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Honda MY’s “One in A Million” Milestone – A Digital Marketing Success with IH Digital


Honda’s partnership with IH Digital Malaysia has proven to be fruitful with its many successes in giving its customers the best deals and services across Malaysia. Since the release of Honda Malaysia’s Facebook page in 2012, we have grown from 0 fans to 1 million fans. According to Social Bakers, Honda Malaysia is ranked 23rd among the list of popular brands in Malaysia. In 2014, Social Media Week awarded Honda Malaysia Facebook page with the Social Media Excellence Award as the best brand in the automotive sector.

Our team came up with a video marketing concept to perfectly showcase the brand’s causes and artistic side to celebrate this huge #Honda1million milestone. Check them out on Facebook here and here.

Create video marketing and internet marketing solutions with IH Digital.

Aside from the videos, have fun and join our celebration, win weekly prizes by participating in this #Honda1million app.

Though IH Digital Malaysia’s digital marketing services, Honda MY Facebook page implemented content marketing strategies and interesting on-ground to digital integrations to promote the whole brand and connect consumers through various posts, activities and events. IH Digital has centred its social media strategies in Honda’s mission to pursue a future with better technology, along with better value. This is best shown through their slogan “The Power of Dreams”, signifying the ever-changing and growing needs of the future. We created engaging apps, images and rich video marketing content based on this mantra. Honda MY knows that fans should only get the care and pleasure they deserve.

What’s more? Videos such as the preview for Honda’s All-New City were amplified through digital marketing on social media to create exposure. We also implemented a 360 social media campaign for Honda MY’s big events, integrating on-ground event, events acquisitions and post-event content through a mobile-accessible app.

Create video marketing and internet marketing solutions with IH Digital.

Honda Family Road Trip: A fun-filled event for the whole family. There are artist performances, 32-point inspection, test drive and kids’ zone with exclusive gifts and more! Honda MY is travelling across 14 locations throughout Malaysia so don’t miss the fun. Join us and check the app to know more.

The automotive giant has shown that it’s a strong, aggressive player that established its reputation as the best in the automotive market in Malaysia. Such milestone cannot be achieved without Honda’s full trust on our team. It really proves that journeys begin with a single step and this #Honda1Million started on a collaboration of a powerful brand and our social media agency.

As a social media expert, we can emulate this kind of success with your business. Our social media agency, IH Digital, can provide integrated marketing, video marketing and internet marketing solutions to help your brand reach out to your audience through internet and social media. If you are interested to know more of our digital marketing and social media services, contact us here to know more!

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How Brands Hit a Home Run: A Socia Media Agency in Singapore Feature


If you want your business to engage in a new way of connecting to your customers, WeChat is the perfect platform to test your ideas. Not only can it reach out to people in a wide scale, it can also connect with people in a very intimate manner. IH Digital, a social media agency in Singapore can help you with WeChat marketing and video marketing in China.

IH Digital, a social media agency in Singapore can help you with WeChat marketing in China.

Through WeChat’s unique features that many Chinese users love, we can help you understand how we can utilize these tools to your brand’s success. One of the most popular features that users enjoy on WeChat is QR Code. This allows online and offline worlds to merge through an amazing mixture of online and offline marketing strategies. And there are a lot more ways to try for your online marketing and digital marketing plans. Let’s look at the popular brands that managed to hold well-received campaigns.


Through huge events that promote the brand’s powerful message, backed by a variety of international and local celebrities, Louis Vuitton Series 2 succeeded in raising brand awareness among consumers and ultimately propelling their already established standing among the inundated industry of luxury brands. The successful social media strategy promoted WeChat sharing on people’s social networks and amplified people’s knowledge of their new products, while creating a different kind of virtual experience – this only leads to more people visiting their live event in Beijing.


Now we see here another good example of employing a simple yet powerful marketing communications tool, QR Codes! Consumers and other users were reached by the brand with content marketing tactics to entice them in seeing the exhibition rather than looking at updates online. They also serve visitors a special treat through games. This allowed people to scan different codes and let them answer a variety of questions while being completely immersed in the exhibition.


