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Singapore Influencer Mr Brown Endorses Share-the-Care Campaign

Singapore Influencer Mr Brown Endorses Share-the-Care Campaign

To promote the Families for Life Council’s (FFL) “Share-the-Care” movement, the Ministry of Social and Family Development collaborated with Mr Brown (aka Lee Kin Mun) – a well-liked influencer in Singapore. The famed comedian and “Blogfather” of Singapore shared the “Kim Huat and the Ribbon” video across his social media channels, which gained immediate attention with over 100,000 views and 660 shares overnight.

Initiated as part of the #SGUnited efforts, the movement encourages families to bond with one another and other families to show their support for our community’s unsung heroes who are tirelessly battling against the COVID-19 outbreak. These include the people “who keep our community clean and safe or those who help us go about our lives normally such as the cleaners in our estates, bus drivers, school bus drivers and so forth.

The campaign was boosted through influencer marketing, which helped spread the information faster and broader on social media. Mr Brown has a massive fan base of 411.8k followers on Twitter, 103.7k on Facebook, 35.3k on Instagram, and 42.4k on YouTube – a great booster that led to the campaign’s incredible initial results. The video received nearly 11k views on Instagram, 80.7k on Facebook, 7.9k on Twitter, and 4.8k on YouTube.

"Kim Huat and the Ribbon" video by Mr Brown as posted on his Facebook page
“Kim Huat and the Ribbon” video by Mr Brown as posted on his Facebook page

Mr Brown’s short video helps extend the FFL’s invitation to everyone while encouraging them to join the movement. Families are urged to pay it forward with Share-the-Care baskets containing games and a DIY kit suitable for kids, families, and senior citizens.

Watch the full Mr Brown YouTube video here:

About the Movement

Families for Life started the FFL “Share-the-Care” movement in March 2020 to “encourage families to bond with one another and other families in showing support for our community’s unsung heroes.” The council has put together a care basket containing various games and activities such as DIY materials for the FFL Share-the-Care red ribbons, traditional games (five stones, paper ball), FFL Tote Bag, MSF Baby Bonus Parenting Resources (fingerprinting kit, reading and rhyme cards), Dads for Life “Knowing Me, Knowing You” family card game, People’s Association’s Playdate kit containing 7 family games and activities, and National Library Board’s Reading interest profiling toolkit.

Interested families and individuals may fill up this form to sign up. Note that each household is entitled to one basket on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, visit this page:

Engaging an Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Campaign

Do you also have a campaign you want to launch on social media? Have an influencer or blogger help you reach a wider audience with a single post. IH Digital has over 3,000 influencers onboard its influencer management system. These influencers hail from across Southeast Asia and Greater China with huge fan bases of as much as 2 million. They specialise in various industries such as travel, beauty, and food among others. With this strategy, an extensive audience reach is guaranteed and your campaign will be viewed by thousands in a short amount of time.

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3 Proven Techniques to Win Airline Digital Marketing

3 Proven Techniques to Win Airline Digital Marketing

For airlines, their customers’ digital journey begins from the second a customer stumbles upon a social media post about a top travel destination to the minute they start searching for flights. It continues the instance customers shortlist several airlines until the moment they finally book a ticket. But even after securing an airline ticket, airline digital marketing still applies well past a customer’s one-way or roundtrip travel.

As such, digital marketing for airlines is crucial. Besides a solid social media presence, airlines like Eva Air understand that they must be strategic in deploying digital marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ll look at the airline digital marketing strategy of Eva Air and how it proved to be successful for the airline brand.

Travel Influencer Marketing Strategy for Airline Brands

Besides well-run social media pages, Eva Air also bolstered its online marketing strategy with influencer marketing. The airline turned to influencers to increase brand awareness and promote their new Bangkok-Vienna route. For this endeavour, they enlisted the content creation expertise and high-profile influence of Thai couple and travel bloggers Paigunna. The couple maintains a prominent blog, a Facebook page with more than 650,000 fans and an Instagram page with more than 63,000 followers.

