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Social Media Tip: Make Facebook Chat available from your website

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Today, we are sharing one significant technique in social media. Did you know that around 53% of online users are more likely to complete a purchase from sellers they can message directly? That’s how significant live chat or messenger is. Additionally, most online users today are present on Facebook. Thus, it is a wise social media marketing technique to make Facebook Messenger Chat accessible via website.


Why use social media messenger on website


A customer live chat app on the website appears as a floating icon visible in the bottom right corner of a website. Facebook’s Customer Chat Plugin can be installed on your website to be easily accessed by visiting social media users. Installing this feature on your website can instantly aid your social media marketing campaigns. Social media marketing involves being accessible to prospective customers for a chat – whether it be human or Messenger bot interaction.


Also, another advantage is that this social media chat feature is free. The only requirement is an official Facebook page. In digital marketing, our brand needs to stay in the game. So why not make use of this easily achievable opportunity?


Finally, here are more reasons why this feature can largely help your digital marketing efforts:


Single inbox for social and website chats

Manage your chat messages directly from your Facebook Message Chat app. Whether the chat messages are sent via Facebook page or via website, everything is automatically managed in a single Facebook inbox. It’s easy for both page manager and enquirer to chat over this app. Among the social media channels, Facebook is widely used so it’s convenient.


Better customer service

Enhance your social media presence and customer service by Facebook Messenger on your website. Wherever you are, you will be able to respond any time of the day by responding through your mobile. It’s a good way to connect instantly with your customers. In digital marketing in Singapore, this function is indeed helpful as customer service is one top consideration by most customers.


Provide useful automated replies

Have you heard about chat bots? Facebook definitely has this function that you can make use of. Of course, customisation is available, which is a plus! Provide links and answers to basic FAQs to carry on conversations with potential leads in real time. This works best on Facebook Messenger.


Will you include this plan as part of your digital marketing efforts? For any digital marketing assistance, IH Digital can help you devise a strategic plan for your digital customer service plans. Furthermore, setting up a Chat Messenger on websites will require content strategy and technical knowledge, which IH Digital is proficient in. We are a digital marketing agency with a proven track record as a trusted and reliable social media marketing agency. We cater to the needs of brands in an up-to-date fashion as dictated by the interests of online users.

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The Evolving Approach to Video Content Marketing


The changing ways of TV viewing

Are you one of the people who no longer watch their favourite television shows on their original airtime? Do you turn to your broadband connection and mobile gadgets instead to watch television shows? These and a lot more are just a few of the changing ways that people in this Internet-driven world embrace in their video viewing habits that affect the way advertisers do their content marketing strategy.

Traditional TV vs. digital video advertising

Apparently, these notable changes in people’s viewing preferences caused by technological advancements are excessively significant that marketers come to the point of rethinking their content marketing approach and medium. Traditional TV campaigns at the moment still play a huge part in brands’ advertising preference. However, due to the increasing attention to videos, digital players such as social media giant Facebook have been actively bridging possible opportunities in taking the share of people’s interest in videos. Just recently, Facebook announced its new video ad platform called Anthology, which targets marketers and advertisers to promote the use of its own video viewer feature.

Today, we can clearly expect that video content marketing will stockpile a substantial share of people’s attention as well as marketers’ interests. The conflict among various marketers’ preference with regards to their ad spending on digital mediums against the ROI can be expected to increasingly take place this year as digital marketing agencies and brand managers shift to video as a focus content marketing type. With different marketing communications approaches, shifting from a focus advertising avenue to another (such as from traditional TV ad to online digital ad) can be a tough decision. But marketers need to mull over the fact that videos and digital advertising in today’s digital world cannot be separated. Otherwise, you can be blindly slashing the main course off your plate when it comes to targeting the right audience.

The P&G example: Adjusting to the evolving ad sphere

The changing environment of the advertising industry is a constant occurrence that brand marketers will need to adjust to. But for this generation, the changes continuously happen faster than ever due to technology, internet and the growing need for quality content. To consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G), the adjustment has already started several years back. P&G is a known active participant in the marketing world through its wide range of consumer goods products including Tide, Crest, Gilette, Pampers, to name a few. Since 2005, the company has started to sharply cut down its spending in traditional TV commercials. Years prior to this decision, there has already been an increasing doubt on the effectiveness of traditional TV commercials due to the increased exposure of people to technology and online connectivity.

