when you update your audiences about your brand or your latest product. Some businesses collaborate with influencers to create content for their brand. It may be about products or services reviews or how-to videos. A perfect example would be hotels who want to gain brand awareness. Asia Travel Club is a social platform that helps connect hotel partners to influencers to produce great vlog reviews.

Video Marketing Trend #2: Live Stream

According to Marketing Land, 44% of brands have produced live stream videos. Viewers prefer live stream videos from their favourite brands because they could easily interact and ask questions directly. Live streaming is the fastest way to check your viewer metrics because it shows at the top of the video. People often join live streams with a high number of viewers. The best part is it’s easy to start a live stream because Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have live stream features!

5 best video marketing trends | video marketing | IH Digital

Video Marketing Trend #3: Virtual Reality

Another video marketing trend that has dragged consumers attention is through virtual reality marketing. Though it is new and brands still test this kind of marketing, virtual reality is expected to grow at a fast pace in 2020. Brands like Golden Village Funan recently executed their virtual reality experience that lets consumers enjoy a variety of games and movie content.

Video Marketing Trend #4: 360 Degree Videos

360-degree video, also known as spherical videos is a short and much simpler version of an immersive video like VR. Your audience would love to immerse and engage in a post where they can explore a picture beyond its flat shape. 70% of marketers who have used 360 videos says it has increased engagement for them, according to Web Videos.

Video Marketing Trend #5: Social Media Video Ads

Whether it’s skippable or not, social media video ads are great attention-grabber. Viewers love to binge watch on YouTube and Facebook. Moreover, social media ads are less expensive. Thus, more brands have switched the placement of their ads from television commercials to social media video ads.

Engage More Audience with Video Marketing!

Let your brand be as interactive as these trends! IH Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing solutions for your brand. Want to know more about video marketing, social media marketing, OOH, media buy, and more? Contact us today!

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Food Content Marketing: Five Spice Singapore is the New Gem of Changi Airport

Five Spice Singapore | Food Content Marketing

Food Content Marketing

Content marketing for F&B companies is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies. Brands can easily get into the hearts and minds of their audience because food is a necessity and everyone can be enticed by it. Who doesn’t love reading or watching videos about good food, right? Social media users would love to know about a new recipe or about a new restaurant that will open a few blocks away from home.

Five Spice Singapore | Food Content Marketing

IH Digital: Five Spice Content Marketing

Five Spice, a new market dining concept situated at Singapore’s Changi Airport, serves its customers well with the authentic dining experience and exquisite Southeast Asian food. With that, IH Digital proposed that they give the same amount of attention to their social media audiences through content marketing. Five Spice has its own website and also social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram that are managed by IH Digital.



Five Spice also engages in video marketing to give a better scoop of what is happening inside the kitchens of its stalls. Video marketing is one of the many services IH Digital provides. It is an effective way to entice customers by enabling the brand to be more relatable and accessible. Moreover, influencers use video to create food reviews.


Jumpstart Your Food Content Marketing with Us!

Content marketing isn’t easy to manage alone. IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore providing the right content marketing strategies for brands. It offers a 360 marketing approach including consultancy & research, social media marketing, video marketing, China digital marketing, and more! Interested to work with us and boost your brand’s marketing strategy? Contact us today!

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Greenfields Singapore: Mother’s Day Pop-Up Event

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated events every year. It is a day where mothers all over the world are appreciated for all the caring and hard work they do for their family.

With more events happening every year, you can easily come up with an event for your brand to reach your target audience aside from posting on social media. Take a look at Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events for example. Read further to know more about the event and its marketing actions.

Greenfields’ BREWtiful Mother’s Day Pop-Up Event

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Greenfields hosted two pop-up events called “For My BREWtiful Mom” held at MapleTree Business City office building and NEX heartland mall, Singapore on 10th May and 18th May respectively.

One of the events’ highlights includes inviting visitors to create personalized latte-art made from family portraits shot on-site or from a wide selection of Mother’s Day messages, courtesy of Kaffa Kaldi’s state-of-the-art Ripple Maker machine, which creates an image atop the foam layer of coffee beverages in just 15 seconds.