Popular Thai couple travel influencers Paigunna promoting Eva Air’s new route on Instagram

Tasked with promoting the Bangkok-Vienna route, Paigunna focused on showcasing what the city has to offer. They filled their blog and social media pages with stunning photographs of the sights, scenery and mouth-watering food that await tourists in Vienna. Paigunna’s posts about the charming city of Vienna garnered more than 1,700 likes on Instagram and more than 800 social actions on Facebook.

A blog post shared by Paigunna promoting Eva Air’s Bangkok-Vienna route

The couple also zeroed in on promoting the Eva Air. On their blog, they went into the fine details of the aircraft they boarded – raving about the features and the many conveniences on board.

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy for Airline Brands

Eva Air’s blog site with search engine optimised articles to win target keywords

In airline digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital. On this front, Eva Air maintains a regular publishing schedule on its blog site. With this effort, the airline ensures higher visibility of their website in search engines. Moreover, with the valuable content they provide, more qualified potential customers are attracted because of the richer user experience.

The result of their SEO campaign efforts is noteworthy. The airline improved website traffic by 50% compared to 2018 and by more than 130% compared to 2017. But more importantly, they rank in the top three Google search result pages (SERPs) on their 15 targeted keywords.

Event Marketing Strategy for Airline Brands

Although interacting with customers on the digital landscape comes naturally for airlines, it’s just as important to build relationships face-to-face. For Eva Air, their annual 1-day event is their way of gaining new customers and fostering brand loyalty.

Eva Air’s 2019 event at Central World, Bangkok | Photo credit: Eva Airways Corp.

In their 2019 event held at Central World in Bangkok, the floor was buzzing with fun-filled activities. At the event, customers had access to discounted tickets and various promotions at the sales booth, enjoyed a session with an influencer and a mini-concert, and even participated in games. Other activities and booths included a VR booth, a street night market, and a photo booth.

Take your airline brand to new heights!

Want your airline brand to soar high? Let IH Digital help you create a seamless digital marketing strategy that will elevate your brand to a whole new level. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our all-inclusive solutions can boost your online marketing campaigns!

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Greenfields Singapore: Mother’s Day Pop-Up Event

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated events every year. It is a day where mothers all over the world are appreciated for all the caring and hard work they do for their family.

With more events happening every year, you can easily come up with an event for your brand to reach your target audience aside from posting on social media. Take a look at Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events for example. Read further to know more about the event and its marketing actions.

Greenfields’ BREWtiful Mother’s Day Pop-Up Event

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Greenfields hosted two pop-up events called “For My BREWtiful Mom” held at MapleTree Business City office building and NEX heartland mall, Singapore on 10th May and 18th May respectively.

One of the events’ highlights includes inviting visitors to create personalized latte-art made from family portraits shot on-site or from a wide selection of Mother’s Day messages, courtesy of Kaffa Kaldi’s state-of-the-art Ripple Maker machine, which creates an image atop the foam layer of coffee beverages in just 15 seconds.

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Besides indulging in fresh milk and gourmet coffee made using Greenfields milk, visitors also had a chance to win an overseas 3D2N hotel stay worth up to S$300, simply by participating in Greenfields Photo Wall Contest, courtesy of Asia Travel Club (ATC).

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Mother’s Day Digital Marketing

Brands can create an integrated marketing plan for seasonal occasions such as Mother’s Day to boost brand awareness – creating hype on social media and subsequently engaging target audience on the ground through events. IH Digital was in charge of designing the event space, taking care of all logistics and conducting training for the promoters.

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Before the event, digital marketing promotions was also done through influencer marketing. Mom influencers like Jamie Yeo and Lian Meiting posted their family pictures enjoying Greenfields fresh milk to promoting the Mother’s Day pop-up event on Instagram.

Greenfields Mother’s Day pop-up events in Singapore | IH Digital

Moreover, IH Digital proposed to run several Facebook paid posts to generate hype and drive traffic to these events. Press release and events mock-up visuals were also produced and sent to the media.

IH Digital also helped Greenfields earn Mother’s Day coverage in Singapore’s only broadcaster Mediacorp’s

These event preparations and social media marketing promotions became effective when combined together and generated almost 300 social page likes and 150 photo wall contest submissions for Greenfields.

Greenfields also gave away 250 small milk packs in 3 hours, and 300 cups of coffee in 5 hours.

