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The First Step for Your Business Foray into China, Attaining ICP


As the saying goes, it is a cut-throat business world out there. With the rise of the mainland Chinese market, small and big businesses alike fight for a share in this emerging market filled with potential. When doing business in China, it is required to abide by the regulations and the laws. To legitimize your business, you would need to comply with rules set forth by the State government. The way to attain the legal managing rights would be through filing for ICP.

What is ICP?

The First Step for Your Business Foray into China, Attaining ICP | China Digital Marketing

ICP refers to Internet Content Provider. In Chinese, ICP is called 网络内容提供商. ICP can be understood as an Internet service provider for millions of users and a tool that provides growth for businesses. It is approved by the State Department as the official managing tool for businesses. As stated by the ruling government of the People’s Republic of China, cases unapproved by the institution are prohibited from operating or providing Internet services in the country.

The aim of filing this tool is to prevent online activities such as the management of illegal websites and the propagation of fake news or misinformation. If businesses do not file for ICP for their sites, their site could be closed.

There are two types of ICP in China – the ICP record card and ICP management rights, with the former requiring application while the latter does not. For P2P network systems, ICP filing is necessary and afterwards, businesses can apply for ICP management rights.

The difference between both is their format. For the ICP record card, the serial code is an abbreviated number. For the ICP management rights, the serial code is its certificate number. The process of ICP filing is a complex process where relevant documents are to be processed and reviewed by the relevant institutions.

Only after the record is filed and the domain name approved, the host will be granted access to the website to formally publish their own website information.

The First Step for Your Business Foray into China, Attaining ICP | China Digital Marketing

IH Digital ensures your smooth ICP attainment to secure your clients

The First Step for Your Business Foray into China, Attaining ICP | China Digital Marketing

Are you lost in the seemingly complicated process? Worry not, for IH digital is here to help!

  1. Website creation: The professional team at IH digital will meet your needs in creating your ideal website to enable your products to have greater visibility in display networks.
  2. Application for ICP: IH Digital has assisted numerous businesses in their filing and is well-versed in the application process. You simply need to provide the relevant documents and we will expedite the process.
  3. Client attainment: Attaining ICP allows your business to operate in the Chinese online network. IH Digital provides you with a suggested formula for your business operation in copyrighting and in various Chinese media platforms and channels. These processes are planned to ensure the smooth execution of your business on online platforms in mainland China and greater China while maintaining good exposure and publicity for your business.


Case Study

The First Step for Your Business Foray into China, Attaining ICP | China Digital Marketing

 Photo Courtesy: Malee China Official Website

IH Digital has successfully helped the number one Thai F&B brand, Malee, which offers fruit juices, in its foray into the Chinese market through the provision of state-of-the-art services. IH Digital is Asia’s well-rounded digital advertising agency, excelling in video marketing, overseas expansion, and branding. We have a professional team to assist you in crafting the best strategies for your business and to successfully market your products to the rest of the world.

Furthermore, IH Digital is able to tailor your business strategy to cater to the regional and local needs and to create precise advertisement placements to maximize your advertising budget. If you would like to engage with IH Digital for our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any queries regarding brand promotion in the Asia Pacific region or mainland China, you can contact us via our official website or IH Digital’s Facebook page. Should you require the latest information on digital marketing strategies, do visit our YouTube Channel where the latest information is updated.



Social media marketing tip: Learn from influencers’ techniques

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Today’s social media marketing is continuously evolving. With famous personalities followed by thousands (or millions) of online users, brands can garner quite good exposure from these influencers. Aside from tagging famous personalities, bloggers or celebrities, brands can also learn effective online marketing strategy from these influencers.

Social media marketing trend: The Impact of KOLs and Key Influencers

While most companies focus on social media marketing, learning from key opinion leaders (KOLs) are somehow part of the social media strategy too. Aside from tagging these personalities to create a buzz about products or services, there are more things in store for brands. There are things we can apply to social media platforms while taking techniques from KOLs and key influencers.


Here are some techniques from KOLs and influencers that brands can implement to social media platform:


  • Let your content design strategy create a positive impression

Your brand’s signature look, your target market and your content strategy are key to garnering a loyal fan base and the right set of fans. Bloggers for example, place a huge deal on their profile pages’ aesthetics, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Primary reason is that brands need to compete for the attention of online users in a saturated online space. Quality design, unique aesthetics and most importantly, a well-planned social media content strategy are most likely the factors that affects online users.


  • Value patience and experience in engaging fans


Ask, listen and discuss topics with your fans. This way, your social media marketing can reach the next level – a personal interaction with fans, which is an effective approach to learning more about your fans and drawing positive impression towards your brand.