As it becomes easier for people to skip commercial nowadays, advertisers pose major challenges in reaching its audience. Moreover, the digital videos are becoming incredibly crowded through time. And where the crowd goes, the marketers follow. Today, video viewing sites such as YouTube and Facebook push for better advertising opportunities to compete for users’ attention. It is clearly comprehensible why P&G took this shift early on.

P&G’s then global marketing officer, Jim Stengel, declared at a conference of media-buying executives in 2004 that “There must be, and is, life beyond the 30-second TV spot,” In relation to quality content marketing, he also mentioned that…

We must embrace the consumer’s point of view about TV and create advertising consumers choose to watch.”

What is the significance of P&G’s advertising moves?

Being one of the largest consumer goods providers around the world, P&G’s content marketing strategy affects other companies as a response to the increasing competition for people’s attention and loyalty. In 2004, the company became the No. 1 US advertiser, recording a TV ad spending figure of US$2.5 billion, which was more than 80% of its estimated ad budget during the same year. The following year, the company began to announce the cutting of its TV ad spending by some 25% on cable channels and around 5% on broadcast networks. The amount saved due to the reduction of traditional TV advertising spend are to be shifted to a more advanced form of TV advertising.

Today, P&G is an active participant in the digital marketing sphere including social media marketing. Popular brands under the umbrella of P&G are building online presence through the execution of social media strategies. Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing where a vast audience can be targeted efficiently, made more successfully through the feeding of quality content including video production.

As technology evolves and new digital trends continue to shake the digital space, marketers are always on the lookout for possible opportunities. Today, content marketing through social media is taking it to the next level. And more to that, people are wiser when it comes to marketing materials that pops on their screens. Thus, it is only necessary that marketers prioritize quality content marketing, the rise of video marketing and the effectiveness of email marketing on top of their social media presence.

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Marketing Communications: IH Digital is Now on WeChat


We’re on WeChat!

Starting as a basic mobile chat application, WeChat has now evolved into a powerful marketing communications platform. Today, it is a medium for marketers to effectively interact with their audience, which is becoming increasingly essential for brands’ content marketing efforts these days.

Now, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, has finally joined in the bandwagon. Simply search for IH Digital or quickly scan the QR code below, you’re in to a chat session with us.

Marketing communications | Content marketing | Digital marketing
IH Digital QR Code

WeChat as a Marketing Communications Platform

Establishing IH Digital’s presence on WeChat makes us closer to our audience through a more personal interaction in the digital marketing world. And there are amazingly numerous reasons why your brand should join in too.

Through WeChat, your brand can efficiently offer users exclusive content and access to special offers – a content marketing action that keeps the bond between the brand and its audience. One great feature of this mobile app is the efficient one-to-one interaction with audience that can aid your brand in reaching and communicating better with the users. Although WeChat limits the number of messages that brands can send to their followers, ensuring quality content in one message is more than enough to effectively build brand awareness in your brand’s market.

Moreover, if you want your brand to penetrate Asia’s largest market, WeChat is one of the best mediums to be in. In China, WeChat one of the most used multi-platform mobile application. Aside from sending texts and videos, WeChat users are also able to make mobile payments, browse for online stores, play interactive games, and even book a cab. And believe it or not, it also offers investment funds!

In September 2012, WeChat became open to online marketing. Consenting to the registration of brand accounts was introduced in this mobile app for the purpose of establishing better marketing communications among brands and audience.

For more information about WeChat and its online advertising features, feel free to Contact Us.


DoubleClick: How It Helps Content Marketing

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Content Marketing with DoubleClick

DoubleClick Bid Manager is a business owned by Google that is designed for use by any web publisher in their content marketing. In fact, Google itself uses it across its sites too. It is described by Google as “the ad technology foundation to create, transact, and manage digital advertising for the world’s buyers, creators and sellers.” Basically, DoubleClick Bid Manager’s business draws from digital marketing specifically from online advertisers and publishers.

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting is simply placing the relevant ads based on a user’s prior online behaviour, on any device and format he or she might be on. Programmatic Buying Systems are able to evaluate millions of data in real time. This feature helps advertisers to accurately gear campaigns toward the right consumer with great precision.

Through DoubleClick, it can be done in three ways – ad serving, ad delivery and lastly, behavioural targeting. Ad-serving is chiefly for online publishers who want to display advertisements on their website. Ad delivery, on the other hand, is used to allow advertisers to control their ad’s duration and frequency. And lastly, is behavioural targeting, which comes in two categories:

1. Targeting for a website owner. This category allows an online publisher to set a DoubleClick cookie to track a user’s browsing interests. Based on a user’s browsing behaviour, DoubleClick assesses the type of advertisements that will show up. For instance, a visitor scans through a page about fashion; therefore, the adverts relating to clothing style are more relevant than real estate.
2. Targeting in advertising networks. A third-party advertising cookie. Through this category, Google runs Adsense to better gauge the type of advertisement that a visitor might want to see.