The brand continues to gain positive recognition throughout China, since launching its WeChat campaign in October 2014. Our social media agency in Singapore managed The Shilla Duty Free Singapore’s WeChat account and made use of WeChat’s features and video marketing to increase the brand’s number of followers. The user categorization enabled the brand to segment and personalize their campaigns towards men and women. WeChat also allowed the launching special offers that were remarkable in engaging the brand’s followers.

Our social media agency in Singapore, IH Digital Singapore, will steer your business’ resources and employ the appropriate mechanisms to propel your brand in the massive Chinese market. Learn more on how we can help your brand and use WeChat and video marketing as tools for social media for business. Contact us here.

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Understanding viral content



We have all seen a viral video and probably shared one too perhaps. What makes a viral video worth sharing and re-sharing? Is there a formula that guarantees success for viral contents? As a brand, how are your contents fairing? Here are some tips to make those contents share worthy:

  1. Most viral contents are unintentional. Most viral contents such as viral videos that we are familiar with are made impromptu. When shared, they are unintentional in gaining popularity and are usually surprised at how viral it became. The debate here – should content creators have a pre-determined mindset to create contents that’ll guarantee their content going viral? Is the time and effort spent worth it?
  2. Play on human emotions. Like most viral contents that stir up a wave of sharing frenzy, all share a common factor which is playing with human emotions. What can best attract someone to watch a video and then press ‘share’? Contents that touch on human emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness, surprise, humor, fear, guilt, desire and etc. generally prompt attachment from viewers to the content itself. Contents with elements of humor generally fair better in creating buzz.
  3. Contents need not be big budget. Contents that are produced with big budgets are risking it if their core intention for production is to aim for viral sharing. Only few ever succeeded and it’s really not that predictable.
  4. Viral contents are easily replaceable. Most viral contents, videos in particular do not last long. They are quickly replaced by another viral video soon enough. Even the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ had its phase.
  5. It must be relatable and simple. If the general public gets it, it’s simple enough to be understood by all and the chances of the content being shared and possibly going viral is higher.

In the world of digital marketing, brands are constantly trying to reach their target audience. In that sense, catering contents to meet the needs of target audience will put them ahead of the game in achieving top of mind awareness.

360 degree content marketing agency such as IH Digital Malaysia will be able to help brands connect with existing customers and reach out to potential customers by creating, distributing and amplify share worthy contents.

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The Shilla Duty Free: How Video Advertising Played a Role in Gaining 50K Fans


The Shilla Duty Free Singapore reached 50k fans through video advertising and using Facebook video to share its corporate videos.

What is The Shilla Duty Free?

The Shilla Duty Free began its first shop in 1986. Since its opening, the company has established itself as Korea’s leading travel retailer. It has been known by international visitor as a retailer of trendy products and luxurious branded products with reasonable prizes. Its offered items include boutique items, cosmetics, fashion items, jewelleries, and watches, to name a few. The Shilla Duty Free takes pride as the first and only retail operator to open a boutique store for the brand Louis Vuitton.

Today, The Shilla Duty Free is operating in different areas around Korea – Seoul, Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, Jeju and Daegu International Airport. And overseas, it operates in Changi International Airport in Singapore.

The 50K Mark

Being the first in Singapore, The Shilla Duty Free Singapore established its brand online to invite people to visit and purchase its products at its Changi International Airport branch. Knowing that online marketing is a great way to establish connection with people, The Shilla Duty Free turned to social media. To do this, digital agency IH Digital designed an integrated digital marketing communications plan to best fit the brand and its target market in Singapore and visitors of Singapore. This integrated marketing plan includes social media plans on Facebook, WeChat and Weibo, a media strategy, live events updates with social video production, and offline event video coverage.

Below is an event video highlight of The Shilla Duty Free Singapore’s Grand Opening and SKII CC Cream Exclusive Launch at The Shilla Duty Free Changi Airport branch.

A #throwback to our Grand Opening last month, when we were joined by celebrities TVXQ and Angelababy! Thank you for your support thus far, and let’s raise a (Y) to bigger and better things to come 🙂

Posted by The Shilla Duty Free Singapore on Thursday, March 19, 2015

In as fast as 90 days, The Shilla Duty Free Singapore was able to achieve the 50,000 fan mark through the integrated marketing plan laid out by IH Digital. And today, its Facebook page holds 57,000,000 fans and counting! Thanks to the well-planned digital marketing integration through social, video advertising and digital media.