Bloggers and famous personalities can be noticed to be making time for live chats, Q&A session and live videos to garner opinions, suggestions and create a positive atmosphere around their social media profiles. In the same way, brands can also implement this social media strategy by replying actively in the comments sections of their posts. Engage fans, learn more about them and create an online air that would be most fit to your brand. By doing this, you can create an online marketing strategy and digital media campaigns depending on what you can learn from your fans such as their age, their online activities and interests just by listening and conversing with them.


  • Create a unique strategy for every social media platform or channel


Notice famous bloggers’ Instagram and Facebook, you will largely notice the difference. Posts present on Facebook is not necessarily applicable to Instagram, and vice versa. Channel your assets in a way that is most suitable in every channel. For instance, bloggers think about quality images, grids, and how each of their images will affect their Instagram’s profile’s grid of images. This is not necessarily applicable to Facebook as Facebook is more about the impact of each post in the newsfeed.


  • Social media algorithm is big deal


To make your post visible in the newsfeed, engaging fans during the first hour after posting your content is crucial. Most influencers are attentively responding to their fans while their post is new and fresh. Additionally, social media algorithm now prioritizes quality content, and engagement plays a large role in this. This is especially true for Facebook and Instagram. One of the digital marketing best practices you can take from influencers is to continue a conversation. Be active in encouraging an engaged community. Tip: Boost your post reach as well as page reach.


  • Videos, even a simple one, can be effective


A planned strategy and well-targeted to the right market is the key to effective video . Videos, in fact, is a great strategy to help the audience decide to buy a product or service. Online users don’t expect perfection in social media videos. Hence, it’s a plus for digital marketing efforts as long as the content is useful, meaning and targeted properly.


As your brand plans for social media advertising plans, ensure that your strategy is laid out properly according to the needs of your market while taking into consideration the digital marketing trends useful for your brand. At IH Digital, we plan, strategise and implement social media marketing strategies with expertise and experience. We connect with and manage KOLs and influencers to help brands achieve their social media marketing objectives with ease.

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Digital marketing and the need to provide real human experience

Digital marketing and the need to provide real human experience

As more brands compete for the attention of online users, more comprehensive digital marketing plans emerge. One of the digital marketing trends in 2018 is the use of automation in social media platforms. Chat bot is one of the best known example. As much as automation comes very useful, there are yet some significant things to remember not to overlook. This is none other than the real human experience.


Digital marketing automation

The function of digital automation in brands’ digital marketing efforts are undeniably helpful. This helps ensure that audience are attended to. The use of chat bots or automated responses in social media marketing are helpful to some extent. Question however is how effective these automation are when people seek for real people to discuss subjects with?


Social media marketing is an effort not only to provide a visual of the brand. But also to establish an identity that is reliable and with efficient in customer service. Hence, real social interaction with and within the brand’s social media platform is crucial. This is to make the audience feel the sincerity of its customer care services. Make them feel that they are well attended to for their feedback and concerns. And ultimately, that they are not left to discuss matters with artificial intelligence representatives.


Consider the usefulness of digital marketing automation. How can brands on social media platforms make better use of this functions? How can brands use it to provide more digital marketing benefits?


Effective approach to social media management


Weigh the situation

What does your brand need? Does it require human experience? Or would an automated approach be a better option? Study the product or service your brand is selling to gauge the situation.


For brands requiring detailed decision-making, an automated response could be a second option. This is applicable to brands that may highly involve substantial topics such as financial matter, home or insurance. Such brands require a customer service representative that can fully comprehend and respond to the situation. The last thing we want our audience to feel is frustration towards our customer service because this event could arise to a social media crisis situation.


Use the best of both practice

The aim of every digital marketing campaign is to provide audience with relevant information. And eventually turn them to customers and loyal consumers. Hence, the digital marketing plan must involve the aim to provide satisfactory customer service experience. There are digital marketing tools that can help brands use automated responses in a way that is personal. This approach is effective on brands’ social media platforms. Proper social media management is crucial as this can provide customers with their desired extent of individualization and attention.


Value customers’ convenience

Provide customers with all the convenient options whatever way they prefer to connect with you. Keep in mind that digital automation is a digital marketing function. The better way however is to delight customers through human customer care and support. So make way to encourage better fan loyalty.


Considering all the possible options to connect with consumers? IH Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides the best digital marketing strategy to communicate with online users. We can help you plan the right approach to digital marketing automation. Moreover, we implement the best practices covering social media fan management. Our efforts provide satisfactory customer service experience to our clients’ followers. Enquire with us today.


Web Building Tips by Website Design Company IH Digital


website design company | SEO company | SEO services

A website design company can provide hundreds of beautiful designs for website building. However, do you know how receptive your audience can be about those designs? Indeed, beauty is subjective but there is always a way to win the attention of your target market. You can definitely convince your viewers to stay, come back and recommend your website. As a website design company and digital marketing agency, IH Digital is passionate about letting your website reach the best. Thus, we are sharing the best tips that will help your website strategy improve not only in terms of appearance but also to foster engagement and user activity. These essential tips you will learn today so keep reading on.