Pre-plan Your Events Marketing with IH Digital!

Want to hold an awesome event for your brand? IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore providing the best social media marketing solutions and OOH services for your brand’s events. IH Digital provides 360 degrees approach for its digital marketing which includes consultancy and research, search marketing, digital creatives & video marketing, China digital marketing, and media planning & buying. Interested to work your brand’s marketing concerns with us? Contact us today!

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Social Media Hype: Asia Travel Club is The New Social Platform Today!

Asia Travel Club connects social media influencers and hotel partners | Social Media

In this era of social media, traveling is another way to share great photos, give travel tips, or review hotels where you stay. For hotel owners, getting reviews from renowned social media influencers is an advantage to generate more audience and potential customers.

Read up on this article to know more about how can hotel partners and influencers stay connected and get a win-win benefit with Asia Travel Club!


Asia Travel Club Is the New Social Commerce Phenomenon

Asia Travel Club is a web social commerce platform established to bring influencer marketing to a new level! It aims to connect hotel partners and social media influencers. With great hotel catalogues, social influencers can choose from different hotels across Asia and get a free night stay! The same goes for hotel partners who can accept free reviews from these influencers.


Benefits of Asia Travel Club to Hotel Partners

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience who can turn out to be a customer as well. Allowing jet-setters to give a review will increase their brand credibility and brand awareness with likes, comments, and shares. These influencers create good representations of the hotel with their reviews.

Asia Travel Club connects social media influencers and hotel partners | Social Media
Photo Courtesy: Weibo


#KualaLumpur #TraveltoMalaysia

Checked-in at Le Apple Boutique Hotel for this trip. The hotel is near the KLCC MRT station, and it’s only 100 meters to Petronas Twin Towers. It’s also surrounded by various business districts, night markets, and parks, and is five stations away from KL Central which has the city’s largest bus interchange centre where you can ride to any interesting place in Kuala Lumpur. Le Apple Boutique Hotel is a comfortable place, just like staying at The Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, but the price is only about 200 RMB per night.


Asia Travel Club connects social media influencers and hotel partners | Social Media
Photo Courtesy: Weibo


#SpringTravel #TraveltoMalaysia #TraveltoMalacca

You can feel more Chinese elements from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca. Zheng has docked here six times during his voyages to the western seas, and many Chinese relics are still preserved today.

At Treasures Hotel & Suites, you can find not only Chinese signs, but will also be accompanied by Chinese speaking staff and boss. Chinese decorations create a feeling of belonging in a foreign country. You don’t have to worry about the language barrier and getting lost because they will give a map for your guidance.

P.S.  The 9th picture shows the boss of the hotel. The coffee shops and attractions from his recommendation are very good.


Benefits of Asia Travel Club to Social Media Influencers

Everybody loves freebies! Social media influencers can enjoy a free night stay at the hotel they choose to review. Asia Travel Club offers various hotels across ASEAN countries on their catalogue. This makes traveling more exciting for influencers especially when they receive free night stay sponsorship from these great hotels!

Asia Travel Club connects social media influencers and hotel partners | Social Media
Photo Courtesy: Asia Travel Club | Partners


How to Sign Up?

Join the ATC family with these simple steps:


Video produced by Asia Travel Club | Facebook


Ready to Create A Powerful Platform for Your Brand?

IH Digital will help you plan, create, and execute online marketing strategies for your brand with 360 digital marketing services. Contact us today to know more!

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Social Media Influencers to Promote Disney Princess Collection


Influencer marketing is an important aspect of a digital marketing strategy. But what is an influencer? An influencer is someone who has the ability to influence potential buyers by championing a product or service on social media.

With the right influencer, brands can enjoy a wide array of benefits. One big advantage of employing influencers in your social media marketing strategy is that they typically have their own niches. From fashion to cooking, brands can identify and choose the most ideal influencer in the niche you are targeting.

Moreover, influencer marketing is soft sell in nature. Since social influencers create their content, they have the ability to tailor a product or service in a way that fits their aesthetic. This way, content is naturally weaved into their updates instead of being a spammy or pushy ad.