Is video advertising helping The Shilla Duty Free Singapore?

Video advertising is increasingly becoming a vital part of the social media and digital marketing. Definitely, it has contributed to the increased fan count of The Shilla Duty Free Singapore’s Facebook page. This simple video below for instance, is a mere suggestion that videos have worked utterly well in garnering social media user activities within the page, which eventually made waves around the social media to attract more followers. The Facebook video records 2,278 Likes and 13,295 views at the time of writing.

A walk-through of one of our stores. Spot some familiar brands you’re itching to snap up on your next trip out? 😉

Posted by The Shilla Duty Free Singapore on Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Shilla Duty Free Singapore is also actively sharing its video ads to feature its products as well as its corporate videos including event-focused video production, on-site event video coverage and other marketing video specials. Below is one of its micro videos developed by IH Digital:

View The Shilla Duty Free Singapore’s Facebook videos here.

Do you want your brand to get an edge on digital marketing through videos? There is always a great video advertising plan that is most suitable to your brand. Check out more of IH Digital’s video advertising and video production projects.


WATCH: Laneige Gave Mums a Special Treat and What Happened Will Inspire You


Laneige’s Video Production Goes Live on Event

video production | event video | corporate video

During the recent Mother’s Day event, Laneige decided to treat the mothers in Singapore and record these happenings in a special video production with the help of digital agency IH Digital.

video production | event video | corporate video

Inspiration for mothers and their daughters as well as the emphasis on the importance of taking care of one’s self is the core messages in this event. The video production is mainly the coverage of the whole event. And through a thorough video editing, the most vital parts of the program were highlighted inside out. Inspiring messages of daughters to their mothers and vice versa were the most inspiring parts of the event video.

video production | event video | corporate video

By this video production, Laneige took steps to target the hearts of mothers and daughters on Mother’s Day instead of a simple corporate video highlighting their products. Successful enough, Laneige was able to introduce their products effectively to these women of different ages and families during a remarkable event and a marketing video to share the happenings with all women. Through a fabulous event, Laneige made its way to finally incorporate special events with product promotion with the best connection.

video production | event video | corporate video

video production | event video | corporate video

video production | event video | corporate video

video production | event video | corporate video

Watch the special video production below:

Are you interested in creating your brand’s very own marketing video? Do you like to integrate events marketing with video marketing? IH Digital’s services include video development that will best suit your brand’s marketing needs, be it event videos, corporate videos, promotions and product marketing videos. Visit digital agency IH Digital YouTube channel to view our developed marketing videos.


CASE STUDY: How did Sansiri Make it to the Top of Baidu?


Sansiri website in China

SEO company | SEO services | content marketing

Before the end of the year 2014, Thailand property developer Sansiri successfully launched its Chinese website. Working with SEO company IH Digital, Baidu’s authorised reseller in Asia, Sansiri aims to cater to its Chinese market looking to purchase properties in Thailand.

Sansiri’s SEO success

Starting with the design of Sansiri’s Chinese website, IH Digital implemented a strategy wherein visitors can easily navigate throughout the website. Social media icons such as Weibo can also be seen and accessed easily on the website. As social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube are banned in China, social media channels allowed in the country should be well accessible on the website’s desktop and mobile layout. Successfully, the website’s look has been implemented on the live version of the website.

Aside from the website design, SEO company IH Digital continued to push the website’s rank on Baidu through the proper implementation of its website development and content marketing strategy designed for the Chinese market.

How is Sansiri’s China website doing today?

In as fast as one month, Sansiri’s Chinese website already recorded 5,168 visits. And 87% of these visits were from China, their main target market.

SEO company | SEO services | content marketing

Not long after the official launch of Sansiri’s Chinese website, the site can already be seen on the first page of Baidu. Moreover, in just as quick as four months, Sansiri’s rank escalated swiftly to the first position of the search engine through IH Digital’s SEO tools and website design services.

What is IH Digital’s core focus?