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Besides indulging in fresh milk and gourmet coffee made using Greenfields milk, visitors also had a chance to win an overseas 3D2N hotel stay worth up to S$300, simply by participating in Greenfields Photo Wall Contest, courtesy of Asia Travel Club (ATC).

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Mother’s Day Digital Marketing

Brands can create an integrated marketing plan for seasonal occasions such as Mother’s Day to boost brand awareness – creating hype on social media and subsequently engaging target audience on the ground through events. IH Digital was in charge of designing the event space, taking care of all logistics and conducting training for the promoters.

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Before the event, digital marketing promotions was also done through influencer marketing. Mom influencers like Jamie Yeo and Lian Meiting posted their family pictures enjoying Greenfields fresh milk to promoting the Mother’s Day pop-up event on Instagram.

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Moreover, IH Digital proposed to run several Facebook paid posts to generate hype and drive traffic to these events. Press release and events mock-up visuals were also produced and sent to the media.

IH Digital also helped Greenfields earn Mother’s Day coverage in Singapore’s only broadcaster Mediacorp’s

These event preparations and social media marketing promotions became effective when combined together and generated almost 300 social page likes and 150 photo wall contest submissions for Greenfields.

Greenfields also gave away 250 small milk packs in 3 hours, and 300 cups of coffee in 5 hours.


Pre-plan Your Events Marketing with IH Digital!

Want to hold an awesome event for your brand? IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore providing the best social media marketing solutions and OOH services for your brand’s events. IH Digital provides 360 degrees approach for its digital marketing which includes consultancy and research, search marketing, digital creatives & video marketing, China digital marketing, and media planning & buying. Interested to work your brand’s marketing concerns with us? Contact us today!

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Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting at Maxi-Cash First Outlet Opening in Wisteria Mall

Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting on Maxicash First Outlet Opening | IH Digital

With Instagram being more business-friendly, brands can reach a wide range of target market just by posting images partnered with an awesome copy. According to, It has landed rank sixth most popular social network in the world as of 2019. Many users are drawn by its features like sharing photos, making use of hashtags, and more!

Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting on Maxicash First Outlet Opening | IH Digital
Photo Courtesy:


In 2016, IG introduced new features such as sharing videos, advertising, and Instagram stories. Speaking of Instagram stories, Maxi-Cash was one of the many brands to make use of both Instagram and influencer marketing at the same time! Maxi-Cash recently opened their first outlet store at Wisteria Mall, Singapore. Among the excited visitors was Lian Meiting, a well-known social media influencer, who featured Maxi-Cash Wisteria outlet on her IG stories.

Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting on Maxicash First Outlet Opening | IH Digital
Photo Courtesy: Maxi-Cash SG | Instagram


The Maxi-Cash outlet store in Wisteria mall was full of wonderful line ups from jewelry to bags that’s why our lovely guest was thrilled to try on some of the watches, bracelets, and bags. This place is truly a gem to visit in Singapore. Catch more deals when you visit Maxi-Cash, Wisteria mall. Maxi-Cash gives out deals up to 80 percent on jewelry, and up to 30 percent on bags and more.

Instagram Marketing: Lian Meiting on Maxicash First Outlet Opening | IH Digital
Photo Courtesy: Maxi-Cash SG | Instagram


Start your Instagram Marketing with IH Digital!

Instagram is truly a powerful marketing tool to use for your brand’s social media campaigns. Tap more audience with Instagram marketing! IH Digital is a digital marketing agency providing 360 marketing approach which includes social media marketing,  SEO, and more. Want us to create, distribute, and amplify your digital marketing campaigns? Contact us today!

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Social Media Hype: Asia Travel Club is The New Social Commerce Platform Today!

Asia Travel Club connects social media influencers and hotel partners | Social Media

In this era of social media, traveling is another way to share great photos, give travel tips, or review hotels where you stay. For hotel owners, getting reviews from renowned social media influencers is an advantage to generate more audience and potential customers.