Maxi-Cash Singapore tapped digital marketing agency IH Digital to engage social media influencers Chloe Teo and Faustina Pang for their Disney Princess Collection campaign.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by FAUSTINA PANG (@f4ustina) on

A prelude to the 18K Disney Princess collection, the campaign highlighted their existing 916 Gold Disney Princess pieces. The influencer campaign was also deployed during the Christmas, positioning the pieces as timely Christmas gifts. To create campaign awareness, the influencers took to their Instagram to produce content that evoked the collection’s theme and message. The influencers crafted unique looks that paid homage to Disney princesses.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Chloe Teo (@chloetwl) on

Chloe Teo also launched a giveaway, giving one of her lucky followers the opportunity to win an Enchanting Belle 916 Gold Pendant worth $488.

Through the Instagram posts created by the two KOLs, the brand was also able to drive traffic to the Maxi-Cash Christmas Pop-up at Orchard Central. At the pop-up, customers could avail 30% off Disney Princess range and an additional 7% cashback.


Does your brand need help to find the right influencer for your campaigns? IH Digital is a digital marketing agency in Singapore with broad experience in crafting winning social media strategies, producing top-notch Facebook videos, and more. Get in touch with us today.

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Social media marketing tip: Learn from influencers’ techniques

IH Digital SEO Article_May2018 Wk2 Image

Today’s social media marketing is continuously evolving. With famous personalities followed by thousands (or millions) of online users, brands can garner quite good exposure from these influencers. Aside from tagging famous personalities, bloggers or celebrities, brands can also learn effective online marketing strategy from these influencers.

Social media marketing trend: The Impact of KOLs and Key Influencers

While most companies focus on social media marketing, learning from key opinion leaders (KOLs) are somehow part of the social media strategy too. Aside from tagging these personalities to create a buzz about products or services, there are more things in store for brands. There are things we can apply to social media platforms while taking techniques from KOLs and key influencers.


Here are some techniques from KOLs and influencers that brands can implement to social media platform:


  • Let your content design strategy create a positive impression

Your brand’s signature look, your target market and your content strategy are key to garnering a loyal fan base and the right set of fans. Bloggers for example, place a huge deal on their profile pages’ aesthetics, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Primary reason is that brands need to compete for the attention of online users in a saturated online space. Quality design, unique aesthetics and most importantly, a well-planned social media content strategy are most likely the factors that affects online users.


  • Value patience and experience in engaging fans


Ask, listen and discuss topics with your fans. This way, your social media marketing can reach the next level – a personal interaction with fans, which is an effective approach to learning more about your fans and drawing positive impression towards your brand.

Bloggers and famous personalities can be noticed to be making time for live chats, Q&A session and live videos to garner opinions, suggestions and create a positive atmosphere around their social media profiles. In the same way, brands can also implement this social media strategy by replying actively in the comments sections of their posts. Engage fans, learn more about them and create an online air that would be most fit to your brand. By doing this, you can create an online marketing strategy and digital media campaigns depending on what you can learn from your fans such as their age, their online activities and interests just by listening and conversing with them.


  • Create a unique strategy for every social media platform or channel


Notice famous bloggers’ Instagram and Facebook, you will largely notice the difference. Posts present on Facebook is not necessarily applicable to Instagram, and vice versa. Channel your assets in a way that is most suitable in every channel. For instance, bloggers think about quality images, grids, and how each of their images will affect their Instagram’s profile’s grid of images. This is not necessarily applicable to Facebook as Facebook is more about the impact of each post in the newsfeed.


  • Social media algorithm is big deal


To make your post visible in the newsfeed, engaging fans during the first hour after posting your content is crucial. Most influencers are attentively responding to their fans while their post is new and fresh. Additionally, social media algorithm now prioritizes quality content, and engagement plays a large role in this. This is especially true for Facebook and Instagram. One of the digital marketing best practices you can take from influencers is to continue a conversation. Be active in encouraging an engaged community. Tip: Boost your post reach as well as page reach.


  • Videos, even a simple one, can be effective


A planned strategy and well-targeted to the right market is the key to effective video . Videos, in fact, is a great strategy to help the audience decide to buy a product or service. Online users don’t expect perfection in social media videos. Hence, it’s a plus for digital marketing efforts as long as the content is useful, meaning and targeted properly.