As an SEO company and Baidu’s authorised reseller in Asia, IH Digital focuses its web development efforts strategy, website SEO and design. IH Digital’s strategy involves the careful and expert creation of relevant and quality content, distribution of these content over the social media channels, and finally, the amplification of content through media. Meanwhile, website development strategy includes responsive website design, whether through desktop or mobile. With the rise of the use of mobile in China and around the world, mobile optimisation remains to be a growing investment when it comes to website development.

All these success came from a well-planned strategy and accurate execution of these plans from Day 1. With IH Digital’s SEO services, Sansiri has successfully established a website that is now actively catering and easily accessible to its Chinese market, the largest market segment in Asia, giving numerous opportunities to brand marketers around the world.

Are you looking at establishing your presence in China? Check out more of our site for more information about SEO services. Follow us on Facebook and Google+ for more SEO tips that will benefit your website development efforts.

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Marketing Communications in China Through WeChat


Marketing communication goes more personal

As people choose to be wiser online users, online marketers seek a better marketing communication tactic to get their audience’s attention. To do this, two things evidently become the key essentials: high-quality content and a more personal approach. But to some marketers in Asia, one more challenge gets in the way – marketing products and services to China. Aside from the basic content marketing communication strategy, marketing products to China can be more demanding. This is because you need to consider the applications that are open to and widely used by Chinese online users.

Are you wondering how you can achieve this digital marketing move for your brand?

Fortunately, WeChat can help many marketers solve the social media marketing equation. It is an all-in-one mobile chat application that is definitely widely used in China and many parts of the world. There are several reasons why marketers need to be present on this platform when targeting the Chinese audience. One of them is earning more followers in the Chinese market. For instance, The Shilla Duty Free Singapore has been active on WeChat since October 2014. And today, it continues to gain positive brand recognition in its target market in China. More subscribers continue to follow the brand as WeChat continues to grow in China in terms of number of users.

Marketing communications | digital marketing | content marketing

Read further to learn things you need to know about marketing communication in China through WeChat.

WeChat’s Best China Marketing Features

Create user segment for followers

WeChat has quite an organised group categorisation. Although most social media sites have features of assigning contacts to a particular group, WeChat takes it to a different level. Categories are so organised that you may group your followers according to gender and target that particular category with the right messages. For instance, target women for messages about women’s fashion; and men for men’s fragrances.

More ways to present special offers

Ever thought of engaging your fans through chat application? Well, that is indeed possible with WeChat. Did you know that this mobile chat application allows you create different approaches in presenting your offers and social media campaigns? Digital scratch cards, for instance. Or even e-coupons that is redeemable by your followers. These remarkable marketing communication approaches make your brand more engaging to your WeChat followers.

Marketing communications | digital marketing | content marketing

Reliable and valuable market research

Do you want to witness your social media analytics results soar positively in the China market? As marketers of the modern society, we should always value the things that our target market is most interested in. Through WeChat, you will get a chance to hold a one-to-one conversation with your followers. This is one of the best ways to implement your marketing communication strategy. Moreover, you may also make use of the Poll feature to gather more meaningful information. This move makes your market’s data and information more significant. In this way, targeting can be even more efficient, effective and proper.

Easy payment medium

Chinese consumers are now making WeChat as part of their daily lives by using the payment function of the mobile application. WeChat is able to store in funds and use it to pay cab fees, food and even fashion apparels and accessories. What makes it more interesting is that WeChat is working to integrate the app to offline settings that allows the use of QR codes for payments including payments on vending machines. Wouldn’t it be a great benefit to your brand when payments are made hassle-free through a trusted marketing communications medium? This means more sales can be generated for your business.

Marketing communications | digital marketing | content marketing

Improve content

Shareable content is the key to a successful marketing communication. WeChat allows you to experiment on the type of content you may want to share. Choose from a range of media options to be part of your content, be it polls, custom stickers and images. You can always make your marketing communication content interesting for your viewers to share and consume.

Learn more about WeChat and social media for business. IH Digital can help you push your brand further in the Chinese market through WeChat, Weibo and Baidu.

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Eucerin MY: The Power of Videos in Digital Marketing



Eucerin is a dermatologist-recommended brand known for developing skincare products that delivers healthy skin through well-researched facts with scientific basis. Its mission is to provide gentle and effective skincare products that are highly trusted by medical professionals. It offers a line of clinically proven products for cleansing, moisturising, healing and protection.