How it benefits marketers

Better targeting

Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager helps customers make better choices when buying a product or service. Through this, marketers will be able to better connect with the right audience at the right time. It can effectively evaluate vast data in real time, fulfilling your targeting needs with more power and precision.

Unified platform

Apart from that, DoubleClick Bid Manager also addresses most online marketing queries on how to efficiently manage their resources through different digital channels. It is now possible to efficiently manage online advertising campaigns in video, display, social, mobile, and different channels through a single, integrated platform. This is the way that the platform can be used to simplify marketers’ social media marketing and digital advertising process. And it is done through unified and streamlined workflows.

Content Retargeting

DoubleClick Bid Manager can help marketers improve their marketing communications by delivering their content and product messages based on customer segments that have shown prior interest. This means higher relevancy, less wasted inventory and dollars, and more high-value consumers who are engaged with you brand.

Content retargeting refers to the extension of classic retargeting beyond product pages, into engagement with content across multiple channels – YouTube, Facebook, Microsites and so on.

Your content marketing strategy considerations can be met across all points the purchase cycle – be it impacting perception high up in the funnel, or precisely delivering ads to re-engage users to convert them into buyers.

Brands often invest huge budgets in content marketing, but often do not consider re-engaging the customers who interact with them. Content retargeting is a powerful way to extend the ROI of content your brand creates.


Sansiri Launches First Chinese Website


First look: Sansiri Chinese Website

Sansiri, a famous property developer in Thailand, assigned IH Digital to develop the company’s first Chinese website that caters to the Chinese citizens looking to buy properties in the kingdom of Thailand.

If you are keen to learn how to make an effective website that allows for more exposure and visibility among the Chinese market, you are reading just the right piece right now!

When looking at the landing page of Sansiri’s website, the interface does not look any different from any regular website. But if you look carefully on the right hand side of the header you will see four unfamiliar looking social plugins icons. These social plugins icons sets Chinese website apart from regular websites. As you may be aware, the world’s famous social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all banned in China. But that does not mean that Chinese online populations are restricted to using any form of social media channels. Social media channels in China are prevalent, but they are the unique type of social media that are not used worldwide. This is why when creating a Chinese website, it is crucial to learn and implement the well-known social plugins in China.

Sansiri website Chinese plugins
Sansiri Chinese plugins from left to right: WeChat (China chat application), YOUKU (China video sharing platform, similar to YouTube), Weibo (Chinese microblogging platform)

As mentioned that world renowned video channel such as YouTube is also prohibited from China, thus, a video from YouTube cannot be embedded onto a Chinese website as it requires a specific video plugin that supports videos being released in China only; YOUKU, for instance. Thus, all the video displays on the site come directly from YOUKU.

When developing a Chinese website like Sansiri, it is crucial to keep in mind that content and materials that go with it should be compatible to China’s No. 1 search engine, Baidu; and not the world’s No. 1 search engine, Google. Baidu search is the widely used search tool among the Chinese online population. It is considered to be China’s only search engine portal. Since the site is not created to support Google, a reporting tool such as Google Analytics will not be able to work with Chinese website. A tool that would support Baidu search in this case would be Baidu Analytics.

IH Digital is Baidu’s authorised reseller across Asia. If you are in doubt on how to market your brand in China, contact us today.

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Vitagen Singapore’s Newest Facebook App


Vitagen Singapore: The Foodies’ Best Friend

Resisting temptation is difficult, and Vitagen Singapore knows it.  Making its move to be known as a healthy partner for foodies across Singapore, Vitagen launched its Facebook App Gut To Have It With Vitagen, promoting balance as an important ingredient in a healthy diet. Participants share the most indulgent of their guilty eats, while balancing it out with their very own Vitagen captions.

Vitagen Singapore Gut to have it with Vitagen Facebook App

Through this app, Vitagen Singapore aims to improve brand awareness among its target audience. To make it more interesting for the app users, participants can also stand a chance to win one of the 2D1N Staycation at Hotel Fort Canning or exciting weekly prizes. All it takes is a one good photo shot and a handful of votes! In this way, Vitagen Singapore will be able to hold more of its viewers’ attention and get them to participate in the photo contest.