As your brand plans for social media advertising plans, ensure that your strategy is laid out properly according to the needs of your market while taking into consideration the digital marketing trends useful for your brand. At IH Digital, we plan, strategise and implement social media marketing strategies with expertise and experience. We connect with and manage KOLs and influencers to help brands achieve their social media marketing objectives with ease.

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Social Media Marketing: How Brands Celebrate Chinese New Year (II)

Social Media Marketing: How Brands Celebrate Chinese New Year (II)

In the previous article, we have mentioned Chinese New Year is one of the world’s most prominent and celebrated festivals and introduced how brands inject the CNY festival spirit into their social media marketing campaign through Facebook mini game and receipt videos. Here is more ways to celebrate CNY while engaging supporters and promoting brands:

Animated Video – Filial Piety

Chinese New Year is a time of joy, great food and family togetherness. IH Digital produced an animated video for Filial Piety. In the video, everyone is wearing traditional Chinese clothes, saying CNY greeting with gifts.


Live Post – MY Merries

MY Merries has launched a Live Post Wall Contest and invite fans to answer the question to win the prize. Just press and hold the photo, and the ang pow packets will show up. Count how many ang pow packets you found in the photo and comment to win a set of our exclusive ang pow packets along with a sample of Merries Good Skin Pants.

To experience this Facebook ­Live Photo, follow this link on your smartphone:


Blogger Engagement – Petronas

Many people will drive for a few hours to go back to their hometown and visit their family. Petronas has launched a video about it with blogger engagement in Weibo. We invited some famous Weibo bloggers to share this video and reach more fans. The video reached 3.03 million impressions with 650K video views within 24 hours.

Social Media Marketing: How Brands Celebrate Chinese New Year (II)

Micro Video – Biore Malaysia

IH Digital produced a micro video for Biore Malaysia, which showed their products, discount and New Year greeting within 12 seconds.

IH Digital is a reputable digital marketing agency in Singapore, present in 6 other countries across Asia, proficiency in more than 10 languages. We produce written and visual content to engage your audience in other markets across Asia. Contact us now to learn more.

Related article: Social Media Marketing: How Brands Celebrate Chinese New Year!(I)

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Digital Marketing: Sulwhasoo Singapore Celebrates #WhenTheGinsengBloom

digital-marketing-sulwhasoo-whentheginsengblooms-website1Sulwhasoo worked with IH Digital to execute an integrated digital marketing campaign to celebrate its 51 years in Ginseng Research. This was the microsite developed by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency.

To celebrate their 51 years of dedication to the perfection of Ginseng Research, Sulwhasoo Singapore has organised a pop-up store to showcase the latest additions to their Concentrated Ginseng Renewing line and other whimsical art exhibits. Sulwhasoo even conducted exclusive workshops and beauty classes that encapsulate the essence of total holistic beauty. As part of its digital marketing strategy to promote the pop-up store, Sulwhasoo worked with IH Digital, a digital agency in Singapore, to execute an influencer marketing campaign and launch its microsite.

An Event Coverage Video of Sulwhasoo’s Pop-up Store

Sulwhasoo x Limzy: Influencer Marketing Campaign

Sulwhasoo collaborated with the talented visual artist Limzy to tell the story of the blooming Ginseng flower, through a series of artworks entitled “When The Ginseng Blooms.” This influencer marketing campaign was in line with the celebration of Sulwhasoo’s 51st year in Ginseng Research as well as the latest additions to their Concentrated Ginseng Renewing line. Using her signature style of combining vivid watercolors with blooming flowers, Limzy created the three whimsical artworks – “The Root of Beauty”, “Flower Dance” and “Garden of Ginseng”.

“When the Ginseng Blooms” tells the story of a beautiful woman who lives in the Garden of Ginseng. The goodness rooted in her heart began sprouting when she was a young girl and blossomed, turning her into the beautiful woman she is now. She is the most elegant woman among the others as her beauty radiates while harvesting every good energy from the Earth. Limzy ends her story by illustrating that the woman dances with joy and confidence as she finds happiness in the Ginseng Garden. This story resonates with Sulwhasoo’s brand message of Holistic beauty. Images of the artworks were posted on social media, garnering an overwhelming positive response from their fans.