The Big 5: Design and Content Tips to Attract Visitors

1. Plan the structure

To begin with, your website will only have a clean and organised appearnace if you decide first about the main pillars of your website and organise all content among them accordingly. As vital as the main categories, keep in mind to make the call-to-action options such as social media icon buttons, share and recommend buttons, etc. easily available to your visitors. A good website design company and SEO company will always start with this as this will ensure that your great website aesthetics don’t compensate your user activity priorities, and more importantly encourage them to share your content without being too pushy. And it certainly works!

2. Make it readable

With readability, we mean clear, easy to understand and user-friendly. Great content is a good strategy, but how to navigate through your website to get to your content should be seen clearly on your homepage through clear clickable links, well-readable fonts and good colour choice. Remember that readability is crucial as it will make or break the success of your website.

3. Less is more

You don’t want to confuse your website visitors with too much clickable links, unbalanced colours and texts on their screens. Try to cut your texts and balance colour preferences to avoid too much reading time and create a simple user interface and homepage, more so with the core content pages. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of a good website design is the presentation of your brand in a clean, simple, and organised manner. If you have too much information to categorise, we’re sure there is always a work around to keep them neatly organised on your website.

4. Content is king

Great website design comes with valuable content that is apparent on the surface of the website. First, because even if any content is simply the shortest tagline found on some not-so-important part of your website, it can still impress. Second, because graphics are powerful agents to visual appeal, which convinces your viewers about your brand’s capabilities, reliability and quality.

For images, visual sliders on your website are visually pleasing. It can keep your viewers interested just by looking at the featured images, giving them more ideas about your brand every few seconds as the image changes. For texts, on the other hand, are key factors in conversion. Text content is a significant part of your website’s discovery on the web. As a tip, plan your website SEO prior to building a website. You can get assistance from trusted SEO consultants to help your website be guided about the SEO guidelines without compensating your website content’s quality. Besides, SEO algorithms are now rehashed to cater to people searching for quality and relevant content.

Read more: IH Digital SEO Services

5. Reach out through mobile

The increasing number of mobile users is just one reason to make your website mobile-friendly. Imagine how much conversion your website can give you if people find it easy to transact, read and navigate through your website via mobile. Almost everyone are on mobile and a lot of them are using smartphones that are used to quickly search for queries on search engines anytime, anywhere. Compared to desktop, mobile phones are quick access. And where people access quickly, you need to grab that opportunity to be part of their quick search.

Make your website design responsive through mobile. It ensures that the website looks great on any device.

IH Digital is a website design company and digital agency in Singapore. We provide website development expertise and SEO services to help brands reach the top in their industry. IH Digital is also an SEO company catering to brand marketers for ease of access to digital marketing opportunities through the development of a top-ranking website.

Visit our website to learn more information about our services

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How Digital Videos Help Content Marketing


Video Advertising Opportunities

Digital videos play significant roles in content marketing today especially this 2015. With the rise of videos in terms of views and engagement, digital marketers apparently perceive rising opportunities with well-planned content marketing videos. In fact, this year is the time seen to have the biggest opportunities in advertising through digital videos. Today’s swift developments in technology and communication are the major contributors to the rise of digital video production, even taking over the large share of traditional TV in display advertising budgets.

Digital video platforms are mounting in terms of use and performance as platform developers foresee how videos will provide digital marketing a crucial break. It is apparently witnessed in the actions of the biggest digital video channel YouTube, which is now taking steps to further improve viewer experience through better video resolutions. While YouTube remains to be on top, Facebook is aggressively entering the video platform competition by targeting video bloggers and convincing them to post their videos directly on Facebook. As we may all have observed, Facebook videos are everywhere on our newsfeeds and seems like many users are now posting directly on the social media site.

Do you have your corporate videos up on any of these channels? These major video platforms and a lot more such as Vine and Instagram are important advertising mediums that you might want to take advantage of to benefit your digital content marketing efforts. Below is IH Digital’s corporate video showcasing the company’s services in a video running for as short as 1 minute and 29 seconds.

Can you imagine how many display images it will take to showcase all of IH Digital’s services? Not to mention the amount of time that your audience will take to absorb all these information. That is the power of a powerful video strategy in content marketing. Messages can be conveyed through videos in a more efficient manner than other display advertising, and can even be maximised through a great strategy to make it appealing to viewers.

Read more: Facebook Videos vs. YouTube

Digital video trends you need to know

Digital mobile video

This year is said to be the best year that will showcase how mobile can become significant to videos. Online users increasingly watching videos through mobile only mean bigger marketing communications and advertising opportunities, and thus higher spending on this medium.