In 2014, Eucerin Malaysia widely introduced its new product called the Eucerin Soothing Cream through digital marketing, a revolutionary product that gives solution to one of the most common skin problems – redness and itchiness of the skin caused by dryness.


In conjunction with the introduction of the new product Eucerin Soothing Cream through digital marketing, Eucerin Malaysia aims to regain the brand’s image as an expert in sensitive skin through powerful internet marketing. Along with this objective is to create awareness that Eucerin offers the most complete regime for diseased skin needs through proper education of audience.

To encourage interaction and proper learning among audience and the brand, Eucerin Malaysia seeks to allow skin sensitive users to be able to communicate and seek advice from a dermatologist through the brand. Through this, the brand targets to stimulate viral engagement and active interaction.

Game Plan

To achieve its content marketing goal, Eucerin Malaysia, with the help of IH Digital, implemented a 3-phase digital marketing campaign through different digital channels – Facebook, Google Hangout and finally, YouTube.

Through social media marketing efforts on Facebook, the brand shares the most up to date stories about the campaign such as the teaser video and the Facebook application wherein fans can post testimonials and be directed to live chat apps and videos.

digital marketing | content marketing | internet marketing

Through the platform Google+ and Google Hangout, a recorded live chat scheduled every month from May until December 2014, allows fans to enquire and consult about their sensitive skin conditions and Eucerin products. A monthly quiz following the live chat and a section for testimonials are also part of this digital marketing campaign. Even more, participants in the live chat sessions were also able to get free Soothing Care Lotion. These live chat sessions were viewable via YouTube, which link can also be shared via Facebook. Through different platforms coupled with an absolute social media strategy, Eucerin Malaysia’s message was distributed more efficiently.

digital marketing | content marketing | internet marketing

Finally, through several doodling videos, Eucerin Malaysia was able to implement a successful marketing communications move by educating its fans better about skin problem, skin layer, skin cycle, skin types and ultimately, Eucerin products that can best solve these problems. The corporate video marketing strategy was a significant part of the campaign as its main focus is to create awareness through a more effective video marketing approach. The drawing video, that was planned to run a duration between 1 minute to 1.30 minutes, stemmed from the idea of educating audience in a more interesting and interactive way. Below are the doodling videos of Eucerin developed by IH Digital.

Drawing video #1: Posted July 2014

Drawing video #2: Posted September 2014

Drawing video #3: Posted December 2014


The video marketing strategy worked very well for Eucerin Malaysia. In fact, fans have increasingly loved the videos, recording almost double in the number of views in just 4 months. Meanwhile, on the other social media channels such as Facebook, Eucerin Malaysia garnered responses and testimonials that were generally positive for the brand. Interaction such as sharing and liking of the campaign-related posts increased significantly and active communication was apparent.

digital marketing | content marketing | internet marketing

The first doodling video posted in July 2014 recorded 56,504 and counting. By the time the second video went live, the number of views increasingly went up. The September doodling video now has 68,835. And finally, the last video was put up in December 2014. At the time of writing, the latest video records a successful 93,620.

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Tupperware Brands: Social Media Marketing Success



About Tupperware Poppy n Fiddles Eco Bottle and Campaign

Tupperware Brands is known for its colourful, lightweight and leak-tight liquid bottles. As Tupperware Brands introduces the Poppy n Fiddles line, the brand made sure to make it more than memorable to its audience. In 2014, Poppy n Fiddles made it to the hearts of Tupperware Brands’ audience during its launching campaign.


The main objective of the campaign is to achieve a successful social media marketing through the promotion of Tupperware Brands’ new Poppy n Fiddles Eco Bottle range alongside its overall goal to continue to grow Tupperware Brands’ Facebook page fans and engagement.

As it is Tupperware Brands’ passion to give its customers a wonderful experience through its products, the brand wishes to receive positive feedback from its audience through this marketing communications campaign to send an affirmative message to fans and soon-to-be fans on why it is worth to own a Poppy n Fiddles Eco Bottle.