Read the full story on Sulwhasoo’s Facebook & Limzy’s Instagram:

Sulwhasoo launched a Facebook wall contest to link their influencer marketing efforts back to their pop-up store. Fans were called to share their best interpretation of Holistic Beauty and comment it on the post. The chosen story will win one of the three unique Limzy artworks from “When The Ginseng Blooms”.

Holistic Beauty Microsite: Digital Marketing Campaign

Sulwhasoo launched a microsite for this online marketing campaign. The microsite celebrates their 51st year in perfecting Ginseng Research. It lists the exclusive workshops and beauty classes that encapsulate the essence of total holistic beauty, varying from flower arrangements to skincare tutorials.

Fans can also redeem a complimentary Sulwhasoo Anti-aging kit that is given out during the event. The kit includes the new Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask and a Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX. All they need to do it is sign up on the web page and present the QR codes sent to them when they visit the pop-up store in person. This digital marketing strategy integrates both offline and online activities, boosting the effectiveness of the overall marketing campaign.

Sulwhasoo worked with IH Digital to execute an integrated digital marketing campaign to celebrate its 51 years in Ginseng Research.

Sulwhasoo worked with IH Digital to execute an integrated digital marketing campaign to celebrate its 51 years in Ginseng Research.

An Integrated Digital Marketing Approach

It is an open secret that businesses will need to tap into digital marketing to support offline sales and events. Let IH Digital help you with your marketing campaign. If you are seeking to promote your brand through influencer marketing, microsites or social media marketing, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore has an array of digital marketing services. Drop us a message to see how we can help you and your business today!

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Goldheart Jewelry works with talented visual artist Limzy


Singapore’s popular jewellery chain, Goldheart Jewelry, collaborated with the talented visual artist Limzy to tell the story of Enchantine and Prince Edward, through a series of watercolor artworks entitled “The Fairytale of Enchantine.” This influencer marketing campaign was in line with Goldheart’s launch of their Enchantine romantic collection.

Goldheart Jewelry, together with a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, tapped Limzy to help bring Enchantine and her story to life. Limzy took inspiration from Goldheart Jewelry’s Enchantine romantic collection and created a visual feast using her signature style of combining vivid watercolors with blooming flowers.

“The Fairytale of Enchantine” tells the story of a beautiful girl who lives in a garden among the flowers, named Enchantine. Although a cheerful and young soul, she oftentimes feels lonely. She then embarks on a journey, learning more about the world beyond her garden, but also finding love along the way.

Read the full story on Goldheart Jewelry’s Facebook:

Goldheart x Limzy:

Also part of the influencer marketing campaign, Goldheart Jewelry launched the #HappilyEverAfter Facebook wall contest. Fans were called to share the best expression of love they have ever received or experienced and comment it on the post. The chosen #HappilyEverAfter story will win a romantic 2D1N staycation for two at the beautiful Klapstar Boutique Hotel. On top of that, the winning pair will receive a unique Limzy artpiece from “The Fairytale of Enchantine.”

Influencer marketing: choosing the right talent for your campaign

Many businesses today are embracing social media influencers as a digital marketing strategy to help extend the reach of their brand messaging. By creating content for their massive base of followers in different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, influencers not only promotes the product but also boosts credibility of the brand.

Learn more about influencer marketing and how it could help build your brand’s image by messaging us here.

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Online Marketing: Be on the Go with Kao Laurier to #ConfirmConquer!


Kao Laurier Malaysia has been very aggressive with their online marketing efforts. Featuring the Malaysian doyennes of car racing and pop music, Leona Chin and Najwa Latif respectively, Kao Laurier conveyed their brand message with clarity in their previous content marketing videos. With Kao Laurier providing ladies with the support and protection they need during their red days, you can be assured that you will #confirmconquer and be on the go!

In the latest run of their digital marketing campaign, Kao Laurier is on the go in reaching out to their fans all over Malaysia. Hitting the road on their roving truck, fans get a chance to win free gifts and take part in exciting activities in their pursuit of being a Laurier Go Girl. Working with IH Digital, an online marketing agency, there was a video produced to explain how to take part in their marketing contest.