More action through video campaigns

Do digital videos drive more actions? Definitely! In fact, according to a study by the Business Insider, online videos generate three times more clicks on average compared to other advertising formats. This study mainly shows how powerful a content marketing video can become as it can showcase more stories than images and texts, making ads and features more engaging. Moreover, today’s social media marketing and online targeting capabilities are also improving. What can be more efficient in digital marketing when digital videos can share more stories to the right audience?

Below is an example of video developed to increase brand awareness through an interactive game. It is a video contest of the brand PUB Singapore.

Searchable posts

Nobody wants their best shot of marketing videos to get lost in the digital space. Making it searchable is as simple as organising your videos – where to place it and when. Did you know that YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world? Searching for videos makes it easier when you do it on YouTube. Alternatively, you can also search Google, which of course prioritizes its own channel, YouTube.

Facebook, on the other hand, is different. Facebook videos are mostly seen via newsfeeds liked or shared by friends and pages you follow. But yes, posts are searchable. So make it easy for people to search your posts on the social media site. Headline or caption them with something worth remembering — a unique hashtag or easy-to-remember description, perhaps.

Advertise where all eyes watch

At this time, the largest share of viewers turn to YouTube for videos. Content marketing through this platform gives your brand strong opportunities to reach your audience more effectively. YouTube videos allow advertising on their videos that will be visible to its viewers on the duration of the video clip they are watching.

Engage hard-to-reach market

Digital videos usually appeal to hard-to-reach markets. In a study by Video Brewery and Forbes Insights, 59% of senior executives would rather choose to watch a video than to read a text. Even more interesting are the actions done by these audience. The study continues to point out that around 65% of them click through to visit the vendor’s website, 50% have drawn interest and seek for more information, and some 45% contacts the creator of the video.

As a final note, video marketing is undeniably a powerful content marketing consideration given that all the engagement and responses that videos get from its audience today are remarkable. Indeed, it is sensible to say that using videos in digital marketing is an effective medium to make your brand stand out from the rest. Taking note of the recent studies about digital video marketing, the vast opportunities that videos can gain for your business is impressive. The challenge in today’s video content marketing is targeting precision, quality and proper delivery of message.

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YouTube vs. Facebook Videos


Facebook video | video production in Singapore | content marketing

Picking between the two giants

With the rise of videos as an effective content marketing tool, today’s marketers ask: which channel can be best used to present their brands to their audiences – Facebook video or YouTube?

Search vs. Social

YouTube and Facebook are two media platform giants that have different advantages. Search for the former, being under the umbrella of Google; and social for the latter.

When trying to discover content, we run to Google and simply search for anything through the use of keywords. Being under the umbrella of Google, YouTube holds the edge when it comes to search as Google can simply favour its channels. That said, when users know what to look for, they can simply try to play with keywords and results including YouTube videos can come up that easy. However, the case seems to be changing recently because of social media.

While YouTube remains to be the biggest traffic destination when it comes to videos, Facebook is working to take a larger slice of the pie. In just a short period of time, Facebook videos are seen to be gaining more control in the online video scene. It is not very surprising to know that Facebook will soon take action in turning its attention to videos. As video marketing continues to become popular in the online marketing industry, Facebook’s merger of videos alongside its social media edge is a huge benefit to online marketers and businesses. In today’s case, Facebook feeds the top and recent videos to its users, which makes it possible for people not to turn to search engines just to see the latest and the trending. Through this system, social media gains the momentum when it comes to presenting what’s hot, viral and most viewed. Moreover, let us not forget that YouTube videos are also being viewed through Facebook.

Weighing between the most recent and the permanent content

As marketers, you must carefully study your goals for your digital marketing efforts. Understanding the trade-off between permanence and recency is vital in deciding which channel to place your video as it will measure your video’s ability to hold attention over time. For instance, Facebook Video can help your content gain attention through social media actions such as likes, comments and shares, but it can disappear quickly since recency and social interaction are the only ways to keep your video actively visible on the news feeds. YouTube, on the other hand, can easily be searched even when the video has been posted years back or hasn’t even gained much social actions. The important thing to note on YouTube’s edge in this case is that, your video remains searchable over time and can even gain attention even it is an old content. So in terms of staying power, YouTube takes the lead over Facebook. While if you think you can leave your video’s success on social actions, turn to Facebook. Now, have you decided where to put your brand’s corporate video?

Good news for marketers

Although we try to carefully figure out which is best and more beneficial to our brand, there’s a slightly positive thing that might ease the dilemma of choosing between Facebook video or YouTube. That is, competition between the two video channel giants is actually beneficial to brands that are keen on video production.  Simply put, video content creators can in fact take advantage of the emerging online video developments in each channel. With proper planning and strategy, you can be sure that your video production efforts will be optimised.