Read up on this article to know more about how can hotel partners and influencers stay connected and get a win-win benefit with Asia Travel Club!


Asia Travel Club Is the New Social Commerce Phenomenon

Asia Travel Club is a web social commerce platform established to bring influencer marketing to a new level! It aims to connect hotel partners and social media influencers. With great hotel catalogues, social influencers can choose from different hotels across Asia and get a free night stay! The same goes for hotel partners who can accept free reviews from these influencers.


Benefits of Asia Travel Club to Hotel Partners

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience who can turn out to be a customer as well. Allowing jet-setters to give a review will increase their brand credibility and brand awareness with likes, comments, and shares. These influencers create good representations of the hotel with their reviews.

Asia Travel Club connects social media influencers and hotel partners | Social Media
Photo Courtesy: Weibo


#KualaLumpur #TraveltoMalaysia

Checked-in at Le Apple Boutique Hotel for this trip. The hotel is near the KLCC MRT station, and it’s only 100 meters to Petronas Twin Towers. It’s also surrounded by various business districts, night markets, and parks, and is five stations away from KL Central which has the city’s largest bus interchange centre where you can ride to any interesting place in Kuala Lumpur. Le Apple Boutique Hotel is a comfortable place, just like staying at The Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, but the price is only about 200 RMB per night.


Asia Travel Club connects social media influencers and hotel partners | Social Media
Photo Courtesy: Weibo


#SpringTravel #TraveltoMalaysia #TraveltoMalacca

You can feel more Chinese elements from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca. Zheng has docked here six times during his voyages to the western seas, and many Chinese relics are still preserved today.

At Treasures Hotel & Suites, you can find not only Chinese signs, but will also be accompanied by Chinese speaking staff and boss. Chinese decorations create a feeling of belonging in a foreign country. You don’t have to worry about the language barrier and getting lost because they will give a map for your guidance.

P.S.  The 9th picture shows the boss of the hotel. The coffee shops and attractions from his recommendation are very good.


Benefits of Asia Travel Club to Social Media Influencers

Everybody loves freebies! Social media influencers can enjoy a free night stay at the hotel they choose to review. Asia Travel Club offers various hotels across ASEAN countries on their catalogue. This makes traveling more exciting for influencers especially when they receive free night stay sponsorship from these great hotels!

Asia Travel Club connects social media influencers and hotel partners | Social Media
Photo Courtesy: Asia Travel Club | Partners


How to Sign Up?

Join the ATC family with these simple steps:


Video produced by Asia Travel Club | Facebook


Ready to Create A Powerful Platform for Your Brand?

IH Digital will help you plan, create, and execute online marketing strategies for your brand with 360 digital marketing services. Contact us today to know more!

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This is Why Video Marketing is the New Digital Marketing Revolution!

Video marketing is your next thing! | Social media trend

Almost everything on social media relates to video marketing. It is another marketing medium where you plan, shoot, and post videos on social media to deliver the brand’s purpose. Not only that! It also educates and entertains your customers as a lot of social media users are visual learners.

And soon, brands’ videos will be all around us conquering social media platforms, LED billboards, televisions in public places, and more. Find out why video marketing is the next big thing!


Video Marketing Perks 1: You can feature more about your product

Some people love seeing great product photos on Facebook, or Instagram page but all they have are still pictures. Users are more enticed to buy products that have video content such as how-to videos, product reviews, tutorials, or do 360 degrees feature videos!

Video Marketing Perks 2: People are more hyped with what they watch than what they read

With video marketing, you are tapping two senses: sight and hearing. Unlike reading, it is much more exciting and interactive to produce videos. Your viewers are attracted not only to the visual presentation but also to the sound it has.


Video Marketing Perks 3: Some influencers are into videos already

Video marketing is your next thing! | Social media trendAnother reason why you should invest in video marketing is that most influencers are using videos to promote themselves and give updates to their followers. If you plan to partner up with a lot of influencers, then you must also adapt to this trend.