Besides producing a video, Kao Laurier released an interactive microsite with IH Digital’s help. Adding an animated element gives the microsite a personalised touch. By swiping left, you can control how the illustrated roving truck moves across the landscape and makes stops at different places. This representation is probably the most aesthetically pleasing and fun!

Other than being a visual, the animated microsite is quintessential to their whole content marketing strategy. It is the one-stop platform for the whole online marketing campaign. The microsite allows fans to check out the truck’s destinations and to find out more about the contest. On top of that, it is the platform for participants to upload their selfies taken. By sharing the posts with their friends, their chances of winning increases if their friends join in the fun. Just remember to hashtag #ConfirmConquer and include “I’m a Laurier Go Girl. Be like me!” in the captions. The winner and her friends will stand to win an all-expenses-paid trip worth RM15,000 to their dream destination.

Planning for an engaging Online Marketing Campaign

Offline and online marketing are complementary to each other. Not convinced? Look at how we helped Kiss92’s Dreams Set Sail. Let IH Digital help you to integrate both mediums in the execution of your marketing campaign. Inquire with us today.

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Content Marketing: Join Leona Chin and be a #LaurierGoGirl!


Kao Laurier Malaysia promotes their new content marketing campaign – #LaurierGoGirls by featuring Leona Chin, Malaysia’s popular female drifter. In this new campaign, Kao Laurier encourages females to pursue their dreams, promising to provide them with the support and protection they need during their red days. Working with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore, Kao Laurier released two featured vignettes with Leona Chin in conjunction with its Facebook Contest as part of its social media marketing strategy.

In the two Facebook videos, Leona Chin shares about her passion for her career in the unconventional industry and how Laurier plays a huge part in providing the comfort and confidence she needed while working. She ended off both videos by encouraging the female viewers to join her as a #LaurierGoGirl and to pursue their dreams with passion and confidence.

The wall contest #LaurierGoGirls enables fans to win cash vouchers and prizes. Participants will simply have to like the videos and share about how they overcome the challenges their red days posed in the pursuit of their dreams. Following that, they will need to add the hashtag #LaurierGoGirls and tag two other friends to share their stories as well. This content marketing strategy aims to reward Kao Laurier’s social media fans for their engagement and support towards the Facebook page as well as the brand.

Using Facebook Videos for Content Marketing

Videography is a vivid and rich medium wildly popular among social media fans. Interviews and vignettes allow the brands to share their brand stories and insights effectively, creating a long lasting impression.

Laneige Singapore’s Beauty tutorial video and LOTTE’s Pepero Day video are great examples to showcase how brand messages can be injected into Facebook Videos.

Aiming to use videos for your upcoming online advertising campaign? Let IH Digital help you with the production process. Inquire with us today.

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LANEIGE Singapore – Eugena Bey’s Beauty Tutorial

LANEIGE Singapore introduces its new collection through a tutorial video with beauty blogger, Eugene Bay, as part of its social media marketing campaign.

In the world of beauty, an effective social media marketing strategy often includes skin and makeup tutorial videos with a visually enticing content. Innovative partnership videos are also of great popularity for online marketing nowadays, as bloggers are deemed more influential among the youth than most celebrities.

LANEIGE Singapore took part in this thriving social media trend by incorporating a beauty tutorial video as part of the brand’s digital marketing efforts. LANEIGE sought the help of IH Digital to establish a partnership with Eugena Bey, a renowned beauty blogger in Singapore and to produce a #GetReadyWithMe pre-weekend beauty routine video featuring #LANEIGEXLuckyChouette BB Cushion collection.

The tutorial video also highlighted other LANEIGE skincare and makeup products such as the All day Anti-Pollution Defensor, Water Bank product range, Pure Radiant Shadow and Blush, Edge Drawing Eyeliner and many more.

Plan your social media marketing strategy with IH Digital

Do you think Facebook tutorial videos and live Facebook videos might also work for your brand? IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Singapore can help you plan and produce social media strategies across digital media platforms. We have blogger management and video production experts who can boost the quality of your content to further drive engagement and brand awareness. Learn more about our services here.