Facebook videos are known to be made to grab the users’ attention, so one thing to do is to create teasers for the Facebook page, and connect them to the full length version via the YouTube channel. This, however, is one of Facebook’s biggest downside against YouTube. While Facebook works to convince marketers to post full videos on the social media channel, users can see gaining more potential on YouTube where the content can be monetised. Will Facebook offer a better arrangement to its video content creators than that of YouTube? We can only wait. But until then, try to work around how your brand can get the most out of the competition.

However, if you are more concerned about brand recognition than your video’s record of overall views in each channel, then you could post the same videos on both channels. BuzzFeed does this! Why? Simply because it’s fundamentally more significant to spread your video, gain recognition and increase recommendations in two different channels rather than increase the number of views by staying in just one channel. In the case of BuzzFeed, results have been different, wherein marketing videos on Facebook sometimes result to more views while the same video gathers relatively lower views on YouTube; and sometimes, the other way around when the video is found on YouTube search.

Understand the online video landscape

By understanding your brand and the online video landscape, you will be able to determine which approach is better. Plan and create a strategy to ensure where your video content will fit in and benefit your brand best. As you plan about your next move, try to leverage on these two biggest video platforms to make your social media marketing efforts a success.


SEO Marketing: Gearing for a Sustainable Search Ranking


Sustainable SEO marketing strategy

With the influx of available data and information all over the web, what people are looking for is value of content. This alone explains the roots of how and why your brand’s SEO marketing strategy should be sustainable, resilient and strong. How ever search engines change their algorithms, all goes back to the purpose of search – content quality and value.

User experience over algorithms

Above all else, what you need to keep in mind is to answer what people are looking for. Keyword research is the top consideration in SEO. But following that, the next step should go back to feeding online users with valuable content. The quality and relevance of your website’s content marketing will make users come back for more. Thus, user experience should be a priority in your SEO marketing more than sticking to the algorithms that search engines dictate.

In 2014, the significant points to consider in SEO marketing, particularly in the changes made with Google’s Hummingbird, include structured authoring, semantic search, natural language processing and localisation. If you have implemented these in your website and content marketing strategy, your next focus in 2015 is more vital – the value, quality and the return to the best practices in organic search. These things shall determine your website’s importance in the search query results.

SEO strategy to a better 2015 and beyond

Search engines are always on their quest in delivering better results as responses to online users’ search query. As a content creator and quality response feeder to your audience, bear in mind to be one with search engines’ goal to deliver quality content. The solution to this mainly returns to the reason for search – quality, brand building, helping audience decide on picking the best information on the web. SEO ranking for this year and beyond will be more about building relationships than following technical guidelines.

Digital Agency in Singapore IH Digital recommends the development of an organic search strategy that is consumer-focused. Helping the consumer from query through the stage of buying is not only helpful but also essential to brand building. Alongside this process, is ensuring that the consumer gets the right information and is entertained or engaged. In this way, your SEO marketing goals can be achieved not only algorithm-wise, but also in terms of value, quality and user experience.

The course of achieving successful SEO marketing does not focus only on the website. Different online digital channels and digital marketing functions are equally important to your SEO. Doing this requires a lot of understanding about consumer behaviour, their preferences and ultimately, conversion paths. SEO marketing in the future will continue to need to be fully integrated with all the other aspects of marketing. The vast scope of marketing functions that you will need to optimise includes social media, content development, PR and IT, to name a few. Through these, you will be able to engage users who encounter your brand online through different channels as you provide quality information to them.

Below are some guidelines that can help you achieve a successful organic search strategy:

  1. Make it easy through mobile. As a lot of your brand’s audience are most probably on mobile, your website must be fully capable of effectively engaging and closing a deal even only through mobile.
  2. Visitor engagement over traffic. Your focus should mainly be engaging the online users first before making efforts in increasing the number of visitors. In this way, your website will become a recognised as a source of valuable information and not merely a motionless website with a huge audience that are not in reality engaged.
  3. Quality content. This year’s SEO marketing is about creating content that will be truly helpful and enjoyable to your visitors. Pick catchy titles, introduce things with a bang, appeal to curiosity – these among others are just a few of the many options that you can fire up to create quality content. The more they are engaged, the better your online visibility as brand mentions will be a powerful links on the website and social media.
  4. Strategic content plan. Through a strategic content and marketing communications plan, you will be able amplify your brand’s strengths and areas of expertise. Ensure the backend of your website is properly structured and laid out for the benefit of your audience and for search engines to be able to rank your content better on search queries.
  5. Amplify your content. Social media channels are important factors that contribute to brands’ online presence. It not only allows for better information feeding, it also allows your audience to interact online with your brand through a two-way communication process.
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Digital Marketing: EDM Goals for 2015


Digital marketing road to success

Many recent studies show that up to this day, email marketing is indeed an effective digital marketing approach with proper implementation. According to MarketingCharts, email marketing stands to be the most effective digital marketing tactic as rated by marketers around the world. In the 2014 survey, respondents attributed 23% of their sales to email. It also showed that 82% of agency respondents rate email marketing as either excellent (37%) or good (44%). This online marketing approach also proves to be cost-effective, delivering the best ROI compared to other digital marketing tactics such as social and mobile.