The Game Plan

To attain its objective, Tupperware Brands, through advertising agency IH Digital, launched a social media marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram called Poppy N Fiddles Malaysia Adventure that ran from 11 August to 26 September 2014.

The mechanics is simple and easy, not to mention that taking part in this campaign is going to be really fun for the audience and fans. The main characters of the campaign, Poppy the Penguin and Fiddles the Frog were introduced to Malaysia through a fun adventure introduction. Executed with a fun and awesome content marketing plan, it is expected to make a hit among the fans of Tupperware Brands in Malaysia. The digital marketing campaign embraces the fans familiarity about Malaysia’s adventure spots to achieve higher interaction, responses and engagement among the fans. Along with the social media marketing campaign is a contest wherein through a simple “selfie” with a Poppy/Fiddles Eco Bottle, fans can win their own Fiddles Eco Bottle. Below are the three easy steps to be part of the campaign:

  1. Take a selfie with either Poppy/Fiddles Eco Bottle, or both.
  2. Post it on your Facebook wall or Instagram with #PoppynFiddles & #lovemyecobottle (Make sure your settings are Public).
  3. Register your details at http://bit.ly/1wB17ZQ

Social media marketing | Content marketing | digital marketing


Fan growth

Throughout the campaign period, fan numbers grew by 12.7%, gaining a total of 22,969 new fans. Moreover, the growth was a constant upward trend on the duration of the campaign.

Page Impression

Through IH Digital’s social media analytics tool, it showed that the social media marketing campaign impact on page impression was overwhelmingly positive, wherein post reach recorded 10,000 per post. In connection, organic posts also recorded to have reached an average of 11,550 users, while paid posts reached an average of 30,804 users.

Social action

On the duration of the content marketing campaign, 14 posts were put up over a span of 7 weeks. On these posts, average social actions reached 700.2, while average reach went up to 17,610 users.

General Summary

The result of the social media marketing campaign was generally positive. From the start of the Poppy N Fiddles Adventure campaign, fans in Malaysia received the content and campaign extremely well. Fans’ and participants’ comments were generally positive as they have enjoyed the journey with the characters, Poppy & Fiddles. Through a well-planned and strategic social media strategy, the contest ended with a total of 156 photo submissions, while Tupper Detective registrations recorded more than 1,300 in just 2 days. All in all, the Total Social Actions ended with 9,803 and the Total Reach with 246,548.


Sansiri Launches First Chinese Website


First look: Sansiri Chinese Website

Sansiri, a famous property developer in Thailand, assigned IH Digital to develop the company’s first Chinese website that caters to the Chinese citizens looking to buy properties in the kingdom of Thailand.

If you are keen to learn how to make an effective website that allows for more exposure and visibility among the Chinese market, you are reading just the right piece right now!

When looking at the landing page of Sansiri’s website, the interface does not look any different from any regular website. But if you look carefully on the right hand side of the header you will see four unfamiliar looking social plugins icons. These social plugins icons sets Chinese website apart from regular websites. As you may be aware, the world’s famous social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all banned in China. But that does not mean that Chinese online populations are restricted to using any form of social media channels. Social media channels in China are prevalent, but they are the unique type of social media that are not used worldwide. This is why when creating a Chinese website, it is crucial to learn and implement the well-known social plugins in China.

Sansiri website Chinese plugins
Sansiri Chinese plugins from left to right: WeChat (China chat application), YOUKU (China video sharing platform, similar to YouTube), Weibo (Chinese microblogging platform)

As mentioned that world renowned video channel such as YouTube is also prohibited from China, thus, a video from YouTube cannot be embedded onto a Chinese website as it requires a specific video plugin that supports videos being released in China only; YOUKU, for instance. Thus, all the video displays on the site come directly from YOUKU.

When developing a Chinese website like Sansiri, it is crucial to keep in mind that content and materials that go with it should be compatible to China’s No. 1 search engine, Baidu; and not the world’s No. 1 search engine, Google. Baidu search is the widely used search tool among the Chinese online population. It is considered to be China’s only search engine portal. Since the site is not created to support Google, a reporting tool such as Google Analytics will not be able to work with Chinese website. A tool that would support Baidu search in this case would be Baidu Analytics.

IH Digital is Baidu’s authorised reseller across Asia. If you are in doubt on how to market your brand in China, contact us today.