Video Marketing Perks 4: You can post on different social media sites

You have a lot of choices on where to post your videos! Most social media sites are video-friendly now. They upgrade their apps to encourage the use of videos. You can feature your brand or product through a Facebook live, Instagram stories, YouTube live stream, or just a video post.


Changing the Digital Marketing Game!

IH Digital is now adapting to the video trend providing clients with great video posts such as GIFs, micro-videos, product videos, and more! Check out this video created by IH Digital!

Want to see more videos? You can visit IH Digital YouTube channel, and subscribe for more video updates!


Tap on Video Marketing Now with IH Digital!

IH Digital can help you with your digital marketing needs. A digital marketing agency that will introduce you to video marketing, and other marketing services such as social media management, content marketing, search marketing, Chinese digital marketing and more! Contact us today!



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Social Media Trend: Here’s Why It’s Good to Have Influencers Promote the Product

Fann Wong expresses her love for Sanitarium Singapore’s product promotion on social media. | Social media marketing

Social media marketing has a lot of functions to businesses nowadays. You can use it to create brand awareness, launch a product, announce promotions, conduct a contest, and the most interesting part is you can have the biggest stars and influencers promote the product or share their review!

Promote your brand with social media marketing. | IH Digital

With this kind of online marketing, your brand or product can surely reach different types of audience and influencers. Sanitarium Singapore recently announced a product promotion on their Facebook page.

One of the product’s newest fan is award-winning Singaporean actress, Fann Wong giving heartful feedback about Sanitarium Singapore’s So Good Soy Milk on social media. This gave hundreds of post likes for the brand.

Connecting your brand with the right influencers is a great social media strategy to help your audience acknowledge your brand credibility. Influencers can help you reach your target audience in many ways such as creating product reviews or promoting upcoming events for the brand.


Level Up Your Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Let IH Digital help you win the right audience and connect you to renowned influencers. IH Digital is a rockstar digital marketing agency that provides your social media and digital marketing needs. Interested to know more? Contact us today! 

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Social Media Marketing: How To Be Ready For Any Holiday


Chinese New Year has just come and gone but the holiday hustle does not end for brands who want to win the social media marketing game. With Valentine’s Day coming up and more national holidays popping up, it’s important for brands to leverage these holidays for their social media campaigns. Here, we share some tips for incorporating the holidays—from Christmas to International Women’s Day to Halloween—into your digital marketing strategy.


Holidays celebrated worldwide such as Valentine’s Day or Halloween is a must for all brands. But for more novel celebrations such as National Hat Day, National Beer Day or National Cheese Day, they don’t always translate to social media marketing gold. As such, always make sure that the holiday you plan to ride on—no matter how bizarre and wacky—is aligned with your brand goals and what you represent.


No effective social media marketing plan is complete without a content calendar to map out yearly activities, identify important holidays and see the big picture. When you do this, brands can plan ahead. While there will always be time to wing it and improvise, it’s always better to know where you’re heading.


Besides deciding on which holiday to zero in on, it’s just as important to identify what you want to achieve with the holiday campaign your brand is planning. Is it to generate awareness? Boost sales? Improve social engagement? Once you’ve figured out your goals, you can then decide on the activations, content, offers or whatnot that you’ll incorporate into the campaign.

For IH Digital client GSC Movies, their CNY efforts revolved around promoting the movie The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang by Jackie Chan and encouraging families to catch a movie during the CNY season at GSC cinemas.


IH Digital_Social Media Marketing_Naturel Living

For Chinese New Year, Naturel Living updated their cover photo 

What’s a house without some CNY décor to channel the holiday, right? When a new holiday arrives, grab the opportunity to shake up your brand’s look to keep it up-to-date and interesting. On Facebook, the cover photo is where you should start! It’s a great space to greet fans, promote a sale or hold a contest.