In fact, most consumers likewise agree to this. Email may not be the top brand and marketing communications channel preference, but it in spite of this, email marketing still influences readers to purchase a product or service; one of the best when it comes to digital marketing.

With proper strategy, email marketing can be your business’ best medium for brand engagement.

Getting ready for 2015

Now that we’ve learned how effective internet advertising can be for businesses, here are the 4 big goals you must keep in mind for your 2015 email marketing plans:

  1. More email list, the better

Growing your email list is perceptibly the most valuable thing in this digital marketing approach. Your email marketing plans will largely revolve around your list so keep it growing. The list may include emails of your customers, registrants interested to be updated about your brand, target customers, and a lot more. They are the people that will likely turn to your business in the future.

Start early in order to hit the best results towards the end of 2015. There are, however, two important things to consider while doing this. First, give your future (and existing) customers a favour by making the registration/signup process easy for them. Placement is also a key! Making your sign up forms visible and conveniently accessible on your social media or website can increase your newsletter signups. Second, allow them understand the value of what they are signing up for. Email list segmentation becomes more necessary in targeting groups. By segmenting your email marketing lists, you increase your chances of better open and click rates. Thus, you allow for the narrowing of your focus in order to get your message to the targeted groups wherein recipients will find it more relevant. In this way, you can be sure that your message will go directly to a person who has an idea about your brand. Let them know what they can expect from your messages to give them enough reason to sign up.

  1. Improve email open rates

The most effective way to improving email open rates these questions is focusing on your message’s value. It is your primary responsibility to provide valuable, relevant and up-to-date information to all the people who signed up for your brand’s email update.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to improve your open email rates:

Use a well-crafted subject line. Make sure the first thing they see about your message is crafted in a way that will invite interest.

Content is still king. Never underestimate the power of moving your audience through quality content. Recipients open emails with an expectation of quality content. Therefore, it should not be less than great!

The right timing. Do not, in any way, disregard the importance of proper timing when sending your email. Try to optimise email marketing schedules based on days that yielded the best open rates.

Personalised messaging and email segmentation. According to MailChimp, the global results of segmented campaigns performed better than its non-segmented counterparts. Open rates and unique open rates were higher by 13.69% and 10.24%, respectively, than the non-segmented campaigns

  1. Increase email engagement

Engagement in the case of email marketing refers to how your recipients took action after opening your email. One effective measure is looking at your click-through rate, wherein you can also distinguish which links are most engaging to your readers. It could be a link directing to your website, social media page, a registration form, etc. If your recipients are engaged, they will take time to click on the links within your email. Aside from making it trouble-free for your recipients to take action within your email, it is also a must to ensure that the content and design you send out are no less than remarkable.

  1. Positive business results

Your ultimate goal drives back to what made you turn to email marketing, which is to improve business results. ROI, above all else, measures how effective your email and digital marketing efforts are. More than clicks and opens, you need to determine whether your marketing actions made a positive impact to your business in terms of sales, new clients and increased foot traffic, to name a few. Defining a standard set of online marketing source codes is essential in determining the value of the referral from your email marketing campaigns. This process can help you find out how your email campaigns convert on your website and sales. It can track the number of downloads, orders, views, sign ups, clicks, and sales that you get from a link in your email campaign. Furthermore, through conversion tracking, you can learn about the real ROI that measures the effectiveness of your email campaign. By doing so, you may be able to track if your email recipient has completed an action via your email message. For instance, conversions will be tracked when a viewer reaches the final page that appears once a process is completed, i.e., Thank You page. Adding up to greater campaign effectiveness, this measure can eventually help you in implementing your future content marketing plans by studying the results from comparing clicks against conversions, and finally find out which links are redundant, effective and not effective. Hence, before you ever consider increasing open rate and engagement, think about the ultimate goal first so as not to digress from what you truly aspire to achieve for your business.

For more information about email marketing, click here

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Genuine Connection in the Digital Marketing World


Genuine connection and how to establish it

It is quite significant to be able to understand what genuine connection in the digital marketing world is. Cutting through the clutter, and bridging worlds between you and the consumer is often key to creating enduring, dynamic relationships that turn fans into loyal customers. Crucially, a story needs to told; its words then, are meant to turn pages into beloved bookmarks your fans come to recognise and revisit.

Here are the digital marketing guidelines towards doing so:

Two-way conversations

Yes, you are the brand. First thing that comes to mind is that your job is to feed your audience valuable information through proper implementation of your digital marketing strategy. Thing is, what information do they actually need? There are questions that can’t be directly answered through your website’s FAQs or your daily social media posts. Let them ask and try to answer as honest as possible.