The app runs from 22 September to 20 October.

Vitagen Singapore’s Gut To Have It With Vitagen Facebook App was developed by IH Digital.

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Panasonic Singapore: A Better World Through Social Media


A purpose-driven social media contest

Small things truly make a big difference. This is how Panasonic Singapore applies its philosophy of contributing to society through social media. Known to many, most of Panasonic products are eco-friendly, which are labelled ECONAVI. This time, through its campaign called iPledge & My Moment, Panasonic has once again shown its commitment to the environment by inviting people’s support and participation.

The Facebook app has its main features divided into 2 – iPledge Contest and My Moment Contest. In the iPledge Contest feature, Panasonic’s audience can largely contribute to the society by making a simple pledge for the environment and sharing it with their friends through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Panasonic Singapore’s iPledge Contest is currently running its second year as an app. In as easy as sharing a pledge for the environment, participants can instantly stand a chance to win special prizes. On the other hand, My Moment is another feature that basically ties in with the event Straits Times Run at the Hub 2014, wherein Panasonic holds main sponsorship. Similar to the iPledge feature, My Moment gives participants a chance to get hold of special prizes.

With IH Digital’s expertise, the Facebook app was created with a strategic plan following a specific purpose – which is to drive the interest of people towards the brand through social media. And at the same time, make it an easy and enjoyable experience to the users.

The campaign started 28 September and will end 31 October. While it’s up, take a tour around the application and see how this can be effective for your brand too.

Panasonic Singapore’s iPledge & My Moment app was developed by IH Digital.

Learn more about Facebook campaigns and how it can help your pages and brand. Follow us on Facebook or Google Plus for quick updates.

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Social Media and Youth: A Workshop at Nanyang Polytechnic



Social Media among youth at NYP explained

With the incessant rise of technology, the youth is becoming a powerful bearer of news and developments through the influence of social media. A lot of people might not be aware how much the young generation is actively contributing through the use of different platforms. In IH Digital’s talk about Engaging Youths with Social Media at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) on 26 September 2014, the habits of youth, and all about social media engagement were laid out and explained thoroughly.

IH Digital / Social Media Workshop
IH Digital / Social Media Workshop


What’s interesting about the talk on social media?

The talk participants were not much aware about their contributions in the social media sphere. The youth, taking a significant chunk of the audience, became interested to learn about social media and engagement as the discussion transpired.

During the talk, the social media landscape in NYP was explained. Do you know which social media platform gets higher user activities from NYPians? Are you thinking about Facebook as the answer? Interestingly, the social media platform Twitter is becoming more popular among the students at NYP. And yes, much more than Facebook. Every month, Facebook users are averaging 2,500 hits, compared to Twitter’s 25,000 hits. The explanation to this is generally practical. As students, they want bite-sized and easy-to-digest information. Just through a tap of a clear hashtag, all needed information will appear right on the screen.

However, looking at social media use all over Singapore, Facebook generally remains the king of social media, followed by Instagram, which is also becoming a big hit among the youth of NYP. In fact, simply following the hashtags #nanyangpoly and #nanyangpolytechnic will provide your eyes with abundant feeds of photo shots from NYPians.


Making use of the social media

Are you aware about what a good content strategy is?  Seeing social media as a medium for powerful communication, the popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – must be used to engage students and the youth. In another portion of IH Digital’s talk, speakers explained Engagement 101 as well as the Do’s and Don’ts in Social Media.

The lessons laid out under these significant topics took much of the talk participants’ interests. Why? Basically because they have learned why a particular post is effective or not. Moreover, participants have learned much about branding, content, and engagement rules and techniques. Right after the talk, a Q&A session took place in order to address grey areas.

IH Digital / Social Media Workshop 2
IH Digital / Social Media Workshop 2


IH Digital’s expertise

Let your brand fly highest among the brands in your industry. The proper planning of a social media strategy must not be taken lightly. Today’s technology use is constantly changing, which is why it is important to stay up to date with trends, news and information to be able to apply the best approach to your brand’s social media move. Talk to us and let’s work to make your brand soar high!

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NVPC Moves to Raise Volunteerism in Singapore


A hand that builds a community

The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), a national body that promotes volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore, steps up to further develop its function as a catalyst and networking agency in building a compassionate community in Singapore. To do this, NVPC is setting up more initiatives by drawing on the advantages of digital marketing, particularly the social media.