Need a digital marketing agency in Singapore to provide digital marketing and social media marketing services? Whether it’s creating a social media strategy or executing video marketing campaigns, IH Digital will help you along the way. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2019


As a new year approaches, expect an array of new and exciting digital marketing trends in tow. While many of the trends we’ve seen in the past year will remain relevant in 2019, it’s still important for brands to take note of emerging and still-evolving techniques to keep your digital and social media marketing strategies sharp as ever. Take a look at the four trends to look out for in digital marketing.


The popularity of chatbots can’t be denied. It’s been around for a couple of years but it still shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, according to Business Insider, 80% of businesses intend to use chatbots by 2020.

With its indispensable ability to reach and engage customers any time of the day, chatbots fill in the limitations of the human workforce. Indeed, chatbots are bound to become an important customer service option thanks to their ability to respond faster and smarter.


In 2019, micro influencers will take centre stage. Unlike influencers, who are celebrities or big-time bloggers with a large following, micro-influencers are usually individuals with less than 10,000 followers. Despite having fewer followers, studies have shown that micro-influencers actually generate more engagement per post.

IH-Digital_Digital-Marketing_Microblogger_Microinfluencer A microblogger engagement campaign for Araya Hong Kong

With the help of micro-influencers, brands can harness the power of relatability and higher conversion. How? While engaging a celebrity with millions of followers can help brands reach a bigger audience, not all the celebrity’s followers may be interested in what you’re offering. But if brands tap into the power of a micro-influencer with a specific interest, they are more likely to build greater rapport with those pool of potential customers.


Have you been incorporating video into your content marketing strategy? Now’s not the time to slow down as video remains on top. In particular, live video is expected to lead the way in video content strategies. A microblogger engagement campaign for Araya Hong Kong

Honda Malaysia Facebook Live video at KLIMS 2018 Motorshow
From Facebook Live to Instagram Live, the possibilities are endless for brands to great as creative and as engaging as they can. Other formats that are expected to rise in popularity are 360-degree video content and vertical videos. The latter is especially popular on Instagram. In fact, over 75% of millennials watch videos in this format.


Technological advancements are also seeping their way into digital marketing. One global trend to look out for is augmented reality. Through this immersive technology, brands can incorporate visual elements–such fas their products–onto an actual space.


Need a digital marketing agency in Singapore to provide content marketing services that could cater to any of your digital needs? From video marketing to social media marketing and SEO to China marketing, IH Digital will help you plan and execute your campaigns. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Digital Marketing: Add Christmas Cheer To Your Social Media Campaigns


There’s nothing quite like the Christmas for digital marketing specialists. It’s the time of the year where opportunities to entertain and engage people through festive social media campaigns are aplenty. It’s also the best time to ride on the shopping fever and boost your sales.

Here, we take a look at how some brands, together with Singapore digital agency IH Digital, bring the Christmas cheer into their social media marketing strategy.


While some brands jump on the opportunity to market their products to drive sales, Food Junction instead embraced the spirit of giving using the power of an animated video to drive engagement. The brand kept it simple and festive by asking people to take a screenshot of the moment Santa Claus is surprised with a feast on the table. The contest has so far garnered 1,357 likes, comments and shares.


Looking for another way to incorporate the holiday season into your social media strategy? Considering filming festive videos that provide a richer and more relatable experience for your audience just like what Panasonic did. Produced by IH Digital, the fruitcake recipe video offered a great opportunity to showcase one of their products, the steam convection oven. Moreover, the detailed steps allow the audience to recreate it at home.


Another brand that opted to spread the holiday cheer through a giveaway is suisai. The brand launched a Facebook wall contest where people had to vote for a set of suisai products they’d want to receive this Christmas. The winner will be selected from the set with the most votes. Joining is easy, as fans only need to leave a comment, tag three friends and include the hashtags #suisaisingapore and #suisaiBeautyClearPowder.


Eager to tighten your social media marketing strategy to keep up with the seasons? Let IH Digital, an experienced digital marketing agency in Singapore, help you craft the ideal digital and social media strategy for your brand. Get in touch with us today.