Know your brand more than anyone else

For your answers to be laid down naturally, do your homework. Digital marketing entails reviewing and learning about your brand by heart. Once your viewer pops a question, make it a goal to answer it with much knowledge needed to earn your audience’s trust. This can help you earn genuine connections most effectively.

Eliminate consumer doubts

Be transparent. You need to be able to sell your product or service, but don’t let this be the main recipe to your marketing communications strategy. Don’t make your audience sense your sales agenda. Instead, implement a content marketing strategy wherein you put yourself in the position of your audience and educate them according to what you need to know as a consumer. In some situations, presenting honest pros and cons can be fairly helpful too. In this way, you can leave a space for your audience to adjust and not expect too much. And ultimately, learn how to admit mistakes in a professional manner.

Never leave your online audience

In online marketing, not only should you establish your brand’s online presence, but you also need to engage audience effectively. Your followers may not be directly your customers, but they can be key influencers. Educating and building relationships with them give your brand more opportunities and make your digital marketing efforts more effective. Accumulating larger networks should also mean accumulating trust.

Creativity is the key

How would you be able to converse with your audience if you can’t get their attention in the first place? Online users nowadays are smarter than we think. Ever wonder why poorly taken videos and photos sometimes go viral? It’s because the human factor is present. Digital marketing creativity these days aren’t too technical. It does not necessarily mean to be aesthetically perfect. Most times it’s just uniquely real.

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Holiday Travel: Digital Influence on Traveler Behaviour


Holiday Travel Online Sharing

As the holidays approach, many people, groups and families get ready for their holiday travel. A lot of people are excited as we near to the day we swing to another year. It means holiday – Christmas and New Year celebration, where friends and families come together, bond and travel. It is not surprising that in this modernizing world, social media will become every traveler’s resource when planning about their holiday travel. Why? Because what people need to know are reviews from first-hand experiences in order to ensure that they get the best that they can expect when they travel. On this part of travel decision-making, travel sites with social interaction such as TripAdvisor become very useful for a lot of travelers.

In the next two months, topics about travel will certainly hit the social media world. Your social media friends and contacts will be sharing their travel experiences online. It is therefore brilliant to present your brand in a way that can be of support to this topic. In any part of the world, numerous people will be travelling. And whatever brand you hold, don’t overlook to ride with this trend as people will be searching a lot of it online, not to mention interacting on the social media only to get valuable information.

Asia Travel Trends

A reason to keep your brand’s social media presence in Asia is becoming more obvious around the world today. Based on the findings of ITB World Travel Trends Report, “Asia continues to be the driving force in international tourism.” Interestingly, as Asians become huge contributors to the travel market globally, most Asians also prefer to make their holiday travel within their own continent. Asia becoming the most popular destination around the world will only be followed by Europe and North America. Furthermore, growth is seen to continue in Asia. IPK International predicts that in the coming year (2015), Asian citizens will make above-average number of trips that can possibly outnumber other nations in terms of outbound travel market.

The Social Media Effect

Travel is becoming even more social these days. Travel bloggers are the biggest influencers on travelers’ behaviours. They can be social voices about travel brands and ideas! As people become more skilled in online research, online users are taking extra steps to use social media as a tool to get information about travel destinations, tips and reviews. Social media is becoming an integral part of travel planning. This month, as the holidays near, people around the world is expected to flood the online sphere with holiday topics and of course, holiday travel content.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can be beneficial to your brand and your audience as well. As a marketer, you must make more use of social media in trying to influence audience’s behaviour towards travel. These days, many people are busy trying to consider options for their holiday travel destination. These people turn to the Internet to search, read reviews and be inspired through videos and images. This will be the perfect time to grab the online users’ attention and shift them to your brand through content. Travel and leisure brands have the best opportunity this holiday season!

Social media and online users are becoming smarter in selecting worthy-to-read content. Time is also becoming a big factor in today’s browsing experience among online users. That said, it is apparent that your market is more likely to search for valuable content. For instance, they can easily distinguish user-generated and professionally made videos. What you need to ensure as a marketer is giving out pleasing and valuable holiday travel information, and a smooth online experience to online users.

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Digital Trends: Is Your Brand Ready for 2015?


Digital trends on the rise

The world is fast forwarding as we come to experience the evolution of amazing digital trends such as the social media. One thing to keep in mind as a marketer is to keep up with these trends. As we enter another year, more are to be expected in the digital world. It’s not too late to make a step to ensure that our brand enters 2015 equipped to compete in the pool of rising marketers.

As a brand marketer, you need to think ahead. Not just of your market, but of your competitors as well. The year 2014 made a mark in the fast-rising trends on the social media. Hence, your plans now must include the improvement in your strategy for 2015 with regards to digital marketing and social media planning. The following list of rising trends can help you implement a more efficient marketing plan for the year ahead.