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Cebu Pacific Japan: Soaring Beyond the Digital Borders


Social media planning and engagement has truly come full circle across the most diverse of industries, particularly in airline businesses. With the need to immediately connect to target audiences, airline companies demand competitive digital media exposure to ensure return of investments. Such is the story of Cebu Pacific Japan – a success story worthy of telling.

Cebu Pacific Air is one of the most renowned airline companies in the Philippines, offering comfortable, convenient budget trips to and from the Philippines. Initially focusing on domestic flights before venturing international, this year it has expanded its reach to Japan with three destinations – Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. This expansion meant that Cebu Pacific had to target local Japanese travelers and Filipino residents in Japan, necessitating considerable digital presence to effectively establish brand awareness in these key markets.

 Digital Polaris

In lieu of the need for proper digital positioning and exposure, IH Digital serves as Cebu Pacific Air’s guiding light to properly strategise its digital efforts and ensure that all aspects are executed properly. Exhaustive research, aided with strategic execution, resulted to a highly successful online campaign. To this date, Cebu Pacific Japan continues to move further on the right direction with its digital efforts.

 Beyond the Benchmark

Effective targeting and positioning of Cebu Pacific Japan in the Digital space has led to a solid online presence with its dynamic online audience from social media platforms and even in search engines. IH Digital’s proprietary analytics tool, the iAnalytics, proved that the campaigns for Cebu Pac Japan have been working well above the industry standards.

 Bottom-line: Increased ROI

Statistics is nothing without significant conversions, which makes Cebu Pacific Japan a true success story in terms of harnessing the power of digital media and advertising. IH Digital’s continuous collaboration with Cebu Pacific Air has resulted to increased conversion as well as website transactions, through close monitoring and thorough research.

The Future is Flying High

Given the encouraging response of the Japanese audience to Cebu Pacific Japan’s engagement efforts and consistently outstanding media conversion rates, We can confidently forecast a sunny future for Cebu Pacific Air in terms of overall revenue and presence in the Japanese market, despite being fairly new in the market and with some competitive high fliers.

IH Digital has been working hand in hand with Cebu Pacific for its exposure in Japan – keeping an eagle’s eye on exploring more potent opportunities for the airline while maintaining a strong connection with its budget-seeking and practical audience. As its digital efforts hover above the rest, Cebu Pacific Air continues to soar high like flying on a clear summer sky: a match made in heaven.

Visit Cebu Pacific Japan Facebook page for more information.


Facebook Announced Its Change in Policy

FB_changA new Facebook policy that will effect how application functions will take place on Nov.05.14. Read on to find out what to expect with these changes.

Facebook app developers marked your calendar! Facebook announced a change in its platform policy that will take place on Nov 05.

Two important topics to pay attention to: 1. Games 2. Proper Use

Games: Developers must disclose information regarding additional charges that fans are required to pay from using the app (in-app purchase). This information must be clearly written in the description. This should not be a problem for app developers as we believe many developers have been strictly following this practice

Encourage Proper Use: Now this is something that may affect Facebook application strategies. With this new rule in place, developers can no longer incentivize fans to use social plugin or to like a page. This includes offering rewards, or gating apps or app content based on whether or not a person has liked a page. Facebook has given its reason for preventing such actions as they do not want people to flock to a page just because that page is giving out prizes. Facebook wants the page to reach users who genuinely find interest in the page and not just users who are interested in prizes. But it is still acceptable to incentivize users to login to app, check in or enter promotion’s code onto your page.

The below image helps to shed a clearer picture

IH Digital / facebook-incentive
IH Digital / facebook-incentive

From the image, you can see that it is not against the policy to incentivize users to use your app, but you must do it the correct way such as in the third image. In order to access an app, a user will have to invite a certain number of friends to use this app and a user’s friends must accept the invitation before a user can receive the offer. What this means is any actions taken by users and respond ONLY by an app developer will not be approved. But for actions that users take that involve the consent of others (users’ friends), Facebook gives a green light to it.

[highlight]These changes will take full effect on Nov. 05. 2014.[/highlight] Failure to comply with this new policy would result in app banning and will affect the long term app development for a page.