This year, NVPC is holding a new initiative with the primary aim of promoting and developing skill-based volunteerism “to foster the giving spirit in Singapore.” The organisation will run a campaign for the International Volunteer Day called Small Things, Great Love with the help of IH Digtal, a digital agency in Asia with expertise in digital campaign strategy and implementation.

Reaching more volunteers with a genuine purpose

IH Digital / NVPC
IH Digital / NVPC

Imparting a message with sincerity is the organisation’s fashion of securing more hands (and heart) to cooperate in this goal. Following this purpose, IH Digital has set up a social media strategy that will not only make the concept a reality, but also continuously deliver the message genuinely to reach and inspire passionate groups and individuals all over Singapore.

Starting off with establishing a strong online identity, IH Digital ensures that the target audience will be informed and inspired through powerful contents that will eventually ignite social action. As part of the social media strategy, particularly in the Facebook platform, NVPC will include sharing of several stories about volunteers and their works. All these will be implemented following a positive and friendly approach. It is thus particularly interesting to catch on in the near future how these stories will be laid out in the social media under the expectation of a knowledgeable and empathetic image.

Moreover, NVPC is not limited to social media images and text features. In fact, they have started filming an interview with more to follow and to be uploaded as social videos. In these videos, the audience will finally get to learn more from diverse volunteers – their personal goals, challenges, a first-hand advice from experienced and skilled individuals, and a lot more.

It is an exciting objective to get numerous Singaporean individuals to hold hands together for a purpose of sharing time and other resources to their fellowmen – a result which NVPC expects as the campaign goes up. In short, NVPC targets to instil in several groups and individuals a passion to extend a helping heart not just once but every day. What more to expect in this campaign? Aside from increased knowledge about volunteerism in Singapore, this campaign will certainly be fun and interactive, and an instrument to reach the goal of building a nation of volunteers.


PUB SG: Learning Video Production in Singapore


PUB SG’s video production in Singapore

In its aim to widely impart its vision to ensure Singapore’s water supply stability, PUB Singapore is actively educating people concerning water sustainability by getting them involved in the process through educational videos.

IH Digital / PUB Singapore
IH Digital / PUB Singapore

With today’s increasing audience over the social media sphere, videos can be tagged as one of the best medium to deliver clear and striking messages. With a strategic approach from capturing the audiences’ attention through branding to the proper execution, an effective video production in Singapore can be achieved. In June 2014, PUB Singapore – with support from IH Digital as its trusted digital agency – has finally laid out a newly revised YouTube channel following an up-to-date strategy covering a revamped layout, design, video titling and tagging.

The game plan targets increased searchability and SEO for the YouTube channel as well as each video. To do this, IH Digital helped in retagging and retitling of all existing 140 videos, establish presence in Google+, restructure the YouTube channel layout and revamp the channel art design for the YouTube page, among others. These actions were well-researched and strategised by IH Digital’s social media strategists prior to implementation. Additionally, IH Digital ensures that all steps positively impact the objective by continuously providing support in analytics on a monthly basis.

IH Digital / PUB Singapore YouTube Channel
IH Digital / PUB Singapore YouTube Channel

Since PUB Singapore’s rebranding efforts, it has quickly made a mark in the social video realm in a few months’ time. In less than three months, the YouTube channel is seen to be progressively and positively growing!

With an aim to effectively increase awareness about the value of water among the people of Singapore, it is significant to hold their interest to the topic. On this purpose, PUB Singapore’s YouTube channel has quickly succeeded in as early as the initial phase of revamp. During the last three months, the Estimated Minutes Watched (total of minutes of videos watched) is seen to have increased positively – which goes to show that users’ interest are correspondingly increasing. Likewise, the total number of subscribers went up from 269 in June to 408 in September.

Why was the social video effort deemed effective even in the early stage? Because the objective of educating people about water sustainability is finally happening as seen apparently through the figures in the last two months – wherein the number of Likes on videos has consecutively increased since June. This implies that the increase in the number of subscribers and the number of views might have boosted the users’ interaction within the content – which is essential for PUB Singapore to gain momentum through social videos. But it certainly does not end there. Continuous efforts are underway to improve figures and eventually reach its ultimate goal – to get people involved in this awareness initiative.

What is expected in the following months? PUB Singapore YouTube channel is envisioned to improve further in the following months in terms of audiences’ interactions, views and subscriptions. With the success of the initial phase, it is interesting to observe how successful it can become once the laying out of the cutting-edge video contents following a new strategy is finally implemented in the next few months.

Visit PUB Singapore YouTube Channel: sgPUB