TREND #1: The rise of mobile continues

Digital trends and the rise of mobile

Do you know that people are seen to spend a lot on mobile in the following years? Sure you do! As seen evidently around the world, people get updated about trends, news and connections through a tap on their mobile phone screens. Needless to say, mobile is going to be a good way to interact with your audience in the coming year. So gear up! Make sure everything you implement is mobile-friendly – be it emails, website, apps and images.

TREND #2: More investment on social media advertising

Digital Trends and social media spending

If there’s one thing that you need to keep out of your mind as marketer, it is thinking that “social is a free-place market.” No, it’s actually not. In fact, social advertising spend continues to rise and ad products will continue to be introduced in the digital marketplace. It is not very surprising if by 2015 we see more increase in digital ad spend. Thus, you need to prepare for a smart move when it comes to investing on social advertising. Consult with a social media agency and take on the best digital practice for your brand.

TREND #3: Content still reigns!

Digital Trends content

Content is King! What your audience want is mainly content. Images, texts and videos are all that online users search for and spend time on. Users are becoming a lot smarter these days when it comes to choosing the content that they will view online. So the better the quality and the more relevant your content is, the better your exposure can go on the digital sphere. Remember to make your content informative, meaningful and interesting as it will always be the centre of your digital marketing efforts.

TREND #4: Social videos

Digital trends and social videos

Although YouTube is very famous when speaking about videos, there are more medium for video viewing that are becoming well-known too. Facebook video for instance, was announced to have more views this year than on YouTube. Social videos, either long or short, have a place in the digital marketing sphere in 2015. There will be a lot to watch out for on social video channels such as Vine, Instagram and a lot more. So better keep up with this digital trend and don’t forget to stay in the loop when advertising through videos!

TREND #5: The use of more digital channels other than Facebook

Digital Trends on digital channels

Although Facebook is seen as the top when it comes to social media, other digital channels are seen to be sprouting. And interestingly, these other channels are in fact helping a lot of marketers too. Twitter, of course, is one. But as a digital marketer, you must be able to find out which channel your audience spend most time on. Facebook may get the biggest cut in users’ spending time, but a lot of your audience are also looking for something that is most relevant to them. What you need to do is to look for the best digital channels that can provide the best customisation and personalisation strategies that will work more effectively for your audience. Keeping up with digital trends include targeting your audience right. Try to consider working on other channels too such as Google Plus and other blogging mediums.


Website Development for the Holidays


Website development significance

Do you know the advantages of instigating website development during the holidays? It is increasingly becoming a part of every business to wisely ride with trends to benefits their brand. Capitalising on the holiday vogue becomes an most efficient step you can do to help your brand grow fast.

Digital marketing specialists ensure that website development is placed as a top consideration when holidays come in. Christmas and New Year aren’t the holidays that brand managers would want to miss. It’s going to be a big event wherein people will be celebrating around the world. You might want your brand to hop in the wagon as you attract your potential customers.

What to prepare for before the holidays

The holidays that end and start the year are usually the biggest. As it nears, most of the marketers’ time are spent on planning on how to capitalise on it. One of the most vital is apparently website development. To help you start your holiday website development, here are the things you need to know to make your digital plans effective.

Update your website

How everyone sees Christmas is just a bit of idea of you can create for your website. Make your audience feel the goodness and fun of the season. Let your website welcome the holiday joy as you remain focused on your goal to direct your fans toward your brand.

Holiday content

It is likewise significant to make your content in line with the holidays. Why? Because this is what your audience is looking for. This will help drive the holiday traffic towards your website. First, research about holiday user trends; and from there, draft your content plan to ensure an effective holiday-centric content on your website.

Responsive web design

Make browsing easy for your audience. Keep in mind that people on holiday mode usually want to search for things quick and easy. To effectively turn your target audience to actual customers, help them navigate through your website smoothly on any device. Additionally, ensure that your website’s homepage features the most-searched items that your audience will need.

Social media for website development

Clearly, social media is a central component of website development. Most people turn to social media when researching for gifts and connecting with people. For brand managers, connection is always a key to success in driving traffic to your website. But this is not the only reason why social media vastly helps in website development. With proper strategy and planning, social media can be an effective way to share your newest website updates. It is a way to target the right audience efficiently that can eventually increase your ROI.

Promote your website through advertisements

Yes, you can promote your website and content through advertisements. And no, advertisements are not just for promotions and special offers. Certainly, you can make use of adverts to make your website work well. Although you have a relatively higher number of potential audiences on Christmas, remember that your competitors are working hard to gain attention as well. It is therefore wise keep your brand on top of the game. Seek the best advice from the digital marketing professionals in creating a strategic plan when placing ads for your website and its content.